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This section is dedicated to  those angels and saints who are either controling the "Global village" or New World Order or are  contolled as puppets of the New World Order. Somehow these people achieve in life what normal people like you and I  might only achieve after death..... to be hailed as "perfect, humble, saviour" and a myriad of other saintly titles. 

If it wasn't such a serious matter one could've laughed at the baised way the liberal media portray these people as the saints. Anyone or anything opposed to their "religion", Humanism, or their ways are portraid as the bad, ugly enemy and oppressors of human existance. This is the norm whe we are "knowingly forced" to accept as our only hope and survival. We are to eccept their plans by keeping silent, ignorantly accepting what they say as the alpha and omega, to become "sheeple" and lackeys of the World Masters. The fact that their sinister plans mean that we should become beggars and unprincipled slaves, too indebted and brainwashed to think that we would willingly accept their oppression. Subdued to a level where we would be willing to work for not much more than food and Big Brother "security"   they hope to control all aspects of man and world, explaining smoothly...  "at least this way you would survive...."

These commodies  were, of course  already taken from the "needy" and the 'not so needy" by enslaving them with the burden  of guilt complexes and "easy to come by" debt.

In a gesture of utmost philantrotropic goodwill those who refuse to wake up to the warning signals then receive liberation at last, free "His Masters voice" speech, free toxic waste, free debt under the guise of semantic Newworld speech" like:   "humanity versus Christianty!" "freedom!", "democracy!",  "equality!", prosperity!"  and the sparkling vision of an Utopian peace loving global village in the "not to distant" future. Some Theologians have even acheived the impossible, explaing the condition as mentioned above as the ultimate... "Heaven on Earth at last!"   "Don't fight for Freedom - unless we want your mind to be occupied on something of lesser importance, then shoot only who and when we say.... otherwise, rather beg for freedom, it is Political correct, you know... and shut your mouth on Nato's holy Freedom seeking bomb raids on civilians!"

This level, where the Super Capitalists and International Cummunists/Socialists seem to merge into one Big Holy Daddy is not to be tampered with, no sir!

We have already reached the era as described. Given this situation which are incedently more clearly explained in books like George Orwells'    "Animal Farm" and "Nineteen Eighty Four", some of us still remember the untampered history as it was put on paper  in  quotes from books from yesteryear.

If at least concerned about themselves or the future of your children, some of you might get irritated by the examples and quotes below.. It might even give you a hazed glimpse to what extend you have already been hogwashed, sublimized, brainwashed and druged to calm, peaceloving acceptance of the overall decadence and halftruths dished up to you by the liberal press, be it on TV, the Internet, Newspapers or radio.


madiba (5).jpg (75229 bytes) Mandela " Nelson R. Mandela : Xhosa from the Transkei, got involved as a
young lawyer with a bunch of white would-be-terrorists with large caches of
explosives and weapons in Johannesburg, who were found out and tried in a
court of law (the old SA courts, which were still independent). Left to face
the music by the white instigators, who had mostly run away overseas,
Mandela got life sentence or thereabouts for his involvement in terrorism,
being part of the planning of attacks on installations and non-military
targets and the beginning of the terror war mentioned above. He sat in
prison for 27 years, treated as a political prisoner, regularly visited by
all sorts of monitors and others, in clean, efficient prisons of the old SA
(not like the New SA's hell-holes nowadays). In the early nineties, de Klerk
let him out to become the 'nice' figurehead of the 'New SA' in 1994, which
could be presented to the world as the 'Great Reconciliator', some sort of
'Holy Nelson' (quite well done, really).

Mandela was replaced in 1999 by Thabo Mbeki,  a far better example of what
the ANC/Communist alliance is really like. Former terrorist, arrogant,
typical black despot concerned with only one thing : Power. Clone of Mugabe
to the north, who is, in fact, his dear old friend. Presiding over the
step-by-step genocide of the whites and the Boer nation through murder,
rape, robbery, taxation, expropriation and a general driving out of the
country of their birth by all sorts of pressures

Hailed  by the world as the savior of Africa and South Africa from the bad ugly Apartheid System [Ethnic selfdetermination in seperate geographical states], and a usefull "token slave" when the World needs a "mediator" to negociate peace between waring factions, symbolic handovers of Libian Locerby terrorists, Nobel Peace Price winner in 199... ,  and such like. Also known as the Butcher of Shellhouse in some circles for his role in the Shell-Hfouse massacre. It was on his orders to fire that peacefull Zulu protestors were killed on the..... of March 1993. By the end of that day 53 people lay dead in the streets of Johannesburg.

His excellence Communist comrade Ronnie Casrils He was the opp of MK[], Military wing of the ANC/Commusist alliance in 1883, at the time of the Church Street Car bomb,  that kiled 19 and injured 219 people, mostly civialians.

Robert Mc Bride Bombplanter in the Marine Hotel, Durban [the slaughter is also wrongly reffered to as the MagoosBar bomb ........Mc Bride might also be the Azanian [New South African] Governments most undercover secret Agent, in fact, he'll make MI5s 007 look like an amateur! Been caught red-handed in trying to pull of an illegal arms deal in Mozambique, he claimed he was "investigating" an arms smugling network for the NIA [Azanian Secret service].They denied the claim that he was working for them ,... this mean of course, that he as working for the Intellegence Agency at such an undercover level, that even they are unaware of it!

Political holy cow Winny Madikizela Mandela

Pik Botha

Desmond Tutu and son Trevor Tutu

F.W.de Klerk

Azanian Political Holy cow, her exelence the Minister of Adinistration and Government, Geraladine Frazer Moliketi

Dan Mofokeng

Peter Mokaba, "Kill the Boer, kill the Farmer"

Alan Boesak

Mahchlango "White lies Mashlango, Azanian premier of the Eastern Transvaal region, known as Mapumalanga. In 1999, Mashlango made history being the first politician ever to be totally honest. He annouced publically that is ok for politcians to lie and that nothing should come of it. To explain his statement he refered to big daddy Clinton and said: "Clinton lied, and he is still President." Mr. U.S.President sir, even in Darkest Africa, your example is slavishly cherished by the Communist cabal.