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Subject: question?

>I am a racial activist in Southern California. I have happily received
>your e-news regular for some time now. In the U.S racial activist world
>there has been much said lately about comments attributed to former SA
>president Pik Botha. It is reported here that Mr. Botha has said that
>"it is time for Afrikaners to  inter-marry with the blacks and end their
>efforts to hold on to the past". My question is of course, IS THIS TRUE?
>A white society in peril anywhere threatens the entire race, everywhere
>                                               thanks, Mark in San Diego

Editors response:

Hi Mark,

Pik Botha is described by some as 'the Rasputin of the old SA". As Minister
of Foreign Affairs under three successive Prime Ministers/Presidents,  he
became the power behind the throne, and the willing tool of the colonial
powers and Boer-hate groupings. When PW Botha put his foot down and refused
to sell the Boer/Afrikaner out to black/communist rule, Pik Botha got rid of
him and de Klerk was only too willing to push the betrayal through. Pik
Botha remained at the back, - never having the direct support of his own
fellow-politicians to become president himself, - but his influence through
conniving and manipulation was immense. He first sold out Rhodesia, then
South West (now Namibia), then got FW de Klerk to sell his own people out.
All the years, rumour had it that he was recruited as an agent for the KGB
or/and the CIA while in Sweden as a junior diplomat.
  This as background. At present he is out of active politics, the ruling
ANC/Communist Regime and his (and their) masters overseas having no use for
him anymore. Personally, we have not heard him saying exactly what you
heard, but it is not impossible. He is a slimy character, and he IS trying
to make some sort of political come-back, this time by endearing himself
directly to the ANC/Communist Alliance. What is certain, is that he is
openly trying to persuade the Boers/Afrikaners to drop his own parties and
organisations and join the ruling black Regime, 'to work for the common good
of all', to live happily ever after in the mixed New SA Rainbow Nation....
   Fortunately, Pik Botha's treason was so great, that most Boers do not
trust him one inch, - and the commies and blacks do not trust a traitor. So
our prediction is that he will not get very far, before his massive
consumption of liquor will have brought him to a (hopefully) sticky end...

Regards, Vellies.

Subject: General Comment

>Dear SCA,
>I tried to submit this message to your comment section, but the link didn't
>work.  You can use this message in any way you want.
>First off, I would like to compliment you on trying to expose the truth of
>the circumstances in South Africa today.  I'm glad someone is, because the
>media in this country is full of utter liars.  And I don't really hear
>much of this stuff other from other websites exposing the truths that are
>going on in your country.
>It is truely a travesty the state that S.A. is in today.  I know that
>might not like to hear it, but it was acually better for both races during
>aparthied rule.  At least, laws were carried out then and there was some
>semblance of a working society.
>It really disgusts me at the lack of moral conscience many of the blacks
>there have.  I wouldn't even classify them as human being due to
>behavior they exibit towards other blacks and whites alike.
>Regarless of how the politically correct media in America and Europe wants
>to portray the situtaion really is a playground for the evil.  It is
>undoubtedly the worst place to live in the world.  It is a horrible place
>live for blacks (and expecially whites) who are blamed for every problem in
>the country one way or another.  Even though it is the corrupt ANC's fault
>things are so bad.
>I don't understand why the gov't does make the judicial system my harsher
>then it is.  It seems to me that they are encourageing the brutality and
>violence that are taking place today.  I know that if they really wanted to
>stop it they could.  God bless, and continue the fight!
>Most sincerely,
>Peter Knight

Dear Peter,

Thank you for your encouraging letter. Re  your 'I don't understand why the
government...' : This 'government' is not OUR government, it might be many
(not necessarily most!) blacks' and white commie-types', but to us Boers,
Afrikaners, (old) South Africans, the white tribe, call us what you like,
it definitely is an alien, hostile Regime, which was sprung on us by a bunch
of conniving and lying  white traitors and lackeys. Our salvation cannot lie
anywhere within their system and under THEIR government, - nowhere else in
Africa (or, for that matter, Europe), has such a Regime brought anything but
death, misery, suffering and general decline. We must get out of it,
literally, to be able to survive as a Christian, Western and civilized
nation in Africa. The how, where and when is something else, of course, but
hope springs eternal, doesn't it...


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Subject: Coming to Jo'burg

>A friend has accepted a consulting assignment in southern Africa to upgrade
>the region's railroad by installing up-to-date operating software.
>He is to fly out April 10 and spend the first part of the assignment in
>Jo'burg where he is scheduled to stay at the Holiday Inn.
>From your emails the city is a dangerous place. Can you pass along some
>security measures that he should adopt? Also, how should he get from the
>airport to the city? Should be stay at another hotel and if so where and
>Can you summarize the conditions he will confront?
>Before departure he has bargaining leverage and can make requests for
>security reasons but must support any demands with logic and fact.
>Bill Regnery

Editors response:
Dear Bill,

We read your letter regarding a friend with a consulting assignment in
Southern Africa for the upgrading of the region's railroad operating
software.  You are quite right to feel worried about your friend's safety, -
too many foreigners, bamboozled by the propaganda of the Wonderful New SA,
come short here.
We will try to pass along a few tips on survival, given the Azanian
circumstances he will find himself in as a consultant linked to a given job

Keep your important personal belongings (money, ID, passport, tickets, etc)
on your body, unobtrusively but firmly in place. 'Moonbags' are fine, but
the less conspicious  the better.

Insist on safe travelling arrangements beforehand, ie pick-up at the airport
by reliable, identifiable hotel personnel at a safe, identifiable waiting
area inside the airport building, and transport to hotel by hotel transport.
Before getting into anything with someone, ask his or her name and make sure
it ties in with what you were told.

While travelling, waiting and working, be alert at all times. Do not trust
anyone. Keep your distance, especially if blacks approach and start talking
to you. Foreigners stand out, and attract black vultures like honey attracts
bees. Think the worst, ie he or she wants something from me (there is always
time later for exceptions, but it is better to be safe than sorry). TRY
NEVER TO BE ALONE, always hang around the vicinity of whites if possible.
Remember, 99% of all public and physical murders, robberies, theft and rape
is done by blacks. Old whitey is no angel, but at least he is less likely to
kill or rob you in broad daylight.

Regarding the hotel you mention there are a number of Holiday Inns. A better
option has been suggested: If your friend has a car,  he should rather stay
at the Falstaff Inn in Rivonia.  The number is + 27 11 - 784 8580 Tel  784
8585  This is a pleasant hotel, well protected and away as far as possible
from the hotspots.  It has good restaurants nearby and is convenient for
access to freeways. Ask the hotel for pick-up or to make safe arrangements,
even if it costs extra. DO NOT USE PUBLIC TRANSPORT like trains, public
busses or minibus taxis, people get killed there.

If you are staying in a house, insist beforehand that this should be fully
protected, fence and security gates, alarm linked to security firm reaction
force, the lot. People in Jo'burg and elsewhere get burgled, robbed, raped
and killed EVERY DAY, especially unsuspecting, defenceless, unprotected

Arrange safe transport to and from work beforehand with your firm.  Insist
on speaking to a person in authority as soon as you get there to sort
everything out. Normally you can hear whether the person you speak to is
white or black, try and stick to your kind as far as possible. And if it is
not possible, be on your guard all the time.

The following are other tips, which might help :

Johannesburg is a dangerous place.  It  is not only our email that reveals
this, but police statistics, and a report this week  by CNN on the killings,
murders and rapes of the only line of defense - the police- bears this out.
What was shown was accurate and horrifying.

Iohannesburg is the most dangerous city in S Africa, but Durban and Cape
Town are fast becoming equally dangerous.  Add to that the incidents in the
country where a very large number of farmers are being murdered.  People
driving along roads at night, having to stop as rocks have been put across
their path and they too have not just been robbed, but also murdered.  Women
are told not to stop at traffics lights at night.

Do not go into the centre of Johannesburg at all if possible. It remains the
pits, literally. However,  you cannot relax in the Northern Suburbs, either,
crime has moved there, too. Areas such as Sandton, Sandown, Rosebank,
Bryanston are also at risk.  You certainly do not walk the streets and at
all times keep car doors locked.  If stopping at traffic lights, be sure to
leave space between you and the car in front as an escape route in an
emergency.  If possible, avoid going to automatic teller machines and
standing in queues. I say again : BE ALERT AT ALL TIMES, do not trust anyone
however nice he smiles at you and however sweet he talks.

