Have you always had a vague idea about South Africa? Do you want to know more about the country, the people and the fauna and flora? Then read on...

South Africa is a large, scenically enriched and culturally diverse country. It is larger than Germany, France, Italy, Belgium and Holland combined. 

South Africa has one of the largest game reserves namely the Kruger National Park (1394,82km2) which covers a greater area than Israel.

South Africa has 11 official languages, English being the most widely understood.

South Africa enjoys a generally temperate climate, though weather patterns and rainfall statistics vary widely. 80% of our rain falls during  the summer months October to March. Summers are generally warm to hot, winters dry and sunny, yet interspersed with occassional spells of intense cold. The sun shines for an average of more than eight and a half  hours per day.

Pretoria and Johannesburg are 1470m and 1750m above sea-level respectively.

South Africa is the biggest producer of gold, platinum,chromium vanadium, manganese and aluminoslicates.

The Big Hole in Kimberly (where diamonds were mined), is the largest hand-dug excavation on earth, and the Western Deep Levels Gold Mine in Johannesburg is currently close on 4000m deep, making it the deepest mine in the world.

South Africa has a coastline of 2954km of exotic sandy beaches and clear waters, most of which is protected by shark nets...

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