The Flowers of Namaqualand

Some individual flowers

Those impressive fields of colour are made up of hundreds and thousands of small plants, each with its own contribution to the picture.  However, when you stop and look closely, you see that they are not all the same... There are literally hundreds of different plants, and different plants will dominate each area. So some fields are yellow, some orange, some mauve, some blue, some white etc.

The following are a few of the unique plants we found and photographed.  I have tried to identify them, but I am no expert so please excuse any mistakes!


Heliophila coronopifolia, Sporrie


Didelta spinosa, Perdebos

Homeria miniata, Tulp

Oxalis Namaquana

Ursinia ?

Pentzia pilulifera, Stinkkruid

Grielum humifusum, Pietsnot, duikerwortel

Ornithoglossum viride

Lachenalia sp? with some dimorphotheca

Arctotis ?

Gazania lichtensteinii, Botterblom

Drosanthemum hispidum ?



Homeria sp.

Pelargonium incrassatum, T'neitjie

Gorteria diffusa, Beetle daisy

Cephalophyllum namaquanum

Didelta carnosa var. carnosa, Perdeblom

Euphorbia dregina, Dikboud - melkbos

Euphorbia dregina detail


Senecio arenarius?

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