If it is possible to get a gun and you are able to use it, this would be
recommended.  A must is certainly a mobile phone (cell phone).

Wait for the automatic gates to open, do NOT drive into the drive in front
of the gate, stay on the road facing towards an escape route. Look around
all the time, watch out for one or more blacks walking towards you.

This all sounds melodramatic but this is how the residents of South Africa
live, and no one outside the country is told the extent of the dangers here.
And once inside and robbed, raped or killed, it is too late.
We feel that not just businessmen but all visitors should be told these
facts by the travel agents, BEFORE arriving here.

Mrs Ann Phillips, who stays in Jo'burg,  has offered to help with any
further queries. Her e-mail is.......

Kind regards,


Subject: White history in southern Africa

>I'd be interested in any information you can provide regarding the
>pre-colonial and colonial history of southern Africa (South Africa and
>Rhodesia).  Marxists claim that Whites 'stole' the territory from
"peaceful, agrarian African tribes having a sophicated culture."  They point to what
is called "The Great Zimbabwe" as evidence of this level of cultural sophistication.
>There is little to be found on the internet concerning White history in
>Africa that isn't a pile of revisionist crap written to satisfy a Marxist
>"And this defeat of the West will have been accomplished, not by the
superior strength or civilization of the newcomers. Not by the 'forces of history,'
>but simply by the feckless generosity and moral cowardice of the West
>--Lawrence Auster

Editors response:

Dear Greyrider,

When the first whites arrived at the Cape in 1652,  there were only Bushmen
and Hottentots there. These were the first known inhabitants of SA, but with
the advance of both blacks and whites they either died off, or moved into
inaccessable mountains or deserts, or integrated into different  'coloured'
(mixed race)  nations of the Cape.
   in the eighteenth century, white and black met at the Fish River in the
Eastern Cape. The black 'Bantu' had by this time moved down from the north,
pushing out the brown and yellow people before them. As soon as they met,
white and black started a series of so-called Kaffir Wars over land and
grazing rights. The borders did move, but only relatively slightly. When a
black 'prophetess' in the late 19th century told her people to basically
commit suicide, the whole Eastern Cape was subjugated, - but still their
heartland, the 'Transkei', was kept out as one of the homelands where no
whites were permitted to own land.
   Meantime, in 1836, a lot of white Boers, disgusted with the pro-black and
anti-Boer policies of their new  British masters (the Dutch left in 1806),
'trekked' north past the blacks in the Eastern Cape into the empty spaces of
what is today known as the Free State and the Transvaal. The Zulus from
Natal had devastated the whole region, killing off the males, abducting the
women and children, and small remnants were hiding in the mountains. The
Boers defeated the Zulus in two short and decisive campaigns by 1838, - and
forever after lived in peace with the Zulus. They then established republics
in Natal, the Free State and Transvaal. The first was annexed by Britain
straight away, to cut the Boers off from the sea. The Transvaal  and Free
State were uninteresting to the Brits then and left alone to develop. The
blacks came out of their hiding places and went to work for the Boers, who
generally treated them well, - better, in any case, than the Zulus.
   Around the turn of the century the gold, which had been discovered in the
Transvaal, had the Brits and the big mining bosses drooling at the mouth and
they pushed Boer president Paul Kruger until he declared : "You do not want
the vote (for the foreigners streaming into teh Transvaal), but my country"
The Boer War is history, for three years the Boers fought bravely, and only
by killing off 22 000 Boer children and 6 000 Boer women (out of a total
population of just over 200 000) in concentration camps did the British
finally win in 1902.
   In 1910 the four provinces of SA were united in one 'Union of SA', which
in 1960 became the Republic of SA. Only whites were regarded as citizens,
and were able to vote, - the blacks were seen as citizens of their own
'homelands', which were their traditional lands where they lived before
being lured to the white man's factories, mines and farms. Slowly, but
surely, the blacks became the majority in 'white' SA.      After the white
Afrikaner  National Party had degenerated into a Trojan Horse following Dr
Verwoerd's assassination in 1966, apartheid was progressively undermined and
the whites eventually sold out to black, communist rule in 1994.

That, in short, is the true story of black and white in SA. The white man in
SA, the Afrikaner, the Boer, must now fight for his own homeland where he
can be free. He gave the blacks their homelands when he had the power to
keep the whole of SA, - now he is entitled to demand a homeland of his own.



My name is Kirstie Beugger and I am living in Tasmania, Australia.  I am
in grade 11 and I am currently doing a nationalism study on South Africa.  I
>>>am interested in both white and black issues and i found your site as a
>>>link from the Kill Whitey South Africa page.  Can you tell me, please
what you mean by "Big Brother regimes" and "holy Cows"? And what would you see
>>>as a solution for the current problems in Southern Africa?
>>>Kirstie beugger

Editors response:

Dear Kirstie,
>>'Big Brother Regime' : Term used by George Orwell for an oppressive and
>>brutal government which covers up its oppression and brutality with false
>>and hypocritical names,  normally exactly the opposite of what they really
>>stand for. So 'Big Brother' is, in fact, the top leader(ship) of a brutal,
>>cruel and merciless government (Regime). Orwell was a former communist
with a deep insight into communist, totalitarian governments, whose brilliant
>>parody of communist states in his books 'Animal Farm' and '1984' did much
to open people's eyes to the true nature of a communist state.
>>'Holy Cow' : Term used to describe something considered untouchable and
not to be questioned, but which normally is not holy at all and does not
deserve such exalted treatment.
>>The solution to SA's problems? Easy : Recognise, officially, that South
>>Africa is not one homogeneous nation, but consists of 12 or so different
>>peoples, ranging from the black Zulus to the white Boers/Afrikaners. Then
>>let these different nations inside SA's borders  each elect their own
>>representatives and leaders and allow such democratically chosen leaders
>>work out how they want to work and live together without one dominating
and oppressing the other, or blacks killing and trampling on whites (as is the
>>case now). SA is such a big country, it should be possible for each nation
>>to find an own place to live amongst its own people.

Subject: Re: South Africa Nationalism

>Thankyou very much for your help.
>I have a question which may sound a little ignorant but it is something I
>am not clear on.  Are any of the governments in Southern Africa communist
>and if so, which ones?
>And could you please subscribe me to SCA news.
>With thanks,
>Kirstie Beugger

Editors response:
Dear Kirstie,

Re governments in the 'New SA' (also called Azania) : At this stage, after
the hand-over in 1994, there is only one official government as such, which
is controlled by the ANC/Communist/Cosatu Alliance. The SA Communist Party,
which is nominally only one of three alliance partners, is, in fact, in
control, because its members and 'ex-members' control most of  the key
positions and Thabo Mbeki, the ANC President, is one of them as well.
   So there is only one official government, or Regime. This is what most
reasonable and anti-communist people object to, that all of the different
nations within SA have been forced into this Soviet-type, one-government
state, without any self-determination for individual peoples.

As you requested, we will, DV, send you the SCA News. Hope you find it


>I just found your site while researching SA
>(unfortunately after it's been deemed 'offensive'.
>I would like to know more about what your website is
>about, and I agree that that you should stand your
>ground when it comes to reporting the truth and your
>right to free speach.
>I dont understand though the old south african flag,
>plus your website is in english, afrikaans, german and
>portugese.  If your cause is "to save a dying Southern
>Africa, its tribes and nations" shouldn't it also be
>available in other languages (eg) Xhosa or Zulu?
>I am really interested in your reply, and once
>received will absolutely submit my opinions and
>objections as to why it is wrong to force the
>discontinuation of, what is in essence, your right to
>free speech.
>I thank you for your time, and hope to hear from you

Editors response:

Hi Kay,

1. What our website is about : To try and tell our people and the world
what's going on, without the mass-media 'spin'. And also how our people, the
Boers of SA and the whites, are being killed, robbed, beaten up, raped,
humiliated, smeared, oppressed and driven out of the country of our birth by
the ruling black, communist Regime and its henchmen, - while the world is
being told we are now such a wonderful 'democracy', the blacks are the
'historically disadvantaged' and oppressed and the whites are the baddies.

