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Guerrilla warfare, as fought by the Boers one century ago, is recognized internationally as the  honourable defence by disciplined fighters against a superior, armed enemy. The Boers attacked classical military targets, even though outnumbered most of the time by overwhelming numbers. The so-called 'freedom fighters' of Southern Africa, however, be they  Frelimo, Zanu, Swapo or the ANC/Communist Mkonto e Sizwe (MK), very seldom attacked  anything resembling a military target, - on the contrary, they specialized in the callous bombing of Wimpy Bars, the cowardly laying of landmines on farm roads, the barbarian 'necklacing' of defenceless township dwellers, and even the brutal torture of their own dissident comrades.  What makes these atrocities more despicable is that some of the organizations actually signed the Geneva Protocols, which explicitly forbid this kind of terror and cruel intimidation. Serious students who wish to get an unbiased and  balanced picture of the kind of terrorist 'war' fought by terrorist organisations like the ANC/SACP, the PAC and others should read the book "The Other Side of the Story" by Herman Stadtler, Sigma Press, ISBN 0-620-21100-8.
Here follow a few graphic images of atrocities committed by  the so-called 'Freedom Fighters' of Southern Africa. !Warning : The pictures may offend some readers' sensitivities.  

(images - Click on thumbnails for larger version)                   

WARTRC_small.JPG (1942 bytes) WARTR2_small.JPG (1988 bytes) WARMNE_small.JPG (1968 bytes) WARTER_small.JPG (2036 bytes) terwar2.jpg (11565 bytes) TER_small.JPG (2087 bytes)                [image 1] The remains of a civilian bakkie [small truck], which detonated a landmine on the road between Ulundi and Nkongo in Eastern Ovamboland. Because many of the local people are poor and do not own a vehicle, locals used to hitch rides on the back of these vehicles to the nearest town to buy their daily needs. These "soft target" vehicles offered no protection against the Swapo mines, often boosted by placing two mines on top of each other.

[ image 2] To deliver rations to remote bases, 'rat run' trucks had to cover long distances over untarred roads. Ahead of them, the hardy 'sappers' walked these dusty dirt roads on foot, mile after mile under the blazing African sun, 'sweeping' the two well-defined tracks with their mine detectors. 
                                                                                                                                                     [image 3] Another landmine statistic : More innocent locals and their vehicle. Note the crater made by the explosion [foreground] and the distance the vehicle was flung. Those not dead were usually badly mutulated, for life. In his incident many black locals were killed.[photo - near Ulundi]

[image 4 & 5]  One of two pieces of a "Wit Olifant" [White elephant] after it struck a landmine. The name 'Wit olifant' was given to the big white  Mercedes Benz Trucks transporting goods to remote outposts throughout the old South West Africa (now Naminbia). In this instance the driver was on his way to Ruacana when he detonated a landmine. Because it was a civilian vehicle which detonated the mine, a police   task force in a 'Hippo' was sent out to investigate. The Hippo was a mine-protected personnel-carrying vehicle built on the chassis of the old 'vasbyt" Bedford. In this incident, the area was swept thoroughly for further landmines, declared "clear" and....WOOM,  the Hippo went up as well, just as it was about to leave the scene.   Actual figures of people killed or injured in this incident are not known. As in most cases it all happened near a local kraal [village]. The local people, although not hostile to the police and army forces, refused to say who planted the mines for fear of the brutal intimidation and savage methods of the terrorist. It was not uncommon for an "informant" (real or not) or simply the headman to have his tongue cut out, his child or wife killed, or, as in recent South Africa, to be tied up, soaked in petrol and then be burnt alive with a tyre round his neck For civilized soldiers anywhere this type of intimidation and situation was totally alien, and it is no wonder they were at wit's end.
                                                                                                                                                       [image 6] This civilian truck detonated a landmine near Nkongo in Northern South West Africa. The logistical wing of the army lend a hand to tow it to Oshakati. It is not known whether the driver was killed in the incident.                                                                                                                                                  
ter1_small.jpg (2370 bytes)A beheaded victim of the notorious 'Church Street Bomb', 1983.  How can the detonation of a car packed full of explosives, parked at peak hour traffic in Church Street, Pretoria, in the middle of thousands of unarmed and inocent civilians, both black and white, be classified as an "act of war"?   [photo from the book, "The Other side of the Story, A True perspective."]

