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As former Southern Africa soldiers and national servicemen, we would like to ask the American leftist establishment the following:

Did you not condone all those ZANU and ZAPU terrorist acts against white Rhodesia and embrace their leader Robert Mugabe as God’s gift to Zimbabwe in 1980?

Did you not wine and dine the SWAPO hierarchy, who ordered black and white civilians blown op and shot all over Northern South West Africa, ultimately helping to put those terrorist leaders in power in Namibia in 1990?

Did you not, in the seventies and eighties, side with the ANC/Communist terror organisation against our white South Africa, ignoring the Church Street bomb, the necklacing and all the other atrocities, cheer-leading, the former terrorist leaders into power as the so-called democratic new South Africa in 1994?

Don’t you see the obvious link between what was done to us here, and what is now done to you? Do you realise that through your opportunistic and cynical support of terrorists in Africa, you opened up the way for thousands of innocent Americans to be bombed by friends of your comrades in the USA?

We now cry for your victims of terror in New York and elsewhere. Do not forget, though, that when our people in Rhodesia, South West and South Africa were the victims, you had little sympathy for them, but found all sorts of excuses for the perpetrators, slapped us down for defending ourselves, and helped to elevate those selfsame terrorists to Presidents, ministers and Generals…



AUGUST 28, 2001 The bail application, pending appeal for Cmdt. Willem Ratte was thrown out of court in Kimberley today. Judge Kgomo said he could not hear the case as he did not have all the records concerning the case before him. This development follows after State prosecutor, de Neyschen argued that ALL the previous court records must be available. The Judge said the State had a right to such a request and he then threw the case out. It is not known what Ratte's Defense will do now. Meanwhile Ratte might be paroled by the 12th of October 2001. Given the past record of the Azanian [new SA] State's repeated intervention when Ratte had a chance to be released from prison, one can not be sure if the date will be met though.

August 11, 1999






Extensive gross human rights violations perpetrated mainly by the Special Field Force (SFF) continued unabated in the volatile Caprivi Region. Human rights monitors in the Caprivi Region say that at least 150 people were picked up yesterday alone at Katima Mulilo. Our estimates indicate that the number of persons held in custody could have reached 500 mark.


Our monitors also said that Mr. Alen Sameja, at the time of arrest attached to the Caprivi Regional Governor’s office and who was detained at Katima Mulilo, on August 2, 1999, was admitted to Ward 4 at the Katima Mulilo State Hospital with serious injuries, including a broken back.


The NSHR has also established that Mr. Gilbert "Gilly" Tubaze Simukusi (50), a mentally disabled person from Chefuzwe village, some 10 km west of Katima Mulilo and who was apparently mistaken for an armed rebel and shot, has passed away in the Katima Mulilo State Hospital on August 9, 1999.


Furthermore, the NSHR deplores the inaccuracies, apparently




nshr/gross violations/situation in caprivi page 2 of 2


coupled with ignorance and or utter misinformation on the part of the law enforcement agencies, regarding what rights can be derogated from and what rights can never be derogated from even during an armed conflict, much less during a state of emergency.


Media reports featuring the "daily briefings" by the Ministry of Defense indicate that members of the [in]security forces have little or no idea that acts such as violence to life and person, including summary executions and murder of all kinds, mutilation, torture and other cruel inhuman and degrading treatment or punishment and all other outrages upon personal dignity, enforced disappearance, mass incarceration and prolonged detention ranks among the most grave infractions of internationally protected human rights. Most of these acts are also listed in the Statute of the International Criminal Court of 1998 as punishable.


It appears that the hundreds of thousands of dollars and the numerous hours spent on the training of law-enforcement agencies in human rights protection were all in vain.


We are calling upon Pesident Sam Nujoma to ensure that further human rights violations are ceased in the Caprivi Region. As the allegations of members of the Mafwe tribe being singled out for gross human rights violations and other persecution could lead to deep-rooted hatred and ethnic conflict engulfing the whole region and leading to massive displacement and a refugee crisis.



For further comment, please contact: Phil ya Nangoloh, Zen Mnakapa or Che Ngaringombe at Tel: +264 61 236 183 or +264 61 253 447





    We would like this to be treated as an urgent warning to intending travellers to South Africa - both tourists and business men


On Friday August 6th on the front page of the Citizen newspaper - which is probably the most widely read by both blacks and whites - there is a heading 500 murders a month in the Transvaal (in Azanian speak now called Gauteng) area alone.  Instances of rape and hijacking are being downplayed.


In the news recently, the case of a high profile memmber of the United Nations who was gang-raped in her house in Pretoria.  A South American journalist who had arrived only  a few hours previously, gang-raped.  Three British girls in Natal gang-raped, and of course this is the kiss of death as almost certainly they would have contracted Aids.


Add to this 6 top Ggerman business executives that have been murdered, and the fact that the Canadian High Commissioner took another posting to Australia, and in a surprisingly undiplommatic language said that he was going as S Africa/Azania was too unsafe, he had incidentally been attacked and robbed in a Cape Town Hotel.


These creatures are now not only sayiang One Boer one bullet (and of course a huge number of Boere (farmers) are being murdered, but the latest is kill a white man and rape a white woman.  In fact the witch doctors are telling them that if they rape a white female they will be cured of aids, so our liberated louts are raping 85 year old women and 3 year old girls.


It is impeprative that you pass this news on, lobby your Senator, Member of Parliament,  Member of the Bundestag etc. that visitors are warned BEFORE

they purchase their airtocket - which means that travel agents should be lelgally bound to warn travellers of the danger.  The statistics are staggering and no one in his right mind would knowingly take a vacation so fraught with danger.


May 14, 1999

Young Jason Johnston of Edinburgh in Scotland did not have to wait very long for his 'initiation' into the New SA or Azania. Just off the bus at Johannesburg station, he had to go to the public toilets, where four blacks pinned him down and robbed him of everything he had : His rucksack with all his clothes and belongings, his British passport and his wallet with 600 pounds. Last seen walking towards the British embassy in Pretoria, it is not known whether he mentioned to those gentlemen the fact that this is what they worked for all those years, when they aided and abetted the terrorists of the ANC/Communist alliance in London and bad-mouthed and pressurized the old, safe SA until it just gave up and handed over. .