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Last updated  03/08/2005

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TUESDAY, 8 March 2005 : na050308





A. AFRICAN MIRROR : Regime militia assault Zanzibar


C. COLONIAL TIMES : Apologists: All's fine in Zim.


d. RAINBOW REPORT : Black trainee sailors not up to scratch?


E. TERROR TRAIL : More whites slain.


F. SA GULAG : C-Max inmate's compensation bid fails. 


G. EMPOVERNMENT AND SLEAZE UPDATE: Rand at 5,87 to the Dollar.


H. VOX POPULI : ‘Hier-woon-Baas’ to ‘Here-squats-Jonas’.


J. CHRISTIAN BRIEF : Noupoort given temporary reprieve.


K. APARTHEID LOG : Brits propose apartheid education.


L. NWO DIARY :  Over 100 inmates killed by prison fire.



   Of white zombies and Auntie Rhoda.....





DAKAR. The leftist Afrikaans writer Breyten Breytenbach and his so-called Gorée-Institute,  which  is housed on the historic slave prison island of Goree in Senegal, have been hoofed out of their offices by Senegalese police. Notified months ago that the black regime of  President  Abdoulaye Wade  has revoked the agreement between Breytenbach's  organization and the former Senegalese president Abdou Diouf, the institute  reportedly thought itself safe against black state intervention. Breytenbach and his staff simply carried on organizing and hosting conferences around  black African political, social and cultural issues, protesting that the threat of eviction  was part of the ruling  regime's plan to 'commercialise' the famous island, get rid of the 500 black islanders spoiling the view, and  build hotels.


NIAMEY. A local human rights group, Timidria, which had announced it would set free 7 000 black slaves during a ceremony at the town of Inates in the West African Muslim state of Niger,  has called the 'mass liberation' off, - because, it said, the Niger government had threatened local leaders. "The slaves and their masters have been scared by the government and it's for that reason that no slaves are present," Timidria President Weila Ilglas told reporters who traveled to observe the ceremony at Inates, 300 kilometres north of the capital of Niamey, only to find no slaves to be freed... The government denied the charge. Slavery, officially banned across Africa, is  widely practiced in the form  of 'inherited servitude' across the Muslim-ruled nations of the Sahel region. The American Anti-Slavery Group says more than 200 000 people currently labour as slaves on centuries-old Arab-African Saharan trade routes.


ZANZIBAR.    Black pro-ruling party mobs reportedly attacked opposition members' offices and homes on the island of Zanzibar, leaving at least 17 people injured.  Four branch offices belonging to the opposition Civic United Front were burned to the ground late on Sunday night and another mob attacked the home of the party's leader, setting two vehicles on fire, party spokesperson Salim Bimani said. The destroyed vehicles belonged to two bodyguards who fought off the mob that attacked front leader Seif Shariff Hamad's home.

     Political and religious tensions on Zanzibar, home to about one million mainly Muslim  people, have  grown since the ruling  Chama Cha Mapinduzi party formed so-called self-defense units two years ago. Such  armed mobs have been  used by black regime all over Black Africa to terrorise and  intimidate the population and ensure 'election victories', - inter alia in Zimbabwe, Tanzania and also 'transformed' South Africa. 


KINSHASA. United Nations peacekeepers in northeastern Congo, including Azanian (New SA) soldiers, have reportedly killed as many as 60 blacks, including women and children. The massacre took place on Tuesday 30km north of Bunia, the capital of the violent Ituri province, where nine peacekeepers had been killed on February 25 by members of the same militia in a well-executed ambush.

     Colonel Dominique Demange, spokesperson for the UN forces in Congo, claimed that his forced had been fired on, 'so we immediately responded'. An attack helicopter with heavy machine guns took part in the slaying, and afterwards  'between 50 and 60' bodies were confirmed dead. The UN claims they were all militia members, but rebels in the area said that there were many women and children among the dead, and that the shooting by the UN troops and helicopter gunships was a blood-bath.

