A compact C++ interpreter






Command Summary



UnderC for Windows 1.2.9

342K program (.zip)

529K dynamic link library (includes command-line version) (.zip)

430K source (.zip)

70K regular expressions library(.zip)

16K tokenizer class (.zip)

The source comes with MSVC++ 6.0 project files, together with a make file which works with MinGW 2 (GCC 3.2)

UnderC for Linux 1.2.9

330K source (tgz)

149K program (tgz)

(This is still version 1.2.4 and was built under Red Hat 7.0, and requires libc 6.)

UnderC Scripting Environment (USE)

417K program and source (.zip)

USE is the new IDE for UnderC, build using the Scintilla edit control. This is a beta (0.5) release, so please be kind. It supports single-stepping, shows the call stack and local variables, etc. You will need UnderC 1.2.8 for Windows; USE acts as a client program which sends messages to an already open instance of UnderC.