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UnderC for Windows and Linux vs 1.2.8 has been released

The goal of the UnderC project is to produce a useful C++ interpreter which supports "pocket" versions of standard library classes (iostreams, strings, vectors, lists, maps, etc) and the STL algorithms.  It is particularly intended to make life easier for students beginning C++. 

A beta version of USE (the UnderC Scripting Environment) is now available; see the downloads section. Here is a screenshot showing USE debugging itself.

Now with less restrictive License as a Shared Library

UnderC is freely available as both source and binaries under the GNU Library General Public License (LGPL). 

 This version can import C++ libraries built with both MSVC++ 6.0 and GCC 2.95.  UnderC classes derived from imported classes can override virtual member functions, allowing the extension of compiled C++ code using interpreted code.  A new feature as from 1.1.3 is UCRI, the UnderC Reflection Interface.   UC code can now query the type system, create objects and even instantiate template functions dynamically.

Conversational C++

UnderC is a fully interactive system, where statements are evaluated immediately.  This allows students to receive instant feedback. Please see the command summary.

UnderC Development List

Dean Giberson has kindly offered to host the UnderC discussion list. Send a subscription request to underc-subscribe@voidptr.com (subject 'subscribe', message empty).  Any messages to the list can then be posted to underc@voidptr.com.

C++ By Example

Que has brought out C++ By Example in early 2002, which uses UnderC to introduce C++ interactively.

 The UnderC Development Project, Steve Donovan, 2001-2002