     Since 1999, fighting between different tribes and their militias in the northeastern district of Ituri has killed  tens of thousands of people. The Ituri conflict is seen as a bloody sideshow to Congo's five-year, six-nation war that ended in 2002 with the formation of a transitional government. This government, however, has failed to establish any kind of authority  over large parts of the Congo, and the UN has sent 'peace-keepers' from third-world states like black-ruled South Africa to try and maintain law and order in the worst-affected areas like Ituri.


HARARE. The 62  white and black South Africans convicted as mercenaries could be back on home soil "within a day or two", their lawyer has said. Initially, reports had raised hopes that the men would be back south of the Limpopo by the weekend,  but since then relatives and friends  have been disillusioned by the apparent unwillingness of the Zimbabwean authorities to hurry up their release, - in spite of the fact that a recent court judgement cut their time  to such an extent that they should have been freed already.


GABERONES. One of Botswana's most outspoken political analysts is fighting the ruling regime to try and prevent his deportation to Australia. Professor Kenneth Good, 72, was declared an illegal immigrant on February 18 and given 48 hours to leave the country in apparent response to his criticism of the ruling party's "elitism". He had just delivered a paper entitled "Presidential Succession in Botswana: No model for Africa." Botswana is often cited by leftist and African apologists as the role-model of a black African state which has NOT degenerated into the usual black tyranny and lack of freedom.

     Good won a brief stay of execution  after his lawyers told the Lobatse High Court that the presidential deportation order by President Festus Mogae was a human rights violation.  High court judge Stanley Sappire handed down an interim judgement ordering the state not to take any further steps to remove the academic from the country pending the final determination of the case. State attorneys Abraham Keetsabe and Moemedi Modisenyane tried to argue that the courts had no jurisdiction over a presidential decree, - as has become evident in Zimbabwe and elsewhere, where the ruling regime has simply ignored court orders it does not agree with, - but Sappire said the courts had the jurisdiction to hear the case. Cynics have pointed out, however, that the case is far from over, and that precedents in neighbouring black states do not bode well for Good.




HARARE. Azanian (New SA) black traditional leaders invited to Zimbabwe this week came back 'impressed' with the ruling Zanu-PF regime's land grab 'reforms'. On arrival at Johannesburg International Airport on Saturday morning, Mpiyezintombi Nzimela, chairman of the National House of Traditional Leaders said that  his delegation had travelled around the country visiting 'settlements', and added, quote, we were pleased. The land was given back to its rightful owners, unquote.

    Nzimela admitted that they 'had seen problems', mentioning the drought, the fact that no crops had been planted on many of the farms, and 'excessive bush clearance', meaning the primitive slash-and-burn' technique. But he refused to blame the black Zimbabwean regime. "If land is degraded it is not government's fault..."  he explained.  The six member delegation had been invited to the country by local government minister Ignatius Chombo, and had met personally with President Robert Mugabe, who has become a hero to black radicals all over Africa since he expropriated and drove off thousands of white farmers.


JOHANNESBURG. According to Andrew Moyse, co-ordinator of the media monitoring project of Zimbabwe, 'there is no chance that a free and fair election can be held in Zimbabwe'. Several experts at a meeting in Johannesburg expressed similar  doubts that the Zimbabwean opposition would be able to achieve anything in the face of the continuing state terror and intimidation in the black-ruled country. Arnold Tsunga of Zimbabwe's lawyers for human rights said that it seemed that the Zimbabwean government was trying to follow Southern African Development Community (SADC) guidelines on elections, but that in reality this was a deception. "They are deceiving the Zimbabwean public, it is self-deception and they're deceiving the SADC members."

    The pieces of legislation prohibiting a democratic election process were "endless", Tsunga added. "There are Acts that stifle freedom of expression and access to information..... We are not allowed to hold a public meeting without permission. There are endless prohibitions."  Moyse, in turn, said media organisations and journalists were terrorised in Zimbabwe in an attempt to stifle any criticism of the ruling party. "In the past two weeks a newspaper was banned and three journalists, all of them Zimbabweans, were chased out of the country." Five papers, all of them independent, were closed down during the last five years. Moyse also said the government "hijacked" the public broadcaster to "run a propaganda campaign" in favour of the government and vilify the opposition Movement for Democratic Change (MDC).


