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In South Africa it was called a "Crime Against Humanity."                  In Israel it is called  a "Roadmap to Peace."  
Then read this.
 In a clear victory for the much-maligned policy of apartheid,  both Israeli Prime Minister Ariel Sharon and his Palestinian counterpart Mahmoud Abbas, alias Abu Mazen,  have pledged their  support for the so-called road map to peace  at the recent Jordan summit with US President George W Bush, which, in essence, is the vision of two ethnically pure states existing side by side, without the one ruling over the other.   The leaders committed themselves to a possible peace deal  with the inevitable give-and-take of classical apartheid: Sharon agreed to the establishment of an independent Palestinian homeland,  while Abu Mzen, by implication,  agreed to the concept of  Israel being an exclusively Jewish homeland.  Abu Mazen  won the creation of a truly independent and free Palestinian state within a definite time-frame, - while Sharon was able to point out in his speech that an own  Palestinian state for the Palestinians will in turn guarantee the maintenance of a 'Jewish Israel'. 

       Though none of the two leaders mentioned the word apartheid by name,  analysts have described the historic agreement as  the type of ‘grand apartheid' envisaged by the former South African Prime Minister Hendrik Verwoerd,  who was assassinated before he could fully implement it in South Africa. This left his successors to  water it down and eventually capitulate altogether, dumping South Africa in the same morass Black Africa has been wallowing in since uhuru.




The following view expressed by a friend on the occasion of the Day of the Vow on December 16, 2000, coincides with our own view to such an extent, that we thought fit to include it here, under 'Editorial'. As usual with what we say at SCA, it is provocative, but true, all too painfully true. Not surprisingly, the organisers at the Day's function out at Donkerhoek decided not to read this commentary out, - an indication of how the renaissance of the Boer people of today is still held back by a mistaken belief in



In a matter of 100 years we have deteriorated from a nation of people who – in 1899, in spite of their limited numbers and unpreparedness were prepared to take on the greatest power at the time "The British Empire" -- to retain their land and their freedom in the Transvaal and the Orange Free State.

They were a people spiritually, morally and physically strong. The first paragraph of Sir Arthur Conen Doyles book "The Great Boer War" describes this Boere Afrikaner nation accurately:-

Take a community of Dutchmen of the type of those who defended themselves for fifty years against all the power of Spain at a time when Spain was the greatest power in the world. Intermix with them a strain of those inflexible French Huguenots who gave up home and fortune and left their country for ever at the time of the revocation of the Edict of Nantes. The product must obviously be one of the most rugged, virile, unconquerable races ever seen upon the earth. Take this formidable people and train them for seven generations in constant warfare against savage men and ferocious beasts, in circumstances under which no weakling could survive, place them so that they acquire exceptional skill with weapons and in horsemanship, give them a country which is eminently suited to the tactics of the huntsman, the marksman and the rider. Then, finally, put a finer temper upon their military qualities by a dour fatalistic Old Testament religion and an ardent and consuming patriotism. Combine all these qualities and all these impulses in one individual, and you have the modern Boer – the most formidable antagonist who ever crossed the path of Imperial Britain. Our military history has largely consisted in our conflicts with France, but Napoleon and all his veterans have never treated us as roughly as these hard-bitten farmers with their ancient theology and their inconveniently modern rifles.

I wonder what his description of the present Boere Afrikaner would be?

Now 100 years later – the offspring of such a great ancestry have deteriorated into a nation of traitors, collaborators and in the main cowards. They have given away everything that 27000 women and children were prepared to die for; without any attempt at resistance and that against a paper tiger of an opposition – the present Boere Afrikaner has allowed materialism to blind him to the ephemeral nature of this materialism under the present disposition.

Everything that was so dearly bought by their ancestors – from the Great Trek through Blood River and the Anglo/Boer War will be gone within the next 3 years unless he gets some backbone and calls a halt to the present erosion of everything he has built and worked for.

One of the tragedies of the present day Boere Afrikaner is that he has in the main lost his faith in his Maker – he has allowed his spiritual strength to be watered down to almost paying lip service to his spiritual foundation – actually, sport has become his god; given the choice of an international rugby match and a religious gathering on a Sunday, the rugby, for that matter any sport would win hands down every time; Sunday other than a holiday does not mean anything to the modern Afrikaner.

