St Joseph's Church
1515 Baker Street
Bakersfield, California 93305

May23, 1995

Beverly McCormick
Apostolate For Perpetual Eucharistic Adoration
P.O. Box 46502
Mt. Clemens, Michigan 48046-6502

RE: Perpetual Eucharistic Adoration

As a small token of appreciation for your invaluable efforts and prayers on our behalf, I am pleased to share with
you my view (as Pastor of St. Joseph's Church), of Perpetual Eucharistic Adoration.

Eucharistic Adoratioti at St. Joseph's had been relegated to a modestly attended First Friday exposition of The
Blessed Sacrament, until May 7th, 1993. At that time, my predecessor Monsignor John Esquivel, authorized
twenty-four hour adoration every Friday of the year. Upon mv arrival in late June of 1994, I was amazed at the
wonderful changes this devotion had wrought and realizing that we cannot outdo Jesus in generosity I offered
our Parishioners the opportunity of expanding their adoration to a 7 day a week schedule, once they could
guarantee that all of the hours would be covered. In November of 1995, we commenced our new schedule
which runs continuously from Sunday at 6:30 PM until Saturday at 9:00 AM. (Due to the use of our chapel as a
"crying?' room during the weekend Masses, weddings, etc., we stop adoration for that short period of time.)

Since moving to truly Perpetual Eucharistic Adoration, we have continuously averaged over 600 holy hours per
week. In total, since starting 24 hour adoration, St. Joseph's has now passed 35,000 holy hours spent with our
Eucharistic Lord and although the numbers are impressive, the changes in peoples lives are what's truly astound-

The most widespread change is the attitude towards confession that the adorers have. No longer do they dread
and avoid confession, for after experiencing the powerful love that our Eucharistic Lord Jesus has for them, they
long for reconciliation. I continue to be amazed not just at the sheer number of people going to confession, but
the number of people going to confession that haven't been reconciled to our Lord in 20, 30, 35 years and

Another noticeable change is the reverence that adorers show for The Blessed Sacrament. The percentage of
people receiving communion has greatly increased and Parishioners appear more aware of proper deportment
when attending Mass. Several Parishioners, including many of the Eucharistic Ministers even requested the
return of the communion rail, which although our current finances preclude such an action, is indicative of the
numbers who desire to receive Holy Communion, kneeling.

On a more individual basis, their have been numerous miracles attributed to Perpetual Eucharistic Adoration,
including the return of adult children to the Church, alcoholic sons and husbands joining AA and coming back
to the Church, husbands and wives reconciled and non Catholic spouses joining the Church. Also there have
been phenomenal physical healings, including one man who had been in an extended coma who was totally
cured after the prayer of his small son, before The Blessed Sacrament.

Personally, I think one of the greatest ongoing miracles is the total lack of vandalism and crime since starting
Perpetual Eucharistic Adoration. Our Parish is in the immediate vicinity of what you might call skid row, with the
homeless shelter and rescue mission nearby. There have been no assaults, robberies or gang activity. It's like the
Lord has placed a protective dome over the Church grounds.

Another miracle that I have witnessed, is the extraordinary cooperation and absence of jealousy between the
different groups within the Church. They've learned that by making our Eucharistic Lord the center of all activity,
their individual interests are blessed beyond their expectations. We recently had a two day carnival, which was
open to the public. In spite of serving beer and having dance bands, with a few thousand people attending,
there was not a single disturbance. At one point in the evening, the traveling statue of Our Lady Queen of Peace
arrived for a three day stay in our Blessed Sacrament Chapel. Upon her arrival, she was placed on a table
overlooking the festivities and everyone stopped and prayed the Hail Mary.

Beverly, as you can see, I firmly believe that Eucharistic Adoration is the best deal that I've encountered during
my life as a Priest. The benefits are numerous and the effort on my behalf is minimal, as all I'm required to do is
make certain that a vigil light is lit and there's always at least one adorer present with Jesus. The details and day
to day operation are totally handled by our Eucharistic Adoration Captains. To those brother Priests who think
this is just one more "project" that will be dumped on your administrative desk take my word that is sure hasn't
been the case at St. Joseph's.

Oh, I almost forgot to relate the way our youth and young adults have embraced Eucharistic Adoration. Every
confirmation candidate spends at least one hour a week with Jesus and they are learning how to talk 'with' Jesus
and not talk at Him. Three of our High School girls walked 21 miles on Good Friday, leaving St. Joseph's at 5:00
AM, going to all 7 Parishes in Bakersfield and returning by noon for the Good Friday worship service. During
their pilgrimage, which they said was in reparation for sacrilege against The Blessed Sacrament and in petition
for the establishment of Perpetual Eucharistic Adoration at every Parish in town, they prayed a 15 decade Holy
Rosary for each of the 7 churches.

Another very important aspect that I must mention is increased devotion to the Blessed Virgin Mary. During
Lent, our adorers participated in a Rosary Relay, whereby an adorer would pray the Holy Rosary during their
entire holy hour until relieved by another adorer. This unbroken chain of rosaries was something to behold.
Also, to bring in the New Year, approximately 300 adorers gathered at Midnight to pray the Holy Rosary in the
presence of The Blessed Sacrament, ending with a consecration to The Immaculate Heart. This connection
between the Blessed Virgin and her Son, truly present in The Blessed Sacrament, continues to expand with our
Parish recently starting to pray the holy rosary prior to every weekend Mass.

Well, I'll wrap up this "brief" letter by again thanking everyone at the Apostolate for helping our Parishioners
establish truly Perpetual Eucharistic Adoration at St. Joseph's. Please don't hesitate to have any of my fellow
Priests call, should they have doubts about this most worthy devotion.

Sincerely, yours in Christ,

Reverend Robert D. Wenzinger

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