NEW YORK. An upcoming United Nations report investigating sexual abuse by UN peacekeepers will suggest that foreign soldiers accused of wrongdoing be court-martialled in the country where the claims were made. The idea is one of several that will be raised in the report by Jordan's UN ambassador Prince Zeid al Hussein, who has been meeting with UN member states on ways to prevent peacekeepers from exploiting the very people they were meant to protect.

    His efforts come in the wake of accusations that the UN "blue helmets" in the Congo and elsewhere had committed sexual crimes that included raping children, some as young as 13, and hiring prostitutes. Currently, UN peacekeepers accused of wrongdoing are sent home to be dealt with by their own government authorities. Often, they are never punished.


Meanwhile, the ruling ANC/Communist regime has reiterated its view that, quote,  there was no reason for concern about Zimbabwe's upcoming parliamentary election, unquote. "There is no reason to believe that there is anyone who would want to infringe on the rights of the Zimbabwean people to express their will fully at these elections," Azanian (New SA) Deputy Foreign Minister Aziz Pahad, an Asian member of the ANC/Communist alliance,  told reporters in Pretoria. The ANC/Communist regime, led by its President Thabo Mbeki,  is seen as the Zimbabwean Mugabe regime's closet ally




Problems with the training of black crew members of the German-built Azanian (New SA) submarine are delaying a final decision on whether the new vessel will sail to South Africa under its own steam, or whether it will be carried piggy-back on a ship. Senior navy staff believe it will be a professional shame and acknowledgement that the navy is struggling to train enough black staff to eventually supply the three new submarines with the politically-correct mixture of three blacks to one white, - as the ruling black regime's racial quota policy apparently prescribes. A new navy chief, Vice-Admiral Johannes Modimo, who is black, took over from the white Vice-Admiral Johan Retief in Pretoria this week. Under white rule, SA submarines were all taken over and sailed from Europe to Cape Town on their own steam.

    A total of 90 crew is needed for the three submarines built for the Azanian, black-ruled navy in Germany. Although the crew of the first submarine, known only as S101 so far, are in the process of qualifying, a substantial number are allegedly not up to standard, in spite of extensive training by German instructors so far. Particularly in international waters, this could be dangerous and have dire  consequences, if they are let loose and allowed to man the submarine. The route the submarines would normally go would be across the English Channel, where there are almost always up to 100 vessels.

     Helmoed-Römer Heitman, a military expert, said that a submarine on a freighter would be an embarrassment. But, it would also be unwise to put a "representative" crew before professionalism and safety on the S101's maiden voyage, he said.  Once the submarine had arrived safely, the so-called affirmative training could be continued locally, Heitman added.


As expected, the black-ruled so-called Tshwane City Council, which controls the greater metropolitan area around the old Pretoria,  has voted to introduce 'Tshwane' as the new Azanian (New SA) name for what was known as Pretoria since the Boers established the city on open, largely empty veld two centuries ago. 'Pretoria'  is to be retained only for the small city centre which, ironically, has been taken over largely by black flat-dwellers.  White opposition councillers, who were opposed to the name change, were predictably ignored when the issue was put to the vote. Though the name change is estimated to cost the rate payers more than 1 billion Rand,  the ruling ANC/Communist regime is reportedly determined  to wipe out the remaining traces of white Boer rule in the capital. 'Tshwane'.  'Tshwane' reportedly means 'we are all together',  and was apparently the name given to the Apies river by a black chieftain who set up a kraal in the Pretoria area in the beginning of the nineteenth century, when the Zulus drove many black tribes westwards and depopulated huge tracts of the Transvaal.


The strike by thousands of mainly black truck drivers seems to be continuing, after protest actions and difficult negotiations in Johannesburg offices apparently led nowhere. The truckers are demanding an 8,5% increase across the board and a 9% raise for those on the current minimum wage. They are also demanding that the night-shift allowance be in line with the Basic Conditions of Employment Act. Employers have only offered a pay rise of 6,5% pay rise across the board and a 7% hike in minimum wages.

