We are currently combining the best supply chain thought leaders and practitioners in South Africa, and we aim to be the major supplier of intellectual capital in this space.

We aim to be an independent group to provide high integrity services to build, run and maintain electronic market places.

We are true supply chain engineers, understanding the strategic and tactical supply chain business process, know how to construct and integrate them between supply chain partners, and know how to implement the technology that support supply chain optimisation.


Max Smeiman

Johan von Benecke

Marius Mare

Willem Cilliers

Carl Holtzhausen


Morne Bester

Craig Bryson

Andreas Georgiou

CP Jansen van Vuuren

Clayton Joseph

Leticia Koshany

Albert Kotze

Johan Morkel

Michael Olivier

Michael Quirke

Avinash Ramdayal

Ulendo Roode

Umesh Sita

Marius Steyn

Gerbie Swanepoel

Henry Varges

Henry Verster

Wayne Whiffler