2. The old SA flag : First hoisted in 1927, this historically and
traditionally rich flag was a good compromise to try and reconcile the two
white communities rooted in SA, the Afrikaans-/Boer- and English-speaking,
and to weld them together into one nation. Under this flag, our people
fought and died on the border to stop exactly that type of alien, communist
regime we have now from coming in.  Behind our backs, through treason by our
own leaders (de Klerk and his bunch of traitors), it came in anyway, and we
lost everything, our own state, security forces, country, the lot. The new
Azanian rag is forced on us by this (to us) alien state on every state
building and elsewhere, - now let us fly our own flag, the one we love, at
least on the internet. It speaks to us of a time, when we were free, and it
keeps our hope alive that we may be free again, someday.

3. Our website in four European languages : At this stage, we scarcely
manage in one, English. Should we ever have the means, we would like to do
it in those languages  mentioned because they are the languages of our
ancestors and the nations closest to us by blood, in history, values,
culture, religion and tradition. Like our forefathers a hundred years ago,
we want to appeal to these our 'relations' to at least hear and sympathise
with the cries of a  dying white nation killed off by Azanian barbarism, -
even if we accept they will not help us, as they refused to help us a
hundred years ago when our ancestors were killed off by British barbarism.

4. "Why shouldn't it also be available in other languages like Xhosa and
Zulu?" - For one, we are even less equipped, at this stage, to do it in a
black language. Secondly, blood is thicker than water, and we have to talk
about and to our own people first. They, the black nations, have everything
now : The power, the money, the media, the support of all the rich and high
and mighty on the world stage. They even got their own huge propaganda
department with millions to spend, where they continually hammer home their
anti-white distortions. There is no need for us to say anything more in that
   Lastly, and most importantly, the fight for the survival of the Boer and
white nation in SA is also the fight of the survival of the black nations,
at the same time. The proof of this is the rest of Black Africa : Wherever
the white man moved out or was kicked out, the black people (not the black
rulers) lost out, declined, died or  ran away (many to SA). Sensible blacks
know this. They know all the clever 'expats' from the UN, NGO's etc from the
aid-industry in their gleaming 4x4's are not really interested in proper
development, the kind that made SA the envy and beacon of hope for millions
of blacks, who streamed across the border. While the white government was
in power, the different black nations  had their independent homelands,
freedom and national/tribal rights, - limited, maybe, but at least they had
something. Now that the black, communist Regime has been handed the power,
they ( together with the Boer nation) have lost everything and are forced
into this sovietised forced-unitary state, which has just taken away even
the local authority and rights of
black traditional chiefs. Now to help the blacks, we, as whites, do not have
to pretend to be blacks. We just have to carry on fighting for what we
believe is the best and most just solution for SA : Maximum freedom for each
nation to rule itself, like every other nation the world over wants to and
got. Don't let the argument about borders and who gets what confuse the
issue at this stage. We and every other proud and freedom-loving nation in
New SA has nothing now, not a single square millimetre. Let us first try and
get recognition for the principle and start somewhere. A small homeland,
like many black nations had in the old SA, and like the Palestinians now
have in the Mid-east, will already be something and a thousand times more
than any of us have now.     And on this small website we fight our little
fight for truth and justice in the language most effective to the
achievement of our goal. Whether we like it or not, the people who can make
a difference to our future are those speaking European languages. The blacks
in the New SA (Azania) are just puppets, colonial administrators for
neo-colonial powers hell-bent on manipulating SA into the type of bankrupt,
begging-bowl black Africa state you see on the rest of the continent.
Exactly the same way the terrorist leaders of the ANC/Communist terror
movement hung around international hotels in London and New York and
received their millions to carry on with their propaganda and terrorism, -
so the same ANC/Communist cadres, who are the Azanian government now, now
regularly jet overseas with their begging-bowls, 'demanding' aid, investment
and whatever they need to carry out the policies of their masters overseas:
ie to reduce independent, strong old SA to dependent, weak New SA or
Azania... An Azania where a white nation is not welcome, at least not with
the neo-colonial powers still pulling the strings behind the new kind of
genocide taken place now.


Hi Vellies, How are you?

I'm writting you to ask a few details on PAGAD in South africa.

We have a real diffamatoin campain going in France about whites in south africa.  They are allways depicted as violent, racist and so forth.  we recently had a depiction of white farmers leading "militia" (which is allways connoted as Facist, over here).  But there is a total black-out on PAGAD?  Not a single word.  I've been aware of the existence of Bombing and "muslim's militias but information is hard to get by, when one doesn't know where to look.  Can You confirm these people are Blacks or arabs?  I saw the SABC report I downloaded a few days ago, but the spokesman said there was a court order not to publish picture of the arrested people.  As well, it was impossible to tell from viewing the footage, as compression made the picture blurry.  Any Leads?  I'm keeping that one about PAGAD in store about next time people tell me about White militia in South Africa.

Second: one rare report has filtered out on Yahoo France about Ugly white racist SA cops training their dogs on Poor Black convicts...  What's your take. I read that 59% of police forces in SA are actually Blacks.  Are there no reports on police brutality by Black Cops?  What's the attitude of Black Cops on Whites In SA?  There was a report (can't remember where I read it)  That there recently was an uncovered Scam About a SA black students who claimed to have been victim of White racism and it turned out to be a Hoax?  Your take?

I made a few post on french politiques news group about attacks on white farmers in Zimbabwe, which were unreported in France ecxept in One paper: my letter to the editor

If you comme across any new item on the net about whites being victims of a racist attack, and there can be no doubts from reading it it was a racist attack, let me know: this gets translatted and posted on french newsgroups.

Thanks anyway for information on PAGAD, this goes totally contrary to what's reported in France.


Editors Response:

Dear Bruno,

Pagad is an Islamic terror organisation based in the Cape. Most, if not all,  of its members are 'Maleiers' and Coloureds of the Muslim faith. The 'Maleiers' are the light-skinned descendants of slaves from Dutch East India brought to the Cape by Dutch colonialists about three centuries ago. In the whole of SA, they are a small minority, but extremely vocal and influential totally out of proportion to their numbers. This is at least partly due to the disproportionate number of Muslims in the higher echelons of the ruling ANC/Communist Regime, as well as the Regime's long-standing friendship with fellow-terrorists who are Muslim (Ghaddafi being the best example).

   Since Pagad started its terror campaign in the Cape, there have been huge question marks over the black, communist state's reaction to it. On the one hand, Pagad was treated with velvet gloves by the police and their ANC/Communist masters, - especially in the beginning. On the other hand, this impression that they could get away with everything led to such an escalation and dead give-away of links from Pagad right up into the highest ranks of the ruling establishment, that the Regime is now forced to try and clamp down, - at least verbally and to the gallery. Once you look beyond the blusterings and empty threats of the arrogant ANC Minister of Safety and Security (Steve Tshwete, a former terrorist himself), though, Pagad is still getting away with murder, literally, even if some of their comrades are in jail (from where many of them  are continuing to operate, according to reports in the leftist press!).

   What we must never forget, when trying to understand what is happening in the New SA (Azania), is that it is virtually a colony, ruled by neo-colonial masters outside. The ANC/Communists were put into power not to free the blacks (they are far worse off today than in the old, independent SA), but because they were the most incompetent and assuredly subservient government available. There is no way that this bunch of incompetent, greedy gangsters will ever be independent or be able to thwart the designs of the powers-that-be in the world of today. Now among these powers-that-be the Islamic 'lobby', if one can call it that, does have a fair amount of clout among third-world black states, which we have joined in 1994. That is why the ruling ANC/Communist Regime will not really clamp down on Pagad. It will only do the minimum it has to do to cover up the fact that both, Pagad and the Regime, are birds of a feather, sticking together.


Apropos the attack by six white policemen and their dogs on black illegal immigrants. That it happened, there can be no doubt. The important factor here is not the issue of the incident itself, but the fact that such an incident, which happened years ago, is used by the ruling Regime's spin-doctors and the subservient media to cover up the DAILY brutal and callous killings, assaults and rapes of whites by blacks! The 'lying by omission' and the distortion of the truth is so blatant, that even the normally ignorant white public does notice it, as is evidenced in letters to the editor. 


As is the case in the rest of Black Africa, many black policemen, especially the former terrorists integrated into the force, are out-and-out racist. To the extent that whites, on seeing a black policeman in the charge office or investigating, often just turn around and drop whatever they were going to report. Or don't even bother from the beginning. The number of whites in the force is decreasing, and the number of blacks is rising, as the policy of black preferment and discrimination against whites goes on.


As we reported, accusations of white racism, as reported by blacks, have turned out to be false. There are probably many more we do not know about.