    On Tuesday, 30 000 truckers embarked on a national strike in all major cities, which turned violent in Johannesburg when protesters clashed with police. Nine people were injured and taken to hospital, and 29 truck drivers were arrested.


Following reports that the Azanian (New SA) education department is planning to deduct two days' pay from all teachers as penalty for the two-day strike last September, regardless of whether they took part or not, an Azanian education spokesman has claimed that this is not true. Concerned teachers, who had queried their salaries with the department last month, had learnt about the plan and revealed it to the media. Most of the teachers who took part in the strike were black, while white teachers carried on working. The department, now under black rule, allegedly decided to save itself the hassle of having to work out who took part and who didn't, and simply force the non-striking whites to prove that they did not take part and ask for a reimbursement. But the adverse publicity generated by the ensuing media coverage reportedly led to a re-think and subsequent turn-about in the department.


As the end of the ruling ANC/Communist regime's amnesty on illegal firearms draws near, the latest figures released by the Azanian (New SA) police suggest that about 10 000 guns have so far been handed over voluntarily,  together with more than 238 000 rounds of ammunition.  This is considered not much, considering that analysts estimate that more than a hundred thousand illegal firearms have been brought into the country over the years. Charles Nqakula, the Azanian minister of safety and security,  threatened that his police would intensify their operations in recovering illegal firearms and ammunition immediately after the March 31 deadline, and those found in possession would be dealt with "harshly".


An Indian couple has lost the first round of their court battle against the ruling ANC/Communist regime's discriminatory black preferment policies being implemented at the University of Cape Town. Judge Rosheni Allie declined to make an order that their 17-year-old daughter be provisionally admitted to study medicine, after she had been excluded in favour of empowered blacks.  Judge Allie said: "In the absence of any exceptional circumstance warranting an interference with the decision of the university, this court will not substitute its decision for that of the university."

     The parents, who could not be named because their daughter was still a minor, said in affidavits the girl was denied admission to the medical school this year, despite having better marks than other (black) students who were admitted. They claimed UCT seemed to regard pupils from former coloureds-only and blacks-only schools as "educationally disadvantaged", but those from former Indians-only schools as not disadvantaged..... "This policy was unlawful, unconstitutional and unreasonable," they said.

     Judge Allie said both sides admitted that the policy appeared to be discriminatory, but they differed on whether the discrimination was reasonable, justifiable and necessary to redress historical inequalities. The family's advocate, Charles Abrahams, said, quote, we feel that the judgment, in a sense, does not deal with the issue of discrimination between African, coloured and Indian people who have all attained privileged educational backgrounds..... Africans and coloureds are dealt with on a different basis, unquote.


A white orthopaedic surgeon,  who was struck off the roll last year, has revealed that he was supposed to be paid  R24-million a year for just working two days a week in an Azanian (new SA) hospital. Wynne Lieberthal's millionaire status  became public knowledge when he sued Network Healthcare Holdings Limited for more than R60-million after they refused to allow him to continue operating at one of their hospitals. In papers before the Johannesburg High Court, he claimed he conducted 50 operations a month, working only on Tuesdays and Thursdays at the Rosebank clinic. Each operation would cost R50 000, - of which R40 000 was his profit, and only R10 000 went to the hospital. Since SA was handed over to black, communist rule,  standards at state hospitals have dropped to such an extent, that people are prepared to pay unheard-of sums of money to escape these formerly well-run and efficient, but now 'transformed' institutions and be treated in  private hospitals.


Farm workers' houses, vineyards and farm equipment have been destroyed or seriously damaged by a raging bush fire, which  broke out in hills to the south of Franschhoek in the Western Cape. Members of the Stellenbosch-Winelands fire service, aided by two large firefighting helicopters, seem to have brought the fire under control. Helicopters making use of local farm dams to fill up their 'airborne' water buckets and dumping their loads onto the fire played a key role in the battle against the flames.


