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Mapungubwe National Park, September 2007
Conjunction of Mercury, Venus & Saturn, June 2005
Total Solar Eclipse, 4 December 2002
Care and Feeding of Deep Cycle Batteries
Baviaanskloof, March 2002
Namaqualand Trip, September 2001
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Confluence visits

Click for current SA map


18S 21E Kavango (attempted)

[Successful visit on 19 June 2004 by Matthias Braune and Cristoph von Bergmann]

18S 22E Caprivi (attempted)

19S 17E Etosha Pan (attempted)
[Successful visit on 25 Sept 2004 by Brian Roberts et al.]

22S 20E Namibia-Botswana border
[Click here for an aerial view of this point]

22S 21E Namibia-Botswana border

26S 28E Sandton

29S 26E Bloemfontein

30S 26E Trompsburg

31S 25E Noupoort

31S 26E Venterstad

32S 26E Tarkastad (attempted)
[Successful visit on 15 Feb 2004 by Mark Trollip et al]

34S 22E Mossel Bay (attempted)

[Successful visit on 10 Feb 2002 by Joerg Wagner & Violetta Steger]

34S 23E Knysna

34S 25E Jeffreys Bay (attempted)


Working Conditions

pete1.JPG (50452 bytes)Here is a photo of yours truly at my operating position.  Equipment from L to R consists of: Computer for logging, Etc.; Great Circle map (hidden by round head!); Icom IC-745 HF transceiver with power supply, Yaesu FT-225RD all-mode 2m transceiver;  with sundry other kit above. Also very important are the books and atlas above, to find strange new countries! All the antenna cables come in on the right hand wall, together with a single power supply source direct from the main distribution board. All equipment is earthed to a copper bar running underneath the desk along the wall, using an outside earth rather than the supply mains earth. We have a lot of lightning in this region in summer, and protection is very important.

Specific Ham Radio Interests

Additional aids during contests

Current antennas

Current Projects

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Other Interests

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