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                                               PRIMAL EVENTS

The Primal Institute holds week-long Summer Retreats at Santa Barbara, California. These retreats are open to people who have been in therapy at the Primal Institute.

The International Primal Association holds a Spring Retreat and a Summer Convention in New Jersey. Non members may attend, but members get a discount price.  There is an opportunity to work on feelings in 'mat track' every day, lectures, workshops, and fun events.

Primal therapy weekend intensives are held at various times by Barbara Bryan in Detroit, Michigan To find out more, visit Barbara's site at the Primal Integration Centre of Michigan.

A series of ‘Primal Therapy and Psychodrama’ weekends are given by Esta Powell, in Columbus, Ohio.For details, see Esta's site at
Primal Matters.

Esta Powel and Bob Holmes also offer Training in Primal Integration. These trainings are to assist anyone who is a primal facilitator, or wishes to enhance their "buddying" skills. For details, visit Esta's site at
Primal Matters.

Week-long workshops are given from time to time in Canada, Australia, Ireland and the UK by Sam Turton and Esta Powell. For details, contact
Primal Matters.

Esta Powell in Ohio, (USA and Canada)
Clare Gill in Dublin, (Ireland and Europe)
Amanda Penel in Sydney, (Australia)
Julia Mitchell in Dublin, (UK)

For information on workshops and activities in Germany contact:
Reinhold Rausch in Heidelberg

If you are looking for buddies in South Africa contact:
Pat Torngren In Cape Town

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