The Pretoria juvenile court has struck from the roll the case against an unidentified  Waterkloof High School pupil accused of stabbing his mother to death with a kitchen knife. The 17-year-old boy was arrested in April last year after he allegedly repeatedly stabbed his 49-year old mother in the head and chest after a heated argument. Her body was found lying in a pool of blood on her living room floor by the boy's father and younger brother when they arrived home. The boy, then in grade 10, was arrested at a friend's house that same evening still wearing his blood spattered uniform. Detectives later found a notebook allegedly detailing the murder and other documentation in the boy's bedroom. Suspicion fell on the boy, and it is not clear why the court refused to prosecute, - but accusations of  an attempt to cover the case up have been made. .




(Please note that official Azanian (New SA) crime statistics and -releases are censored. Johannesburg police spokeswoman Inspector Amanda Roestoff admitted, on 20/5/03, that the SAPS 'uses discretion in terms of crimes committed and media statements issued'. So the terror and crime reported here is probably only part of what is really happening, as the official manipulation makes it difficult for an independent news service to ferret out all the facts.)


Another white man has been brutally murdered by black gunmen. Leon Green (38), from Bedfordview, was found dead after he was shot from the side of road. A large amount of cash and his possessions were found intact in his bakkie later. His killers had seemingly taken nothing, leading observers to suspect that this was another of the black-on-white racist slayings which happen regularly under black rule.


And in Honeydew north of Johannesburg, Andrew Wilkens (32) has been killed by black killers, too. He had arrived home with wife and 2 children, and gone out again to his car, when he was shot.  The black gunmen then entered the house,  tied his wife up, ransacked the house, and casually left.


Another elderly white farmer has been brutally slain by a black killer. The 80-year-old farmer was found strangled in his house in the town of Prince Albert in the Karoo. Piet Swanepoel, 80, of Vredehof farm in the Weltevrede Valley, was not only old, but had had a stroke four years ago and had since walked with difficulty. It is believed there was no forced entry into the house and that his attacker just walked through the door. Cash, a credit card and a cheque book were stolen after the old man had been done away with.


In what seems to have been an act of revenge, Zulu Prince Thulani Zulu, branch chairman of the African National Congress in Nongoma, northern Zululand, was shot dead by what is suspected to have been IFP supporters. Zulu was driving when a red vehicle pulled up next to him and several shots were fired. He died instantly and two of his passengers were wounded. Earlier, another IFP leader was gunned down by what many IFP supporters see as an ANC/Communist hit squad.


Continuing the reign of black terror and crime,  six armed blacks in balaclavas have robbed Isibonelo coalmine near Kriel of about R40 000 worth of goods.  In the same period, a black gang attacked and robbed a gold mine on the West Rand.  And in Pretoria, another white resident was shot and wounded by black gunmen who were attempting to rob his wife at the couple's Colbyn home. Johan Redelinghuys, 43, was shot in the stomach, leg and hip by the attackers,  and was lucky to survive. He had  moved his car out of the garage and was waiting for his wife Louise in the driveway at around 8pm, when he noticed two blacks holding his wife at gunpoint in the garage. In an attempt to scare them off he drove his car back into the garage. The two then fired at him as they fled while his wife opened fire on them with her licensed firearm.


Two eight-year-old black boys have 'gone missing' after allegedly trying to throttle the one boy's 78-year-old grandfather and robbing him of R2 500. The pensioner was sleeping in his bed in Jerusalem tribal trust near White River in the eastern Transvaal, when the boys entered his room. His grandson had been living with him and apparently knew that he kept money.  His friend grabbed the old man around the neck and demanded the money. The children then searched the room and found R2 500.


A white family was violently robbed by Black gunmen on a farm near Kimberley. Arie Spruit, 75, and his 54-year-old daughter were attacked by three men as they tried to drive into their farm on Friday evening. They were tied up in a back room of the farmstead, together with Spruit's 77-year-old wife, after being assaulted and threatened with a firearm. Their attackers then fled the scene with the family's bakkie, jewellery, and money.


A Randfontein mother is looking for her 14-year-old son who left for church on Sunday morning but never arrived. Roos Davids's son, Jason, walked to the suburb of Toekomsrus to attend a Unifying Reformed Church service. On the way he stopped at his grandmother's home in Ruby Street. He had not been seen since, Davids said. In terror- and crime-ridden 'transformed' South Africa, many people have disappeared, to be found murdered later. Some, though, later turn out to have gone off out of their own free will for personal reasons. 