Then there are those individuals who in their commitment to their religion , believe that the Good Lord will do everything for them – they just have to do nothing and everything will come right again – a futile belief – if Cilliers and Pretorius had that sort of belief at Blood River there would not be a Boere Afrikaner nation today. They did everything that was humanly possible to survive the situation; 475 Boere Afrikaners against 12000 plus Zulus, their situation even inspite of their efforts must have seemed futile – only then did they decide to ask for supernatural help and they made the "Vow" to the Good Lord; if one looks at the facts surrounding the battle then there can be no doubt that they were given the help they asked for.

Today in the main the Boere Afrikaner has lost sight of the Vow – even the name of the day has been allowed to be changed. I’m afraid you don’t make a Vow to the Lord and break it when it suits you, or is expedient, without suffering the consequences.

Now we have reached the most critical period in our history strange as it may seem – we have allowed our situation to deteriorate to where we are faced with Blood River and the 2nd Freedom War at the same time. We now have to fight for the survival of the nation, a second Blood River and the land and freedom that 27000 women and children died for in the 1889-1902 war – which we just gave away. Circumstances might have changed but the situation has stayed the same.

Cowardice on our part has allowed a handful of traitors and collaborators to give our land away. That is the land which the Sand River Convention of 1852 and the Bloemfontein Convention of 1854 gave us -- namely the Transvaal and the Orange Free State.

I believe that the time has come when all true Boere Afrikaners and those who sympathize with their legitimate cause -- commemorate this 16th of December as a mass demonstration of total support for the Vow that was made at Blood River and to re-affirm the Vow for the future – there is absolutely no doubt in my mind that to win this fight against the communist onslaught which is at present doing everything possible to destroy the Boere Afrikaner nation and his future, is definitely going to require a total commitment.

The Boere Afrikaner has absolutely nothing to be ashamed of – infact he can be proud of his achievements in this country. The blacks were destroying one another in this area when the Boere Afrikaner arrived – he created stability – the blacks flocked to where the Boere Afrikaner created work.

Inspite of their limited numbers they helped the blacks sharing what little they had. As the country was developed by the Boere Afrikaner – so the blacks prospered. Apartheid was introduced into the South African situation by the British in the Act of Union in 1910. The Boere Afrikaner only really came into his own in 1948 when he came to power – strange as it may seem most of the facilities and improvements to the blacks situation was brought after the Boere Afrikaner came into power.

Its strange but true – in 1500 AD there were between 8 and 10 million Red Indians (estimate from the Smithsonian Institution) in North America and Canada; in the 1990 census there were 1,7 million in North America – there is no figure for Canada but there cannot be that many more. They are stuck on reservations; in the main tourist attractions. Genocide got rid of the Red Indians in North America and Canada.

In Australia the Aborigines did not do any better. When the first penal settlers arrived in 1788 it is estimated that there were about 220 thousand Aborigines in Australia. By approximately 1890 they had been decimated to about 90 thousand – now there are about 120 thousand – again genocide was carried out; and today they are living on unproductive reservations.

Now in South Africa it is estimated that in the Transvaal area in 1835-38 there were about 35000 blacks in the area. By about 1890 to 1900 this number had risen to approximately 500,000 due to the discovery of gold and the opening of the mines; now they number about 40 million in 11 nations. Their situation is vastly better than those of the Red Indian or the Aborigine. Given the choice between apartheid and genocide I am certain I know which the Red Indians and Aborigines would have chosen.

Now due to traitors, collaborators and in the main cowardice we have allowed ourselves to again be at the Blood River situation for our nation – and therefore it is crucial that the Vow be renewed with all its implications this 16th of December – this onslaught of communism must be stopped.

I can think of no better place for the true Boere Afrikaner and all who associate with him to be on the 16th of December – but at Donkerhoek just outside Pretoria; where on the 11th and 12th of June 1900 the Bittereinders decided to continue the fight to the end. It is most appropriate that the Vow be renewed for the struggle that is upon us for the survival of our Nation and its future at this historic place.





Editorial June 5. 1999

It’s time for another (political) vehicle

THE fate of a political party that breaks one too many promises, has been demonstrated in many a country of the old Communist bloc as well as in Africa.

Political party rhetoric, especially in Africa, of blaming everyone else but itself for failure after failure, is fast becoming a disqualification rather than, like in the past, added justification for a cause long lost.

