Message from the Principal
History of our School

In 1960 the farm "Mopani" , was bought.
Following an invitation by Archbishop Garner and with the
guidance of the Dominican Order, the Dominican Sisters
opened the school in the beautiful Mariakloof.

The school was officially opened on 11 February 1962.

St Paulus was the first Afrikaansmeduim convent in South Africa.
In 1976 the school became dual medium (Afrikaans and English) and
pupils from all races were admitted. The Pre-Primary school opened
in 1979.

St Paulus has always been a "family school" where it is important
that everybody feels part of the school.

The motto of the school, Veritas, means truth. That is why the principle
of truth in thoughts, speech and deeds forms the foundation of the teaching
of the pupils of St Paulus. We should face the future with the resolution to
verify everything we do against the truth.