For attacks of blacks on whites, just watch independent news like SCA News, it is happening all the time. Not only against white farmers, but against whites in general. There are blacks, too, who get killed etc, but the golden thread is the fact that 99% of the killers, robbers and rapists are black. To cover this fact up, like the establishment wants to do, will not solve the problem, on the contrary. Until the blacks are confronted with what their brethren are doing, it will only get worse. This is not racism, it's realism. And honest reporting.



>        I'm working on an article about South Africa, for an American
>Magazine called "Resistance."
>        What I would like to know is the amount of Whites killed since the
>handover of power in 1994, and the percentages of them that were farmers or
>lived in the farming areas.  And, what is the percentage of Whites who are
>farmers in:
>1. the whole white population
>2. the entire country of S. Africa?
>3. what was the average amount of whites killed per year prior to the hand
>        Also, what is the current population of South Africa, and the
>racial breakdown, and how many whites have fled the country since 1994?
>And has there been any "Asian or Mixed-race flight" out of, or within South
>        One last question.  Has the "white flight" that has occured in
>Rhodesia lately, also taken hold in Namibia (South-West Africa)?  And what
>is the population and racial breakdown there, to include the Capoids as a
>seperate Race from the Negroe's and Mixed-breeds?
>Any information you can provide would be greatly appreciated, as getting
>any current information on South Africa in America is difficult.
>Thanks you,
>Shaun Walker

Editors response::

Dear Shaun,

Quite a mouthful this. We'll try to answer as best and as honestly as we
can, with the scant data at our disposal, with no guarantee of 100%

1. To ascertain the exact number of whites killed (overwhelmingly by blacks)
is made virtually impossible by the ruling ANC/Communist Regime's
prohibition on a racial break-down. We scratch around and find news about
many of the daily atrocities taking place, but are hampered by the new
provincial division (nine instead of 4) and mass media complicity to cover
up. Judging from what we can gather under these difficult conditions, one
white killed per day countrywide is a fairly realistic MINIMUM. The true
figure is probably much higher. This would make it more than 2000 in total
minimum. Of these, the (white) farmers constitute nearly a thousand,
slightly less than half.

2. Only a small percentage of whites are farmers . If there are about 50 000
left countrywide, as some claim, and the number of whites if about 5
million, this would make farmers about 1 percent of whites, and 0,1 to 0,2
of all colours together. [The totals are estimated using old, more reliable
census reports, adding approximate growth].

3. To give you the total populations according to the latest census a la the
Azanian (New SA) bureau of statistics is a real lulu, to say the least. The
census was such a farce, with so many irregularities and contradictions,
that even the leftist media admitted to a lack of credibility. Add to this
the fact that manyl loyal Boers boycotted the census, on the grounds that it
was an Azanian (black, communist state-) affair, and you might realise our
problem. The best one can do is go back to the old SA and its more reliable
and honest figures, and work from there, taking into account the massive
black illegal immigration (encouraged by the ruling Regime to be able to use
the foreigners as voting cattle). 40-50 million as the total population (all
colours) is not the worst 'guestimate'.

4. Many whites have left to go overseas to white-majority countries.
Ironically, many of them  are leftists, who clapped hands for Mandela and
the 'New SA' paradise (jobs, peace, prosperity...). Now that the mess they
helped bring about is on us, they run away...
An exact figure of how many emigrated is made difficult by the fact that
many emigrants do not declare on departure that they intend staying
overseas. But, judging by how many one knows to have gone in one's family
and among friends,  a fair 'guestimate' can be made of about a tenth of the
white population so far, ie 500 000. There are coloureds (mixed race as you
call it) and Indians among those fed-up and off to 'whiter' pastures, - but
they are less than  white emigrants. Not because they do not want to go, but
because the hypocritical host countries do not want them... And they are the
ones who screamed and shouted loudest, while the old SA was still
implementing 'influx control'.

5. The 'white flight' out of Zimbabwe/Rhodesia is not paralleled in Namibia
and the New SA, not yet anyway. But watch the news... For why a racial
breakdown in neighbouring countries is so difficult, ditto what we said
about the New SA (Azania). What is certain, though, is that the white
percentage there is much smaller than in SA.

Thank you for your interest.



Please send any information you have on the ANC, Mandela etc. in South Africa                                   Geoff Muirden

SCA reply

The ANC is part of an alliance with the SA Communist Party and the black super-union, Cosatu, of which the communists are the numerical minority, but the most influential and dominant partner. Most key positions in the ANC are occupied by SACP and ex-SACP members. Before 1990, the ANC/Communist alliance was a terrorist organisation, which waged a relatively unsuccessful, but nasty and cowardly 'war', mostly against civilians and against what was supposed to be 'their' people, the blacks, through the barbaric 'necklacing' (torching a helpless victim with a burning tyre around his neck to death), bombs and assassinations. From 1990 to 1994, the last white President of SA, FW de Klerk, with the active support of the major Western powers, railroaded the traditional power structure of the country into accepting a staged 'democratic election' in 1994, which was manipulated to bring the ANC/Communist alliance to power. By lying and cheating he kept many whites in the dark about his real intentions. Since 1994, the ANC/Communist Regime is dutifully busy destroying everything good and strong in the country in the name of 'affirmative action' and 'black empowerment' , while step by step suppressing the freedom of the people and nations under its heel.


Mandela " Nelson R. Mandela : Xhosa from the Transkei, got involved as a young lawyer with a bunch of white would-be-terrorists with large caches of explosives and weapons in Johannesburg, who were found out and tried in a court of law (the old SA courts, which were still independent). Left to face the music by the white instigators, who had mostly run away overseas, Mandela got life sentence or thereabouts for his involvement in terrorism, being part of the planning of attacks on installations and non-military targets and the beginning of the terror war mentioned above. He sat in prison for 27 years, treated as a political prisoner, regularly visited by all sorts of monitors and others, in clean, efficient prisons of the old SA (not like the New SA's hell-holes nowadays). In the early nineties, de Klerk let him out to become the 'nice' figurehead of the 'New SA' in 1994, which could be presented to the world as the 'Great Reconciliator', some sort of 'Holy Nelson' (quite well done, really).


Mandela was replaced in 1999 by Thabo Mbeki,  a far better example of what the ANC/Communist alliance is really like. Former terrorist, arrogant, typical black despot concerned with only one thing : Power. Clone of Mugabe to the north, who is, in fact, his dear old friend. Presiding over the step-by-step genocide of the whites and the Boer nation through murder, rape, robbery, taxation, expropriation and a general driving out of the country of their birth by all sorts of pressures.


This is just in a nutshell. Quite tragic, really, what is happening in SA, - and the world is conveniently ignoring it, well knowing its governments in London  and Washington  played a major part behind the scenes. But, in the end, the whites (and black nations like the Zulus), have only themselves to blame for the gutless way they allowed the treacherous hand-over to happen, - and the even more disgusting way many of them are now helping to keep the Regime in power by fawning and toadying up to the new rulers.




In today's Southern Cross news, there is this item:

> L. NWO DIARY : Black vote to the rescue of Al Gore?
> According to Republican pollster Ed Goeas, there are no more
> black votes to mobilise. If true, this would mean that whites
> overwhelmingly support George Bush, and that the Democratic Party
> is seen as the party for blacks.

I live in the U.S.  In general, many black people vote Democrat.
There are also many white people who do.  Support for the two
parties, in my opinion, is based a lot more on income bracket than
race.  Wealthier people are more likely to support the Republican
candidates, and more moderate or low income people are more likely
to support the Democrat candidates.

Latino voters make up a large percent of total voters in many
parts of the U.S.  Traditionally, Latino voters also voted
Democrat, but as they move into the higher income brackets they
become more likely to vote Republican.  And Cuban American voters
in Florida are strongly Republican.

Finally, there are many Americans who vote based more on the
person than on the party.  I'm one of those.  And sad to say,
many more Americans don't vote at all.

Thanks for listening to me.

