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St. Nelson



Lets take a brutal reality check at Nelson Mandela`s sainthood, seeing that so many here bitch about it. He got thrown in jail unfairly, even if lawfully, which is debatable. But the laws were unfair anyway. He came out of jail after so many years and instead of seeking revenge, he pursued a policy of reconciliationn. How much more Christian do you want him to be? He should be given a sainthood by the pope!




 Editors response:



You asked for it, so here goes: He was charged for 23 acts of terror and sabotage committed by his organisation the ANC/Communists, he was a committed communist (what he wrote and said at countless occasions, right up to the nineties when he visited the socialist paradise Cuba, was recorded by the media), he formed part of the conspirators of Rivonia who had hoarded 48,000 Soviet-made anti-personnel mines and 210,000 hand-grenades, - many witnesses in his trial testified to his complicity, all those Boer policemen and his Jewish prosecutor Yutar did not dream up everything, unless you believe the fable of Big Bad Boers and Jewish Conspiracies, He was tried in an open court of law and found guilty as a terrorist by a judicial system, which, though human, was a damn sight more objective than the 'transformed' judiciary we have now and which even forbids a defence to call a witness who might be embarrassing to the ruling Regime. His fawning fans would like to change history and destroy the Rivonia court records, - but do yourself a favour and read them, if you can get them off Oppenheimer (he might be the only one to still have a copy): Holy Nelson was sent to prison not for being holy, that's for sure.

   Having said that, let's acknowledge that at least he was fighting (by his own lights) for his own people, and that's always admirable, - in contrast to that white scum de Klerk, who sold his own people out and kicked his wife out for a foreign slut, eh, eh, - well, they DO have something in common, don't they?