The analogy of the situation in South Africa appears laughable at first glance. South Africans sit secure in a multi-party system, comfortable with a government of national unity that seems set to hold for ever, and a presidency that the ANC is likely to win again this year.

Yet they should fear for their stability. They are witnessing too many spectacles. When principle is gone, permanence cannot guarantee performance.

South Africans can wake up one morning and realise that the emperor has no clothes on!

True democratic institutions are less vulnerable to this process than the Marxist ones that toppled everywhere. Free societies are not immune. A seismic shift in the South African political landscape, bigger than anything since 1994, may be closer that we think.

South Africa’s economy is living on borrowed time, and the social fabric is fraying. In consequence, legitimacy could destroy all of the established political parties, equal stockholders in the mounting crisis – sooner rather than later.

One broken promise can finish a party, or a cartel of parties.

South Africans have been promised safety in the streets, equality without favouratism, foreign investments, hundreds of thousands of homes and hundreds of thousands of jobs, own schools, protection of their numerous languages and cultures, a sound economy, in fact: they were promised that SA would be a model for Africa.

Responsibility for the whole string of failures falls evenly on politicians from all sides of the political spectrum, yes, even the Freedom Front who had promised its "Volkstaat"-mandate of 640 000 supporters a Volkstaat and who had failed to produce.

If is so that all of a sudden the Freedom Front is blowing down the ANC’s neck as regards its Volkstaat, but this could prove to be nothing more that political rhetoric as the 1999 election results are already on record.

In SA there is a government who claims to be democratic while walking hand in hand with Communists and Socialists. Even if the ANC should sever its ties with the latter, there is too much doubt whether the ANC would be capable on running what is in effect a First World country.

Value lies in the future. To ensure that it realizes, a country, a people, needs tomorrow-men and tomorrow-women. Without such there can be no tomorrow.

The Boervolk in South Africa wants no part in the endeavours of the Afrikaner.

For the Boervolk, the clock could be turned back sooner than anticipated – to its date of birth at the Battle of Blood River when party politics was shunned and the Volk stood together in unison, proclaiming their Boer Republics as a Volk.

Party politics, which divides, rather than unifies, would be replaced by a "Volk’s" movement. Various Boer organisations are involved in intensive behind the scenes deliberations. Its aim is a confederation, equal rights and self-government to all indigenous peoples.

The ultimate goal is the regaining of the old Boer Republics, the Oranje Free State, Transvaal and Northern Natal.

The vehicle to achieve this goal, is definitely not a party-political one. Slowly but surely the Boers are realising that a "Volk’s" movement based on Boer consciousness, Boer identity, their faith and their aspirations to rule themselves in total sovereighty, is the only vehicle to ultimate glory and triumph!



EDITORIAL        MAY 14th, 1999

WHEN we Boers speak out about the chaotic situation in South Africa,
when we attempt to justify our liberation struggle, when we tell the
world that we wish not to be governed by  anyone else but ourselves,
when we tell the world that we are a suppressed people, onthers think we
bridge the lunatic fringe.
The African National Congress Communist government of South Africa,
have themselves now released official statistics to the effect that:

· During 1998 more than 68 people were murdered each day
· We suffered 107 attempted murder cases each day
· 241 serious robberies per day
· With 135 women being raped each day
· 63 serious assaults each day
· 731 house breakings every day
· 109 drug related crimes each day
· 39  cases of possession of illegal fire arms
· 1,30 bank robberies each day
· 41 hijackings each day

Perhaps of there are those who still not believe us, they might believe
an independent observer and political analyst like Ron Fraser, of the
Philadelphia Trumpet, when he writes:
"Fountainhead of the dreams and hopes of the world for a positive
change from the wearying monotony of hopelessness on the African
continent, the new South Africa has had  more than four years to strut
its stuff on the world stage.
"What has this once richly blessed, beautifully situated, bountifully
endowed country, achieved since the 1994 transition of government?
"Sadly, it has achieved the predictable.
"Cronyism and corruption in government, ineptness in administration,
self-seeking leaders exploiting the trappings of undeserved office,
ex-Soviet-trained guerillas given authority over national security,
downgrading of education standards, reduction in health services, the
general degrading of the whole quality of life  –  the new SA exhibits
them all."
· Do you now hear our Macedonian call?