Susan Mullen

This our web-page is now considered to be 'offensive' by certain unknown complainants suspected to be linked to the ruling ANC/Communist Regime, who are trying to force our present service provider to take us off. Do you agree? Tell him what YOU think (in a civilized and decent manner e-address:  abuse@mweb.com ). Instead of just packing up and moving elsewhere, let us get this into the open and see how much free speech there still is in this country …Some of the comments we have received so far follow below:


Dear MWEB President and staff...
I appreciate and depend on the efforts of
http://home.mweb.co.za/sa/savimbi to bring me the truth regarding South
African news. From my own experience, I know they are telling the Who,
What, When, Where, Why and How of South Africa news.
I have been in the media and advertising business for almost 30
years, and have travelled extensively across the globe. I know when a
reporter is giving the facts -- and I know when the story is "spin" or
outright propaganda and nonsense. I believe you know as well.
It has come to my attention that those who hate the truth are
insisting to you that some content on the site (which is the verifiable
truth) is hate. That is transparently fraudulent, and I believe you know
it as well.
I hope you will stand by your customer, by fully and effectively
resisting the patent attempt by their detractors to silence the site by
bearing false witness against them. The free world needs your help in
protecting freedom of speech and freedom of the press... in this venue,
the `Net.
I am in close contact with a number of United States Representatives
in Congress, and we are highly concerned about what is really happening
in South Africa... thus, we need, depend on, and appreciate the efforts
of several independent news organizations like your trustworthy client at
http://home.mweb.co.za/sa/savimbi .
Best regards,
Conrad von Kriegsherr
Washington, U.S.A.

Bcc's to particular members of United States Congress

If the webpage http://home.mweb.co.za/sa/savimbi is offensive it is only to those people not wanting to hear the truth or not wanting other people to hear it. This is the only objective paper available. If it is removed or forced to move only because certain people dont like the idea of free speech, then I will also cancell my own subscription with MWEB (coetserk@mweb.co.za) and move to another ISP.

Likewise will all my friends, and maybe their friends, and maybe their friends ..... Please advise all the people who THINK it is offensive to excercise their right of not having to visit the page if they dont want to.

He who knows nothing, knows nothing. But he who knows he knows nothing knows something.
And he who knows someone whose friend's wife's brother knows nothing, he knows something.
Or something like that.
Kobus Coetser
Industrial Engineer Technician
Columbus Stainless
Projects Department
South Africa
Tel : +27 13 247-2114
Fax : +27 13 247-2126


----- Original Message ----- From: Joseph and Mary Ravitts

To: abuse@mweb.com Sent: Friday, June 09, 2000 6:42 AM


Subject: Concerning "Freedom SA"

To Whom It May Concern:

I am a middle-class, heterosexual, capitalistic American. I have just been informed that someone is raising objections to the e-mail newsletters of a South African dissent group. Since the dissenters are guilty of the "crime" of being white, I assume that their detractors accuse them of racism. Simplistic accusations, however, are not always true accusations. I have seen this group's reports; and while they sharply denounce crimes committed by black persons, they also sharply denounce crimes committed by white persons. While they express sympathy for white victims, they also express sympathy for black victims. Morally upright actions by black persons are commended in their articles; if they emphasize the wrongdoing of some blacks, it is only because they are surrounded by mass- media liars who dishonestly pretend that NO black persons ever commit ANY crimes. I have never seen Freedom SA advocate the doing of any injury to anyone merely because of the person's race or nationality--whereas race and nationality are treated by _others_ in Africa as valid causes for unthinking hatred (Hutus vs. Tutsi, for example). Freedom SA is doing no harm, unless free speech is now considered to be harmful. Does South Africa want to emulate Communist China in the repression of dissent?


Joseph Ravitts

Denver, Colorado, USA


---------------------- Forwarded by Doug Bowker/GRN/AFG on 06/09/2000 11:04
AM ---------------------------

Doug Bowker
06/09/2000 10:56 AM

To: abuse@mweb.com
Subject: [FreedomSA] Free Speech

I am residing in Tennessee and enjoy reading the news articles from Freedom
SA. I also visit their website on a regular basis and have found it to be
very informative. It came to my attention that their free speech and right
to their views and opinions are being threatened. I strongly object to any
such move and would respectfully like to remind you that your constitution
should be protecting their rights. If not, then this is the area where you
should be focusing your attention on.

Dear Sirs,

I have pleasure in enclosing a copy of my reply to abuse at mweb.

Yours faithfully,

Chris Hill


Dear Sirs,

we are shocked that there may be a possibility to limit the diffusion of information by Southern Cross Africa News : The Alternative News for and from Southern Africa on Mweb.

Freedom of Speech, even if it totally disagrees with political opinion of the day, is a hard won freedom.

We hope that mweb will resist most strongly any attempts to curtail the activities or inherent freedoms by this organisation.

We hope also that if there are aggrieved parties to any inaccurate information given in Southern Cross Africa News, they will direct their complaints appropriately and not by back door censorship.

If complainants really wish not to see these sort of articles, I am certain there is scope for them Not to read them. To stop me and thousands of others reading Southern Cross Africa News is a denial of my freedom.

Yours faithfully,

Christopher D. Hill


What is happening in South  Africa?  by Peter Knight            FEBRUARY 2000

Dear SCA,

First off, I would like to compliment you on trying to expose the truth of
the circumstances in South Africa today.  I'm glad someone is, because the
media in this country is full of utter liars.  And I don't really hear about
much of this stuff other from other websites exposing the truths that are
going on in your country.

It is truely a travesty the state that S.A. is in today.  I know that blacks
might not like to hear it, but it was acually better for both races during
aparthied rule.  At least, laws were carried out then and there was some
semblance of a working society.

It really disgusts me at the lack of moral conscience many of the blacks
there have.  I wouldn't even classify them as human being due to animalistic
behavior they exibit towards other blacks and whites alike.

Regarless of how the politically correct media in America and Europe wants
to portray the situtaion really is a playground for the evil.  It is
undoubtedly the worst place to live in the world.  It is a horrible place to
live for blacks (and expecially whites) who are blamed for every problem in
the country one way or another.  Even though it is the corrupt ANC's fault
things are so bad.

I don't understand why the gov't does make the judicial system my harsher
then it is.  It seems to me that they are encourageing the brutality and
violence that are taking place today.  I know that if they really wanted to
stop it they could.  God bless, and continue the fight!

Most sincerely,
Peter Knight

Editors comment

Dear Peter,

Thank you for your encouraging letter. Re  your 'I don't understand why the
government...' : This 'government' is not OUR government, it might be many
(not necessarily most!) blacks' and white commie-types', but to us Boers,
Afrikaners, (old) South Africans, the white tribe, call us what you like,
it definitely is an alien, hostile Regime, which was sprung on us by a bunch
of conniving and lying  white traitors and lackeys. Our salvation cannot lie
anywhere within their system and under THEIR government, - nowhere else in
Africa (or, for that matter, Europe), has such a Regime brought anything but
death, misery, suffering and general decline. We must get out of it,
literally, to be able to survive as a Christian, Western and civilized
nation in Africa. The how, where and when is something else, of course, but
hope springs eternal, doesn't it...



SHAME ON THE ANC  by Gilbert Gendron            January 2000

>Dear Sirs:
>I watched the New Year's event in spotty fashion on television and happened
>to see a report from South Africa.
>Whereas the Finns, the Estonians and others were having good fun, Nelson
>Mandela and Thabo Mbeki had to perform their ridiculous political ceremony
>on Robben Island.
>As I told those who where around me, Afrikaner justice back in the '60s had
>been too good to Mandela. Pretoria would regret its leniency in the '80s,
>when international communism finally succeeded in its campaign to transform
>Mandela into an icon of humanitarianism.
>Shame on the ANC regime for imposing its cheap political propaganda upon
>the world, while South Africa is sliding into chaos!
>Montreal, Canada

Date: Tuesday, January 04, 2000 1:13 PM
Subject: New SA's propaganda for the New Year


At this stage it does indeed seem as if the relatively objective and respected Roman-Dutch Law implemented by the Afrikaner/Boer during his rule was a mistake by letting Mandela live. But we must remember Mandela was and is just a puppet, who was chosen to be ‘built’ by the white, Western media into the ‘Holy Nelson’ they have been keeping in the limelight since then. If he had not been there, they would have found another of his ilk, they are two to a dozen. In the position we are in, however, as a small nation, it is better, long-term, to keep our side clean, because that is in the long run our real strength. When our freedom fight starts, we have to draw on the motivation that comes from a just cause, to make up for the lack of resources.

Otherwise we couldn’t agree more with your comments, the whole Azanian circus is indeed ridiculous and would be totally ludicrous, if it was not for the tragedy of it all, such a great country being run down by such a bunch of clowns.