A white Azanian (New SA) cricketer, Andrew Hall, has become the latest Azanian sportsman to experience the black terror and crime in 'transformed' SA first hand. With the barrel of a gun against the back of Hall's head, a black robber and an accomplice drove around with him in his own vehicle for what Hall described as '45 minutes of hell'. The blacks finally threw him out of the car next to the Golden Highway and told him to lie there for half an hour. "If you move, someone will shoot you," they told him.

    According to Hall, this was not the first time he came into contact with the reigning terror under black rule.  He said on Wednesday that he and his family had decided a while back that they would not talk to anyone after a robber at an ATM fired six shots at him in 1998. He was hit in the left hand and the right cheek on that occasion.

     Hall plays for the so-called Proteas, the 'New SA'  cricket team which, back in the early nineties, pushed for the advent of black rule so that they would be able to tour overseas and earn big money. He admitted that, after the second close shave with death, he and his athlete wife Leanie packed their bags and were ready to leave for Australia', - but when he was chosen for the Proteas again, he decided to stay.

    On the day he was "convinced he was going to die", he had advertised his car for sale, and a black man arranged to come and look at it in the parking lot of the shopping centre. "He wanted to go for a test drive. I didn't want him to.

"Suddenly his comrade pushed a 9mm pistol into my back. I had to get in the car and drive around with them. "They were constantly asking if the car had a Tracker system and told me I would die if I lied. ..... The barrel of the gun was pressed against the back of my head every so often with the threat that they would shoot me. I just prayed that the guy would remain calm."


A white Boksburg resident, Henry Ford, has become another victim of black gangs attacking and robbing businesses on the East Rand and elsewhere. Ford's firm, Fords Properties , in Parkrand., was robbed minutes after Ford's brother, Fransie,  came back from the bank with the workers' pay.  Relatives believe he was followed  by  members of the black gang whom they suspect of having an 'affirmative' source inside the bank.




A white former death-row prisoner, Casper Kruger, has lost his High Court bid against the department of correctional services for R500 000 in damages. Kruger had claimed the damages for mental torture he claimed he underwent in C-Max Prison, where he was sent to be incarcerated for 40 months under maximum security conditions although he was an A-group prisoner. In C-Max, prisoners are kept in cells 23 out of 24 hours of the day, and are 'allowed' one hour in cell-like animal cages outside.

    Judge M F Legodi found Kruger was a "shattered person" even before he was imprisoned in C-Max.  The judge cited extracts from a long letter Kruger wrote to his girlfriend while he was still held at Pretoria's Maximum Prison - written months before he was moved to C-Max. "He appears to be a broken man who refuses to accept the finding of the court on the three murder charges. He expresses his emotions and desire to lash out..." said the judge.

   Kruger escaped twice from prison and he even went on a hunger strike. The department claimed Kruger was an escape risk, but Kruger said he was already punished for this by spending a month in solitary confinement, before being relocated to C-Max. He is now serving a 22-year sentence in Leeuwkop Prison in Midrand for the murders he was sentenced for in August 1992. Kruger still denies that he had committed the crimes.




The Rand stands at 5,87 Rand a Dollar, 11,24 a Pound, and 7,74 to the Euro. Gold sold at 434,45 Dollars an ounce.




“I don't understand the fuss about 'Tshwane' replacing Pretoria as the capital's name. If you were so stupid to go and give away your house to Jonas with his fat Mama and his twenty  snot-nosed kids, - after holding an 'election' which you, with your four kids, never had any chance of winning, - then Jonas can bloody  well  do with the house as he likes.  Changing the name board in front, - from 'Hier-woon-Baas' to 'Here-squats-Jonas', - is totally irrelevant, when seen in the context of you having surrendered your property rights in the first place. So all ye whiteys, stop moaning and bitching about the black names, - which only confirm what's happened on the ground anyway, - and concentrate on the legality, or not, of the hand-over of our birthright by Scumbag de Klerk! THAT's where you should start...”   -   Hurricane, Internet chat room.




