We transform individuals by uncovering the positive empowering messages of their lives.


Transform your-self by uncovering the positive empowering messages of your life.

Within the Storytelling tradition, one idea is that the content of some of the stories carried the processes by which we are all transformed from one level of consciousness to another.

Transformation In Alchemy lead was transformed into gold, or that is what we have come to believe. In story telling the meaning is much deeper. In stories gold is a metaphor for a complete process of psychological transformation--such as occurs when we are born out of an enviroment of nourishing water into a differentiated world of air breathing beings; when we grow from puberty to adulthood; from girls to maidens to mothers; from boys to fathers to men. This is the healing or whole-making of our psyche

Within this tradition it is understood that all of life's experience are valid and is indeed part of a process of growth or transformation towards the best we can be. This idea can be a little hard to accept especially when our life's experiences are so extreme.

The medical profession battle particularly with this concept as they feel it is their duty to heal everybody ( in the mistaken belief that they are the healers).

Healing and Therapists.

"Therapist" is a Greek word and was the job description of a person who worked in the healing temples. In ancient Greece when you were ill you go to the temple where you would be met by a "Therapist". The job of the Therapist was to listen to your problems and concerns and to observe how you spoke walked, carried yourself. and would enquire as to what was going on in your life. The ancient Greek system had a pantheon of Gods each having a particular interest in a particular facet of life. It was the Therapists task to conduct the patient into the presence of the God or Gods who would heal them. This conducting into the presence of the Divinity was done through physical and psychic rituals of cleansing. Through dance music and theatres as well as the sacrifice (making sacred) of thought and actions on the alters of the gods concerned.

All of this was done under the direction and with the help of the therapist. In this way the idea of process was totally honoured and no patients were fixed, sedated, or otherwise judged. Insanity was not a concept the Greeks understood,

Storytelling as therapy.

There are two axioms within the Storytelling tradition that refer to these processes. One is that "Healing only takes place in ritual space". The second is that "Healing only takes place in the presence of the Divine".

Every storytelling can transport its audience to another world, where we may come into contact with something bigger than our ego selves ( something Divine) if we are willing be transformed by that contact.

Joseph Campbell wrote and lectured about this constantly. His book "The Hero of a Thousand Faces" lays out the geography of these processes It is the content of most of our literature, theatre, films art, ballet and nearly everything else we do.

A story telling session is just like a modern Alchemists laboratory. With the audience as the base metal. They gather together in a space and the Storyteller begins the process of the therapist. The beginning and the endings of stories are as important as the telling of the narrative itself as they create the ritual space for the story to do its work.. The alchemical vessel is created by bringing the audience to a group and then sealing the group of from outside intrusions. With the telling of the story the heat is continually applied to the base metal until either there is a transformation or the vessel explodes. If the vessel explodes it means the vessel was not strong enough to contain the forces required to effect the transformation and the process has to be done over again from the start. Of course there may be partial transformations along the way.

The content of the story provides the heat and the listener reacts to the story out of his or her own life's experience. The willingness on the part of the audience to engage in the story in a meaningful way creates the vessel. The story teller's job is to conduct the audience into the presence of the Divinity of the story. To be sensitive to the shifting patterns of energies within the audience and guide the energies into the transformation process rather than into the destruction of the Alchemical vessel. This done, everybody has a good session and walks away a little lighter, more creative, confident, a little more in touch with themselves, their partners and life.

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