ALL IS LOST    by J.S             NOVEMBER 1999

>With interest do I read your news. As I see it, all is lost in SA.
>When the Boer people are treaded badly, why do they not stand up to the back
>bastards? Why all this whining and crying? Why not put an end to all the
>black nonsense?
>There are many man and woman in the western hemosphere that would support a
>Boer upraising!
>Yours truly
>J. S

Dear Mr J.S,

Thank you for your interest. Unfortunately, the solution to our problem is not so simple.And the situation at present is not so simple, either. What we are trying to do, with our limited resources, is to present the New SA or Azania (as the blacks in the PAC quite rightly call it) as it really is, with all its terror, manipulation, Newspeak, and all the different aspects of its Orwellian ambit. The Boers have not been beaten by an enemy from without,  -  they have been paralyzed from within, and they are still paralized, by a huge brainwashing process, of which the feeling of 'we are the baddies and weak, our enemies are the goodies and strong' is the most deadly component. If we want to get out of this virtual colony ruled by a surrogate black, communist regime, we have to FIRST put everything into perspective, without falling into the trap of going overboard to the other extreme (we are the greatest...). Our people, and our friends overseas (who came here 100 years ago to help and will, we agree, come again when we stand up) have to take up the moral high ground first : We have to impress on everybody, but especially our own people, that Azania is an alien, sovietized monster gobbling up and destroying all the different nations of SA, -

that the Boervolk, however, is not dead, that it exists today like it existed a hundred years ago, that it is a numerically small, but physically and spiritually great  nation,  that it is  entitled to its own government to rule itself, own security forces to protect it from the daily murder and rape, and own state to live and be itself in, - all under the acknowledged authority of our God.  

And we have to reveal the fact that apartheid, far from being a crime, is being implemented, with success, worldwide, ironically especially now that we ourselves have abondoned it.

   Once that truth has penetrated into enough people's skulls, the Boers can stand up and shake off the shackles of Azania, - not before. In the meantime, every loyal Boer and every friend can only do what he or she finds him- or herself able to do. We do not consider ourselves lost. We might not be able at this stage to do everything we want to, because we do have our problems, obstacles and setbacks to overcome.

The treason and gutlessness within our own structures' leadership was, and still is, so great, that most Boers still suffer from shell-shock.  But where there is life, there is hope, and we will carry on doing what we can to claw our way back to freedom.

Kind regards,


We the forgotten one's.... by J. Smith      October 1999

Thank you for your Web Site.

But take a little time to remember us… we the forgotten one’s…

When you talk of Rhodesia I think of all my lost Rhodesian friends – why?
Because I was there. – In the 60’s with my old 303 rifle that my Dad gave to
When you talk of “The Border” I think of all my lost South African friends –
Because I was there. – In the 70’s with my brand new R1 rifle that the SA
Army gave to me.
I still jerk awake at night remembering this and remembering that even
though it was so long ago.
And the bullet wound in my leg still hurts like hell even to this day…
We the forgotten one’s have no War Memorials, no Country is proud of us and
medals are very rare…
And even today we are still treated like pariahs by the English, the black
and the Boer…
Who are we?
We are the White English speaking South Africans and Rhodesian’s born and
bred in Southern Africa.
Fighting alongside the Boers to keep Southern Africa safe until that day it
was just given away,
by the “JOINERS” in Government as they did once before… in the Boer War.
History always repeats itself or so they say…

Go outside your house bend down and pick up a handful of soil.
Look at it. Squeeze it in you fist. Hold it up high.
Is it soil from your VERY OWN LAND?
If it is not then walk with your head down and do not call yourself a man.

But also take a little time to remember this – before it is forgotten too!

I can remember not so long ago going to the beach and all over the pure
clean golden sand beautiful white girls were sun tanning and children
running around laughing and playing in perfect safety. No one would rape or
molest them. Nobody even thought or knew about things like that. No drug
needles would stab them. Aids did not exist. Most of the men were at work as
it was a weekday but this was not a problem as the women and children were
very safe. - At any time of the week, day or night even when camping in
Throughout the whole of the 50’s, 60’s and 70’s I cannot remember ONE murder
or rape among the white people at any of those beautiful South African
beaches – the biggest danger was getting too much sun! or beer!) …Some men
were there, having a braai deep in the bushes and the smell of the meat and
beer was so good!. And the lekker music… All over the place under the clear
blue sky people laughed and laughed and laughed…

Meanwhile in a dark grey Government building “JOINERS” were plotting to GIVE
it all away… forever…Not only from us but from our children too. So all my
friends fought and died for nothing.
Do they wake up sweating every time a white child is raped? I think
not…until the day it becomes their children’s turn…

I had a dream….
It is self evident that NOT all men are born equal…

The Truth, the whole truth and nothing but the truth:

An ant and a grasshopper live in the same field. During the summer, the ant
works all day and night bringing in supplies for the winter and he prepares
his home to keep him warm during the cold months ahead.

Meanwhile the grasshopper hops and sings, eats all the grass he wants and
procreates. Come winter, the grass dies and it is bitterly cold. The ant is
well fed and warm in his house, but the grasshopper has not prepared for the
winter, so he dies, leaving a whole hoard of little grasshoppers without
food or shelter.

The South African Version:

The first part is the same, but because it happens in South Africa there are
a few complications. The starving shivering offspring of the grasshopper
demand to know why the ant should be allowed to be warm and well fed, while
next door they are living in terrible conditions without food or proper

A TV crew shows up and broadcasts footage of the poor grasshoppers,
contrasting this with footage of the ant, snug in his comfortable home with
a pantry full of food. The public is stunned. How can it be, in this
beautiful field, that the poor grasshopper are allowed to suffer so, while
the ant lives in the lap of luxury. In the blink of an eye AGU (African
Grasshoppers Union) is formed. They charge the ant with "species bias" and
claim that grasshoppers are the victims of million years of green
oppression. They stage a protest in front of the ant's house and trash the

The TV crew interviews them, and they all state that if their demands are
not met they will be forced into a life of crime. Just for practice, they
loot the TV crew's luggage and hijack their van. The TRC (Take and
Redistribute Commission) justifies their behaviour by saying that this is
the legacy of the ant's discrimination towards the oppression of the
grasshoppers. They demand that the ant apologizes to the grasshoppers for
what he has done, and that he makes amends for all the other ants in history
who have done the same thing to the grasshoppers, PAGAD (People Against
Grasshopper Abuse and Distress) state that they are starting a holy war
against ants. The president appears on the eight o'clock news and says that
he will do everything he can for the grasshoppers who have been denied the
prosperity they deserve by those who have benefited unfairly during the

The government drafts the EEGAD (Economic Equity for Greens and
Disadvantaged) act retroactive to the beginning of the summer. The ant is
fined for failing to employ a proportionate number of green insects and
having nothing left to pay his back-taxes, his home is confiscated by the
government for redistribution. The story ends as we see the grasshopper
finishing off the last of the ant's food while the government house he's in
(which just happens to be the ant's old house) crumbles around him because
he does not know how to maintain it. Showing on the TV (which he and a
couple of friends stole from another ant) the president is standing before a
group of wildly singing and dancing grasshoppers announcing that a new era
of "equality" has dawned on the field. The ant, meanwhile, is not allowed to
work because he has historically benefited from the field. In his place, ten
grasshoppers only work two hours a day and steal half of what they actually

When winter comes again and not enough food has been harvested, they strike
and demand a 150 percent increase in their wages so that they can buy more
food, which now has to be imported because the grasshoppers are not
productive enough to produce enough food locally. The ant packs his things
and immigrates to another field, where he starts a highly successful food
company and becomes a millionaire by selling food to the field from where he

Mr. Mbeki was having tea with the Queen and he said to her "Elizabeth you
run this country SO well - how do you do it?"

She replied "I have some very intelligent Ministers who advise me - I will
show you what I mean". She reached for the telephone and called Tony Blair.
She asked him "Tony, if your Mother and Father had a child and that child
was not your brother or your sister, who would it be?"

He answered, "Oh that is very easy - it would be me!" "You see?" asked the
Queen and Mr. Mbeki was VERY impressed and said that he would put this
question to his ministers when he returned to SA as he needed to find out
which ones were really intelligent so that he could get rid of those who
were not!

When he returned to Pretoria he telephoned Tshwete and asked him, "I need
you to answer me this question quickly - Steve, if

your mother and father had a child and it was not your brother or your
sister, who would it be?". Steve thought and thought and could not find the
answer so he asked Mr. Mbeki if he could give him at least 24 hours to come
up with the answer and this was agreed. They put the phone down. Steve
Tshwete thought and thought who could help him with this question and in the
end he decided to telephone Evita Bezuidenhout.

