Sciboo - an Editor based on ScintillaNET

Download executable and source

Sciboo uses the tried and tested Scintilla edit control, as wrapped by ScintillaNET. It can do syntax highlighting on any language supported by Scintilla, supports ctags, and shows compiler results, program output and the result of searching in files in different tabbed panes. It is fully extendable using any .NET language. For a little more detail, here is the readme file.

It is easy to specify build tools such as the command-line C# compiler. Sciboo does C/C++,C#,Python and Boo out of the box. The result of a global find appears in a separate pane.

Sciboo does SciTE-style abbreviation expansion, with a useful extension: abbreviations can prompt for variables. Here is the result of expanding the standard abbreviation 'for'.

Sciboo can support autocompletion, using SciTE-style api files. This is currently experimental, but works with static methods of the most common NET classes.

Calltips will be presented when you type '(' following a recognized symbol. Notice that all overloaded methods are accessible.

Sciboo is still in beta, but I've been using it for serious work for several months now, and it hasn't eaten my homework yet. I've written extensions which allow me to remotely save and compile code on a remote Linux machine, and it generally looks nicer than VI.

Steve Donovan, 2005 (steve . j . donovan @ gmail . com)