St.Mary's Primary School

St.Mary's Primary School is situated in Bochabela, a township "east" of Bloemfontein. The school was established in 1954 by the Holy Cross Sisters with the purpose of providing quality education for the young African girls. At first as a junior high school but was later converted to a primary school until today.

Our mission statement:

We, the community of St.Mary's Primary School, unite in our mission to:

  • Help our pupil's to grasp more fully the meaning of their existence through an understanding of the teaching of Christ as taught in our schools,
  • Educate the young to develop and use their talents as fully as possible for the greater glory of God, and
  • Instill in our pupils the excellence which is found in men and women of high principles; men and women open to the signs of the times, in tune with their cultural millieu and its problems; and men and women for others.

We have strong links with Edinburgh University. - For the past four years, we have hosted about 12 students each year from this Scottish University. They do a variety of projects with the learners and bring with them a wealth of talents and experiences. We in turn, at St.Mary's offer them warmth and an African experience.