He said "Evita, please help me to answer this question - if your mother and
father had a child and it was not your brother or your sister who would it
be?" Evita said, "Oh that's easy it would be me!" "Thank you SO much", said
Steve and put down the phone and immediately called Mr. Mbeki. "I have the
answer to your question" he said. "All right", said Mr. Mbeki. "Who would it
be?" Steve said, "It would be Evita Bezuidenhout !"

"NO!", said Mr. Mbeki, "It would be Tony Blair!!!"

Editors response:

Dear J......

Thank you for your  letter. Please be assured that we here at SCA have NOT forgotten Rhodesia and the English-speaking patriots, on the contrary. The biggest traitors in the 1994-sell-out were so-called 'Afrikaners'... We, as Boers, definitely  do not treat you as pariahs. We
do, indeed, regard you as fellow-Boers, although many Afrikaans- and English-speakers still look down on the term 'Boer', not realizing that as Boers we can claim our rightful place again in this benighted country.
   Which brings me to the point : We have not given up. We are more determined than ever to stand up for what is our God-given right : An own homeland, with our own government, army, police, schools, hospitals, etc, - somewhere in SA, wherever the circumstances and our own effort will lead us. At the right time, at the right place and by the right way we will have to
stand up, if we want to regain some decent future for our children. Contrary to what the Azanian propaganda wants us to believe, it is not impossible for us to get out of this mess. At this stage we are trying to make our people aware of what is happening, and of the fact that there are those, who have NOT betrayed our ideals and cause and who are prepared to stand up for what
was, and still is, good and right.
   Thank you for the humour at the end. If you have more, humerous or serious,  also of the old days in Rhodesia and on the border, we could use it.

Kind regards,

The Editor, SCA News.



To whom it may concern!

In the last news up-date you did send me last night, you had a slanderous
article about chinese aliens in British Columbia.

I am a British Columbian, and wish to make a few comments to this subject so
your editor gets the whole picture.

- BC has a very large chinese population, (too big for many taxpaying
British Columbians);

- organized crime in BC is controlled mostly by the chinese;
- many of the chinese captured by the coast guard stated that they want high
paying jobs here in BC, and are willing to work illegal;

-it does cost the BC taxpayer Can$ 5 000 000 per month to keep and house
this illegal aliens, - according to our own Minister of Immegration which is
a Paki;

- long-time BC citizen are feed up with all th eillegals that come into our
province lately (including Hoduras drug dealers, chinese mafia, blck rapists
and thiefs, asian home invader - a very rampend crime where mostly asian
criminal invade a home, tie up the people inside, rob the place of every
thing valuable- and this during daytime [ almost like SA now]);

- and yes, I rather take home another dog before I concent to another
chinese in my

It is just too easy to critic Canada, espec. if you do not have the full
I also wish to apologize for the unjust treadment the old SA got by Canada.
After all, Canada is a country controlled by the jews from London, New York,
Washington and Tel Aviv. Our politicians are nothing but Nematods ( a
spineless animal) and puppeds, and the public at large is very ignorant and
brain dead.

I was an indirec victim of the blockade of your country for many years, and
forced to change my life as a result of this blockade.

As an individual, I am a strong supporter of your movement, and will not sit
back should you  -once again- raise up to take what is rightfully yours.

Yours truly


Editors response:

Dear AT.S.

First, our apologies for not differentiating enough between 'the Canadians',
and 'the Canadian Government', - the latter being the culprit re
vilification of our old SA, the former consisting of the normal mix of good,
bad and ugly, - we prefer to think the good are on our side.

Secondly, now that we are suffering the consequences of the forced and
unnatural sovietization of all the different nations and people of SA under
one neo-communist Regime, we are maybe a bit bitter about those
sanctimonious bastards who sat safe and smug in a white-majority country but
had a lot to say about our apartheid policy. It's ironical, isn't it, that
now that our own treacherous leaders changed policy and sold us out to this
mess we are in now, apartheid at its best is implemented world-wide as THE
solution to multi-national problems. Those same sanctimonious bastards
wouldn't CALL it apartheid, though, wouldn't they?

Lastly, thank you for your interest in our people and country. Maybe, DV,
the coming centenary of the Boer War will get our people moving into the
right direction, to make a stand for what is rightfully theirs.



South Africa... going the Africa way??

FROM;Paul Barriere

As A South African I have been accused of Racisim Cruelty Bigetry you
name it I've heard it. I've had my passport thrown at me by customs
officers, I've been the only traveler to be strip searched and I've
been spat at and pelted at all in the name of anti-aparthide, by people
who firmly beleived in the right for all people to have a say in the
running of there own destiny , which is strange because this is
something that I have always beleived In.
I spent much of my youth in the eastern transvaal, a sort of Afrikaaner
homeland where as a youngster I saw things that bothered me like why
our housekeeper was phyisically abused (much to the amusement of the
local feds) because her pass had run out or why our young gardener was
beaten about the head by the SAP because he just happend to be in the
And when I Finished University I left SA (still bothered by images of
my youth) to nurcher my Ideals and Join the ANC , I didn't join nor did
I become a communist (I think I grew up !), but I always felt it would
be nice if we could get rid of the old system and give each South
African a vote and a say in their destiny.
I have since  worked in Zambia, Nigeria, in The Middle East and Lybia
where as a white european you are considered a second class induvidual
and are viewed with suspision by the authorities I have also had to
undergo the humiliation of whatever prank the local police chose to
play on you that day and have also seen the inside of a forein jail and
felt the fist of a drunken jailer .
So I having  seen both sides of the fence so to speak I felt i could
understand a little of what the Black people of South Africa were
My work has led me to countries far and wide and I have seen what
Dictatorships and corrupt goverments can do to people (Look at Lybia
the ordinary people of Lybia are a nice people but are forced to live
in Isolation and poverty because they live in fear from Kadaffis secret
The thing I found most frightning was that those law abiding citizens
(those ordinary family orientated people that make up the majority)
were the one's that suffered most under these so called people's
republics .
and my greatist fear is that South Africa (a country so diverse and
with so much to offer its people) would be allowed sink to the same
depths of these corrupt dictatorships, that are governed by a few
skillfull manipulators headed by some headstrong Tyrant.
I would hope though that (as in New York where the local street crime
has almost halved) the local residents (weather they are in Tembesa or
Pinelands) stand up and fight against the disorder that is growing ever
stronger each day and eventually we will destroy the powerbase that
feeds the greed of evil.
I haven't spent all my life preaching tolerance to see Our country
reduced to the type of corrupt garbge dump Nigeria has become and as a
final comment I would say lets not leave it too late, because there is
no going back.
It would be a very sad day indeed if we ever let that happen to SA.
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Y --------------
To: velskoen@mweb.co.za <velskoen@mweb.co.za>
Date: Thursday, July 22, 1999 4:35 AM
Subject: To What End

>I've been getting your newsletter for months. I'm an undeceived American
>knows Africa-Angola and SA. I'm hardly surprised by the carnage that you
>report daily. But with the ratio turning even more to the disadvantage of
>whites why is the emigration rate only 10,000-20,000 per year?
>What do whites expect to salvage? And if its 500 years of Boer history the
>same could be said of their Dutch ancestors who left Europe after thousands
>of years of living in salt marshes.

Hello to you,

   At this stage in our history our people are being slaughtered, raped,
abused, robbed, assaulted, smeared and humiliated by an alien Regime, - yes.
But this has happened before. Before the Great Trek at the beginning of the
last century on the Eastern Cape border, where the Xhosa's killed and burned
to their heart's desire. At Blaauwkrans and Weenen (=place of tears), where
little children and babies were smashed against wagon wheels by the Zulus,
and in the British concentration camps, where the biggest slaughter of all
occurred (27 000 women and children, over 20 000 children).
    Our people can, Deo Volente, defend themselves and get out of this
Azanian mess, -     IF AND WHEN they wake up and make a stand. By telling
the truth and reporting what is happening (like on SCA News), we might help
this come about. Only time will tell what will happen.
   What you should know is that there are Boers, Afrikaners, old South
Africans, call them what you like, - who were born here, who know no other
home and don't want to know any other. One of your compatriots called us the
'white African tribe'. I do not know how many there are of us who feel like
this, how many true Boers there are left. Remember our right to register and
vote for own leaders and an own state was taken away. But for us
'bittereinders' the following applies : We might be down on our knees now,
we might even loose in the end if it is His will, - but we will not run
away. This is our country. At this stage, we can only do, what we can, with
what we got. And hope and pray.

