JOKES    Climbing
Hang on, while I... 

     Answer my cel phone  
     take a leak  
     tie you off so I can get a drink  
     have a cigarette  
     tie you off. I'll be back just now  

Bumper Stickers 

Climbers are constantly looking for the tightest cracks and the hardest knobs  
Climbers are always looking for another good grip  
Gravity = 0.93  
My harness is rubbing my balls, do you think it likes me?  
Help! My hand is stuck in this damn crack  


"You're really heavy you know" 
"Are you belaying properly?"(Very suspiciously) 
"of Course" 
A look confirms that the hapless belayer has no figure 8 and is using the screwgate to belay.... 



Strubens Valley

Northcliff Hill

Kya Sands Gym

Waterval Boven