GENERAL elections in Namibia are in the offing. Pres. Sam Nujoma said
either December of this year or early January 2001. This time round
Swapo is indeed finding itself in a political furnace, already losing
the local elections earlier this year.
    Ten years ago Nujoma during Swapo's election campaign, said: "There
will be no poor people in Namibia under a Swapo government.
    "Swapo has trained many professional people during its years in
exile. We will show them how human beings can govern a country in the
interests of all the peoples irrespective of colour or race, or places
of origin," said Nujoma.
    Addressing some 70 000 people at the time, Nujoma said: "There are
those Whites who are poor, they too need land to work and make a living,
they are also Namibians."
    In May 1993 the local Afrikaans newspaper, Die Republikein, had a
heavy banner across its front page saying: "Namibia is Bancrupt".
    Meanwhile some pf the indigenous peoples of  Namibia, have decided
they are no longer satisfied with a Swapo central government, and are
opting for self-government within their own geographical areas. They
have snugged themselves together under the banner of the Federal
Convention of Namibia.
    This time round Swapo could for the first time loose the election.
In fact, according to the Polish contingent of  Untag in 1989, Swapo had
lost the first election as well, but during the count of the ballot
papers, the power to Runda was swithched off and 19 ballot boxes were
switched, which gave  Swapo the victory instead of the DTA.
    The election is still too far off to make any predictions,
especially since the line-up of contestants for the election is not yet
known. Fact however is that Swapo has its back against the wall.


TOGETHER with 130 ethnic groups across the world opting for self-
government within own geographical areas,  the world is speckled
with critical ethic conflicts.
    The UN has established a Sub-Commission dealing with the Rights
of Indigenous Peoples. The 130 ethnic groups, some from Africa,
have already compiled a Draft Deklaration of 48 articles setting out
all aspects of self-government by ethnic groups.
    These articles however, can come into being only once the UN
declares it a Resolution.
    The UN must take the blame for the ethnic conflicts as the con-
flicts are due to the UN dragging its feet in endorsing the Draft
    Kosovo is but the tip of the iceberg. Etnic conflicts are at the
of the day also in countries like:
*  Turkey: A 15 year effort by Kurdish seperatists to establish auto-
nomy in southeastern Turkey.
*  Dem. Rep. of Congo: A two year civil war is raging.
*  Rwanda: The majority Hutu extremists are still at the throat of the
Tutsi minority.
*  Somalia:  Civil war raging since 1991.
*  Kashmir: Explosive border dispute with Ethiopia.
*  Nagorno-Karabakh: Still sensitive after war between Azerbaijanis
and Americans from 189-1994.
*  Chechnya:  In 1994 Russian forces trounched separatist Muslims
over independence.
*  Tibet: Widespread torture, assualt, killings and religious suppres-
sion ever since China seized Tibet in 1949.
*  Sri Lanka: Since 1983 secessionist Tamils have battled the Sinhalese
*  Bosnia-Herzegovina: Serb opposition and ethnic cleansing flared up
over Bosnian independence in 1991.
*  Northern Ireland: Experiencing 30 years of sectarian violence.
*  Algeria: Islamic militants and the secularist miluitary government,
are still at each others throats after 7 years of war.
*  Sierra Leona: Here a civil war is raging with rural rebels attampting

to dispose the urban government.
*  Liberia: Civil war with ethnic overtones is raging  rthe past 7

    Most amasing of it all is that the US is somehow or other involved
in each of these conflicts, yet to no avail. Meanwhile ethnic conflicts
are all taking a terrible toll in human lives and suffering.
    No people can ever move forward and be strong and respected,
unless they take their destiny into their own hands. If a people as a
group, as a community, as an ethnic group, rely on others to speak for
them, then that group of people will ultimately perish.
    An ethnic group has the right, in accordance with international law,

to govern itself within its own geograhpical area. The UN
acknowledges this fact  to quite an extent, but remains to blame for
all the ethnic conflicts and related problems, as no one can act on
draft declations, only on UN Resolutions.
    The UN in the past has been labelled a farce. We would like to
term it as follows:
    The UN is a farse to the nations
    a comedy for the rich
    a game for the fool
    a dream for the wise
    and a miracle for the poor.

    The way in which the UN is treating ethnic groups and their
absolute rights, the UN might as well not even exist. Ethnic peoples
have already knitted together in a unified move consisting of 130
of them. More are expected to be added. Already we are talking
of some 350 million people.
    Already they have become a forced to be reckoned with!