Thank you for your interest,




        Three days ago, the Austrian Newspaper "KURIER" brought an interview
with your former presisdent De Klerk (I believe that is the correct spelling?).

He stated that your new "president" - is the man to end poverty and
unemployment in SA> He also will bring stability!

To the exodus of the white educated people from SA, he had to say the following:
.....it must be stopped!

I do not know where this traitor lives now. However, I do suspect thathe he
did live SA and gets support from socialists up-road.

Here in north america, no news from your country in the media.
I am greatfull that you inform me every week on what is going on in SA.

Your information prevented me from investing in SA, and possible saving me
several 100 000 $.

Yours truly




My name is Nico Van de Meerssche and I live in Flanders (Belgium).  I just
wanted to "say" that I fully support the Afrikaners and Boers.  Why?, you may
ask yourself :

Because of the affinity between our languages.  Afrikaans and Flemish (Vlaams)
are very similar.  Both languages derive from Dutch.  I find it very regrettable
that the Blacks consider Afrikaans as an inferior language because it isn't.
Here in Belgium, we have the same problem.  Although Belgium is a bilingual
country, excuse me trilingual (Flemish, French and German), the French refuse to
spreak Flemish.  They say it is an unattractive language.  Brussels, the capital
of Belgium, used to be a Flemish city.  In fact, it still is but most
inhabitants speak French now.

Because of the fight for autonomy.  Just like the Afrikaners and Boers, the
Flemish people (but not all of them) also want autonomy and self-determintation.
Vlaanderen onafhankelijk (= an independent Flemish state)!!!

I also want to respond to your small article about the Belgian election (see
Freedom SA ns990607 Southern Cross Africa News).  It is true that the Dioxide
scandal has overshadowed the election campaign of  the ruling parties (CVP+SP)*.
But I think that the Flemish nationalist party, het Vlaams Blok (Flemisch
Front), would have gained (many votes) even without this scandal.  The Vlaams
Blok is an extreme Flemish nationalist party, the Volksunie on the other hand is
a more moderate nationalist Flemish party.   Both parties want an independent
Flemish state.

* CVP = Christelijke VolksPartij
* SP = Socialistische Partij

I have already visited your homepage and I must say that it is really worth
while!  Keep up the good work and keep me informed.




    Perhaps it is now time, now that we have the freedom of the Internet to look at the real truth of the "so-called" fair election of 1994 which led to the corrupt and disintegrating "rainbow nation"  Particularly as our next so-called free and fair election is due in 4 weeks.


One would assume that as in most democratic countries, the only people who would be allowed to vote would be South African citizens, however in our never never land this was not the case in 1994, non-citizen permanent residents were allowed to vote, but that was still not enough for power-hungry ANC/SA Communist Party, if you had  Rand 50 and you were from any of the surrounding basket-case countries you could get the relevant papers and providing you voted for the ANC you were "in"! 


We would normally expect in a democratic country vote in constituencies and the elected members would then be responsible to their constituents, not in our corrupted azania (formerly known as South Africa) no constituencies and therefore no answerability.  This will be the case also in the upcoming elections.  Added to this, in the last and also the upcoming election the communist party does not stand as a political party, it is once again riding on the back of the ANC and therefore all votes for the ANC will by default be votes for the South African communist party, yet another scam perpetrated on the population, particularly as in the last election it was forecast that if the SACP had stood as a party they wouldl only have gained 1% of the vote.


Now taking this in context let us look at the make up of our present government and presumambly in the next government their power will increase as is usual in communisit countries!


Members of the Central Committee of the SA Communist Party.


Mufumadi - Minister of Safety & Security

Radebe - Minister of Public Works

Mollekekti - Welfare & Pensions

Irwin - Trade & Industry

Valli Moosa - Provincial Affairs & Constitutional Development

Ronnie Kassrils - Deputy Minister of Defense


Remember too that in the 1980's the key members were allowed to let ltheir membership of the SACP lapse and in an typical communist ploy, go underground.  Why did  prominent members resign? Was it because they disagreed with communist party policy or was it for ulterior motives?  Amongst that group it is alleged were the following


Dullah Omar - Minister of Justice (the name is a travesty ofo the truth)

Azziz Pahad Deputy Min of Foreign Affairs(whose brother is a still active communist)

Jill Marcus Dep Min of Finance (shortly asst head of Reserve Bank to prop up the ineffectual upcoming head of Reserve Bank who although supposed to be apolitical was an ardent member of the ANC and even worse has no possible claim to this post due to his complete lack of experience - they are trying to train him up to this vital post in 1 year!) Marcus's family have always been active in communist politics)

Derek Hannekom - Min of Agriiculture (whose wife Patricia is still actively communist)

Mac Maharaj - Min of Transport (a former Politboro member)


Add to this 61 members of the present National Assembly out of 490 members who are sacp members and out of a total of 17 Cabinet ministers 5 are SACP plus a deputy miniister in the vital role of Defense.


Letl us not forget that RSA and Russia hold the major part of the world's vital minerals and if Russia and South Africa worked together to withold these vital minerals from the West there would be massive unemployment in the automobile industry which would devastate the western economies.  Remember that Russia is going shortly into new elections and the communists are gaining influence daily.  Remember too that Clinton and his cabal of ministers are all part of the new world order and worldwide, presiidents, prime ministers and the world media are dominated by these same people and this includes present day Russia.


However to return to our ill-fated land, we are now ruled and are likely to be ruled in the near future by incompetents and a once proud nation is rapidly becoming a 3rd world cesspool that is quite frightening.  Let us be aware of the communist agenda in South Africa and let all citizens of other countries also take note.

concerned. SA



Dear webmaster,                                                                                                     

In response to your "images of terrorism"




This constitutes an increase of 80.8% attacks

94.6% murders

From September 1998 until January 1999

OCT. 1998 79 attacks

NOV 1998 64 attacks

DEC 1998 59 attacks

JAN 1999 50 attacks



As one looks at the stark and terrifying images of the attached pictures on the victims of these brutal and mindless killings, one wonders what sort of creatures can be responsible. One can of course wonder also if there is a sinister underlying motive for these actions.

We have seen in Zimbabwe the push to get the farmers off their land to make way for black empowerment, we have seen that this has had disasterous results culminating in the withdrawal of aid to Zimbabwe from the World Bank, and one wonders if perhaps what we are seeing in South Africa (azania) is a more brutal way of tackling the problem in order to obtain votes in the upcoming election, without involving the international donor organisations. Mr Mandela tells us that these killings are not politically motivated, but any half-intelligent person would have to dispute that conclusion by our "revered president"! who, as we have seen on too many occasions, has one law for the blacks and another for the whites of this country, and an aptitude to engineer the truth.

The world threw up its hands in horror when the few whites were murdered by the Mau Mau in Kenya, little was said in the outside world of those murdered in Rhodesia, and today in South Africa the figures are mounting at an alalrming rate with hardly a mention the world media. Rape alone is currently taking place at one each 36 seconnds - the highest in the world.

Farming is the life-blood of our country, without the farmers supplying all our population with food we will go further and further into debt and become an increasing burden on the world. Of course one has to realise that the New World Order would like this to happen. What the world is not being told is that there is a deliberate attempt also to put our farmers out of business. Meat is being imported from other countries at a higher price that that charged by our own farmers, the same thing applies to wheat, and other staple crops, helping to put our farmers into bankruptcy and get them off their land. This together with the murders will shortly have a devastating effect on our economy, but for our "so-called government" this is irrelevan

t. Winnie Mandela's call to arms of "One Boer one bullet" should now be "One Boer, one bullet, one bankruptcy"

Up to now our Boere people have been more than tolerant, but the time is fast approaching when tolerance will turn to violence and the country and all its peoples will be the sufferers - there will be no winners, and we will be left with a devastated land. Bully-boy Clinton and his cabal of New Worlders including the World Bank will not be concerned as they are already the winners and our debts will be insurmountable.

We appeal to all people around the world reading these horrific statistics and looking at the pictures of our dead, to start to become aware of what is happening here and tell others. I must stress we are not, as Mandela and his cohorts try to make out to the world, I repeat not a happy rainbow nation, far from it, the whites who have made this country great and helped in the upliftment of the blacks, are being destroyed, and South Africa (azania) is fast becoming yet another little african tinpot tragedy. God Help Us!

Ann Phillips