LONDON. The British Commission for Racial Equality has suggested apartheid-style separate education as  the solution to inadequate school performance by black boys in Britain. The group's head, Trevor Phillips, said a lack of self-esteem and positive role models for black boys also compounded the problem, as well as an attitude that being clever is not cool. "If the only way to break through the wall of attitude that surrounds black boys is to teach them separately in some classes, then we should be ready for that," he said.

    In what is seen as an amazing form of racism and humiliation of black fathers, Phillips also suggested black fathers should be denied access to their sons if they refuse to attend parents' evenings..... Britain's black immigrants, whose children crowd many inner-city schools, are notoriously ill-disciplined and 'under-educated', according to teaches. Last year 36% of black Caribbean pupils in England got five or more C-grades at GCSE. The national average is 52%.


BRUSSELS. The European Union's foreign and security policy chief, Javier Solana, has promised strong support for the creation of an independent homeland state of Palestine. He said that the 25-nation bloc is 'determined' to help Palestinians build up the structures of a viable and separate state. Solana's support for what is seen as an apartheid-style Palestinian homeland is regarded by cynics as a somewhat belated justification of the former white-ruled South Africa's homeland apartheid policy, - a policy Solana and most European governments condemned at that stage as 'inhuman' and 'a crime against humanity'.....




ROME. Italian hostage negotiator Nicola Calipari, who was killed by US troops while accompanying released Italian hostage Giuliana Sgrena, has been given a state burial in Italy amidst general mourning and accusations of unprofessional conduct and negligence by coalition forces deployed in Iraq. Sgrena, wounded in the shoulder, has credited him with saving her life. Italy's President Carlo Azeglio Ciampi has hailed Calipari as "a hero" and said he would be posthumously awarded the country's highest award for bravery.

   Calipari was shot in Baghdad when US troops opened fire on the convoy taking him and the freed hostage to safety. One Italian said at the funeral that, quote, it does one good to see that there are still people who will sacrifice themselves to save another person, unquote.


BEIRUT.  Following a meeting in Damascus between President Bashar al-Assad of Syria and Lebanon's Syrian-backed President Emile Lahoud,  Syrian troops will withdraw to the Bekaa valley in eastern Lebanon by the end of March. The announcement comes after weeks of international pressure and protests in the Lebanese capital Beirut. This means that up to 5,000 Syrian troops will leave outposts overlooking Beirut. But  the final fate of the 14,000-strong Syrian garrison has not been made clear yet. A joint Syrian-Lebanese statement only said that the "size and length of stay of Syrian forces in Bekaa" would be agreed a month after the initial redeployment. Syrian officials have worded their statements to leave room for their troops to remain just across the border in Lebanese territory.

     Meanwhile, tens of thousands of anti-Syrian protesters returned to Beirut's Martyrs Square to wave Lebanese flags and chant slogans calling for "freedom, sovereignty, independence". It has been the scene of demonstrations ever since the death of former PM Rafik Hariri three weeks ago in a car bomb that many Lebanese blamed on Syria, although Damascus has denied responsibility.


BASRA. According to a Royal Air Force interim report, sabotage has been ruled out as the cause of the fatal Hercules crash in Iraq, - but the possibility that it was shot down has not been discounted. The crash on 30 January, 25 miles north-west of Baghdad, killed nine RAF men, eight of them from RAF Lyneham in Wiltshire, and one soldier. It was the biggest loss of British life in Iraq since military action began there in 2003.

     There had been speculation that the plane might have been tampered with or a bomb placed on board, but this has been ruled out by the board of inquiry report. Also ruled out as possible causes were a bird hitting the plane, the plane hitting a wire or other obstacle, restriction of the plane's flight controls, cargo explosion, aircraft fatigue or the plane making a controlled flight into the ground. The interim findings are supported by the findings of the Air Accident Investigation Branch, which is carrying out an independent inquiry into the crash. However, there is a great deal of detailed evidence which is yet to be analysed and, it said, 'a number of lines of inquiry that need further investigation'.


