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There was once an old man.

Coming from California...  




He's got a wife and lots and lots of kids.

Some big, some still a bit small.

Some fat, some thin, but on the overall ~

A lovely bunch! 


Now this Big Daddy from California ~

Every year has to hold a count.

So fast the grand-children are a- coming,

One little girl-child already is an aunt!  


This Dear old man from California ~

He has a heart of gold ~

One day he met this special Lady,

Now he carries her picture in his wallet's fold.  


Now this Wise old man from California 

Can not decide what he has to do.

To stay with the wife -

Or just to go where his heart shows him to..  


Now this dear old Chap from California ~

He has such a friendly smile!

He does not make any promises

But say's he will walk that extra mile.      


This Romantic old man from California ~

Spends a while with his Lady Love on the Net..

And all she's ever got from him,

is one little picture, Of him wearing a hat!.    


Now this same Old Man, far away in California

Would like to meet his Lady Love.

He does not know how. He does not know when..    


His eyes are blue.

His smile, true?

He looks to the Heavens above ~

Lady Love do you love me tooo..?  

Zalome. 18 April 99  

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