tercrch.jpg (41234 bytes)  ter-krk2.jpg (25795 bytes) ter-krk3.jpg (22953 bytes)Nineteen people died in this incident, most being civilians of all races. They were referred to as 'crossfire' casualties. Another 219 suffered various degrees of injuries. The ANC's armed terrorist wing, Mkonto e Siswe, was under the command of Ronnie Casrils, a self-confessed Communist and currently serving as Deputy Minister of Defence in the New SA (Azanian) Defence Force....                                                                                                                       
TERKND_small.JPG (1990 bytes)How something like this is classified as an 'act of war' and part of a 'justified struggle' by the so-called Truth Commision chaired by 'Archbishop' Desmond Tutu, goes beyond the comprehension of any civilized true Christian. Such monstrous murders of babies like these resulted from landmines planted on private farm roads by 'valiant heroes of the struggle', who, believe it or not, were awarded medals for bravery by President of the New South Africa (Azania), Nelson Mandela. Medals for the killing and mutilation of whole families, innocent farmers, wives and children like this baby. Farm labourers were not spared, either. The photo of the wrecked tractor, which detonated a mine while ploughing, shown in the book "The Other Side of the Story, a True perspective" bears silent witness  to this.                                                                           
TER3_small.jpg (2247 bytes) ter2_small.jpg (2107 bytes)[image 1] This victim of a necklace murder still has his arms tied behind his back. Although it is unthinkable for the normal human mind that people can dance and chant around a burning and begging human being, it actually happened in more than 400 reported cases. Why? One should ask the so-called 'Mother of the (Azanian) Nation',  Mrs Mandela,  what she meant, when she said, quote : "With tyres and matches we will liberate this country", unquote...

[image 2] Still another victim of the "necklace" murders by supporters of the ANC/Communist alliance. Note the steel rings of the tyre still around the bodies' neck. All of these people were civilians, and they were murdered for such reasons as "not taking part in illegal strikes", not adhering to party policy and not obeying "non-shopping orders" Many mother's were forced to eat the borax and washing-powder they bought for their households because "they dared to challenge ANC's orders not to buy from whites".

tPlaas1.jpg (24060 bytes) tPlaas2.jpg (27559 bytes) tPlaas3.jpg (30544 bytes) tPlaas4.jpg (30998 bytes) tPlaas7.jpg (32009 bytes) tPlaas8.jpg (12906 bytes) tPlaas12.jpg (36433 bytes) tPlaas13.jpg (18330 bytes) tPlaas16.jpg (21466 bytes) tPlaas17.jpg (27778 bytes) tPlaas18.jpg (25371 bytes)[above]Terrorism did not stop when the ANC/Communist alliance officially ended its terror war. The former terrorists had been given South Africa, lock, stock and barrel, by a spineless De Klerk government, but their slogans 'Kill a Boer, kill a Farmer', and 'One Settler, One Bullet' were  and are still being screamed out, the clenched fist is still raised, and anyway, old terrorist habits die hard. While the words 'peace', 'democracy', 'reconciliation' and 'justice' are gushing out like verbal diarrhea from politicians' mouths, something totally different is gushing out from countless defenceless, innocent victims : Blood and guts. Now classified under the euphemism 'crime', the terror continues unabated, - if anything, worse than ever before. The aim is still the same : To drive out the white man and to intimidate all opposition, white and black. The focus is still on lonely farms and on the weak and helpless : Especially the elderly, women, even babies are brutally attacked, beaten, raped and killed. The politically correct, fawning media reports the 'crime' on page 4, it even makes clucking noises every now and then, - but none dare call it what it is : Terrorism in its pure, unadulterated form. Terrorism aided and abetted by the Regime in its many forms and variations : Be they Ministers like Peter Mokaba shouting 'Kill the Boer", Missies Mandela screaming out hate-speech, hit-squads slaying opposition politicians, or the gullible mob doing the butchering on the streets, inside houses, at the work place, or on farms. By the end of 2001, 7 years into ANC/Communist rule more than 1150 mostly white farmers have already been murdered in the so-called democratic new South Africa.


mc-bride-ronnie casrils car-bomb pp.71 against geneva convention-refer to ronnief

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