BAGHDAD. The violence in Iraq by anti-US Islamic terrorists is continuing. Muslim gunmen shot dead an Iraqi investigative judge and his son, who were working on the special tribunal set up for trying Saddam Hussein, a source close to the Iraqi courts has revealed. Investigative judge Barwize Mohamed Marwane and his son Arayan were gunned down as they stepped out of their home last week  on Tuesday morning. Marwane and his son were Kurds.


SALINA, KANSAS. Steve Fossett, one of the world's  last great adventurers, has managed to achieve  one of the world's last great remaining aviation records, - that of flying non-stop, without refueling, around the world. Within 67 hours, his Virgin GlobalFlyer flew from America, across the Atlantic, North Africa, Asia and the Pacific, before returning to Salina, Kansas, where he had taken off on Tuesday last week. At one stage, the US millionaire had considered aborting the trip and landing in Hawaii, but he decided to press on because of favourable tail winds. He has notched up more than 100 world records in five different fields of endeavour. In 2002, he became the first man to fly round the world in a balloon single-handed.


SANTO DOMINGO. Rival gangs fighting for control of a provincial Dominican prison set fire to their prison , killing at least 133 inmates. Only 26 prisoners were rescued from the public jail in Higuey, 120km northeast of the capital on the eastern tip of the island.  Four of them suffered bullet wounds. Guards could not rescue prisoners from the blazing cell block because the entrance was jammed.

     Earlier, officials had said that there were only 148 prisoners in the jail, though the toll of dead and injured totalled 159. The discrepancy is seen as an indication of conditions in the Caribbean country's overcrowded jails, where the US state department reported last week: "Some prisons were totally out of the authorities' control and were, in effect, operated by armed inmates."  Thirty prisoners died in September 2002 when prisoners at La Vega set fire to mattresses at the prison that was built for 50 inmates but was holding 400 men in nine cells. A fire from an electrical shortage in the largest prison in Santo Domingo left one prisoner dead last month.




Here is an interesting, albeit sarcastic, 'call' to white South Africans by a rather cynical writer:




March Now!


Ignore the 15 million illegal aliens already in the country


Ignore the push to have White "Gentile" South Africans be 5% OR LESS of the population by 2050


Open the borders. Cheapen citizenship. Demand nothing in return. Grovel. Debase yourself and your country


Work as tax slaves to support people who can't be bothered to use contraceptives


Work as tax slaves to support people who love to make Whites pay for their children.


Work as tax slaves to support elderly immigrants who have never put a cent into social security.


Actualize your self loathing


Make your brain as mushy as possible.


Embrace the "newcomers" who can't be bothered to learn the language and who hate South Africa and White "Gentile" South Africans with the passion of parasites


Embrace their "cultures" with zeal.


Open your nation to economic invasion, subjugation and Nigerian drug-lords.....


Call anyone who protests the looting of South Africa a racist.


Be submissive. Practice masochism.


Sell your children into prostitution and slavery just like they do in the Third World.


Kill your daughters in the womb because they are not valuable enough to be born.


Emulate the customs in the Third World cultures you bow down to.


Congratulations--you have achieved the objectives of one hundred years of brainwashing of White "Gentile" South Africans


You may now kiss the feet of your black masters....."




The following are actual letters that Auntie Rhoda (Parade Magazine) herself admitted she was at a loss to answer (apologies to Bert Oosthuizen):

Subject: Dear Auntie Rhoda

Dear Auntie Rhoda ,

I suspected that my husband had been fooling around, and when I confronted him with the evidence he denied everything and said it would never happen again....

Dear Auntie Rhoda ,

I was married to Murwere for three months, and I didn't know he drank until one night he came home sober....

Dear Auntie Rhoda ,

I have a man I never could trust. He cheats so much I'm not even sure this baby I'm carrying is his....

Dear Auntie Rhoda ,

A couple of women moved in across the hall from me. One is a middle-aged gym teacher, and the other is a social worker in her mid-twenties. These two women go everywhere together, and I've never seen a man go into their apartment or come out. Do you think they could be Lebanese?

Dear Auntie Rhoda ,

What can I do about all the sex, nudity, language and violence on my video recorder?