Issue  No 3

March 2002


Hierdie brief is ook       beskikbaar in Afrikaans.







1.This issue has been delayed, with good reason : The Zimbabwean presidential election farce and the accompanying official stamp on the black state terror and expulsion of whites had to happen first, so nobody could say: Never mind, a black Regime is not so bad, things might go wrong for a while, but hey presto!, it comes right again when the opposition wins… Now it's official : Robert Mugabe has been 're-elected', rigged and cooked as the election was, Europe and America complain but do nothing except to impose a few ineffectual sanctions, black Africa claps hands, and the black state terror

continues to kill and rob and steal and drive out to its heart's content. Like the British-sanctioned so-called kaffir commandos on the accompanying photo drove out the Boer women and children from their farms a hundred years ago. And do not for one moment think this is going to stop at the Limpopo…


2. The Zanu-PF Regime's friends and terrorist-colleagues here in the so-called New South Africa (Azania) have seen everything which happened just to the north of us, only the other side of the Limpopo. In Zimbabwe it took 20 years before the physical expropriation and expulsion began, though it should have happened in 1990, as has come out recently. Here it will come much sooner, now that an example has been given of how to do it without any fear of retribution, and there is no white Africa-state left to consider. It might be done a bit more sanctimoniously, and less blatantly, - but do they will. And kick you out they will, - just you watch.




3. The question is : Will we, the Boers, LET them take everything? Will we ALLOW ourselves be kicked out and climb meekly like our Zimbabwean brothers into the police van when Superintendent Tshabalala comes to arrest us, instead of the panga-wielding attackers? - We hear the grumbling and indignant chorus of: "Let them just try to take MY land! I will show them! Over my dead body! Let them come!...”


4. Well, we have news for you : The answer is exactly the opposite. As has been shown so many times in the recent past, all the bravado sneaks out the back door, once the jackboots of hard reality come goose-stepping in the front door. We will just as meekly and humbly as our Zimbabwean kith and kin surrender our land and property. And we will just as submissively climb into the van when the policemen hold it open and point their weapons. Because it is OUR police. And OUR government ruling over us. Even if we do not like them and even if we did not vote for them, - isn't it OUR state authority which was instituted over us? Just as we talk of OUR rugby players, OUR cricket team, OUR sportsmen, OUR defence force, OUR parliament, OUR MP's, OUR ministers, etc. Please, let's not bluff oursleves : As long as we give voluntary recognition to this alien, inherently hostile state as OUR state, in all its political and civilian manifestations under its Azanian flag, and as long as we do not have an ALTERNATIVE, - we will be subservient to this state and its organs. And continue to be robbed and assaulted and humiliated. And be driven out soon out of anything they want. And we must not complain, - apart from the fact that complaining isn’t going to help, it is also wrong. Just as wrong as complaining after you signed over your own house to Jonas the gardener, all legal and signed and sealed, and Jonas and his missus now moves into your beautiful bedroom. As long as that deed of transport stands unchallenged, it remains HIS house. And he can do whatever he blinking well likes there!


5. You are shocked? Upset? Angry? That’s right. We want to be shocked, upset and angry. And start realising that the mess we find ourselves in is of OUR making.  That it begins, and ends, with ourselves first. It is OURSELVES, as independent white state with everything which opens and closes and the strongest defence force in Africa at our disposal, who handed over the state authority to a black, communist Regime, - they themselves did not take it. And as long as we accept this without meaningful protest, without working on an alternative OWN state authority, we must accept Jonas as our Baas, and basta. Especially as long as we talk about HIS sports teams as if they were ours...




6. Let us forget, once more, the lackeys, the hands-uppers, the joiners, - all those who accept this ruling, alien Regime as their own government. Let them run after Azania, - it will soon enough turn around and devour them, like it is devouring the Todd’s and all the other naive whites unable to see what they are dealing with. When the mask is dropped a la Mugabe, it will be too late. Let us rather speak to the loyal compatriots, Boers with a capital letter, ‘our people’. Those who at least have the sense to see that this Xhosa Nostra state is not our state. Who have the insight and guts not to give any voluntary recognition to it. Who want an own state, within which we live in relative safety and security, where we can live out our own Christian values, our traditions, our culture and national life under our own government, with our own police and defence force, our own schools and hospitals and all the other own things other nations in the world, however small, regard as their natural right.

Now if only you and me felt like that, and there are at best a few hundred others who feel like that, - well, then we have no case. You and me and my work processor alone may not demand the rights of a people and a nation. As pointed out last time, we must, after the total hand-over and elimination of our state, first of all physically prove the mere EXISTENCE of a Boer nation, and that this nation WANTS to be free from the present joke of the ruling black, communist regime. And the first best opportunity to do this is the commemoration of the Peace of Vereeniging, which will be held over the weekend of 31 May to 2 June at Donkerhoek east of Pretoria.


7. We also have another reason for wanting this proof of existence : There are compatriots in prison, who acted on behalf of this our Boer nation, out of a firm conviction that it exists. Today, after eight years of physical and spiritual genocide under an alien, hostile regime, this is not so self-evident any more. Our political prisoners, and all who sacrificed something for the cause, deserve to know where they stand : Are they, as our enemies and their white lackeys allege, now only a handful of Don-Quixote-like ‘right-wingers’, totally out of step with their own people, - or is there still a Boer nation worth sacrificing for?


8. Put differently : Don’t you think that it is time we came together, all of us who do not want to be part of this Azanian mess and who want to do something to ward off the approaching ‘final solution’? Don’t you think we should try and see if we still have a nation left and if this nation WANTS to do something?  There are of course people who say this Boer nation is too useless to do anything... like the British said in 1880. Can’t we start by trying to find out if this nation cannot even GET TOGETHER? At a peaceful and untouchable meeting like this commemoration? The ‘Volkskomitee vir die Herdenking van die Tweede Vryheidsoorlog’ has already given an outline of the programme, and the main event takes place at DONKERHOEK east of Pretoria, right next to the old Radio Pretoria. It starts on Friday afternoon, 31 of May, and carries on through Saturday.


9. Should you agree with what has been said, you should really get involved. We are not going to get out of this mess and avoid the approaching genocide by leaving everything to a handful of ‘activists’. Please don’t say: “Come and call me once you start shooting...” We cannot do anything as long as we do not have an own state in at least one or other embryo form, and we cannot have an own state as long as we cannot prove we have a nation entitled to its own state! And under our circumstances we can only prove it by bringing together enough numbers who are prepared to stand up and be counted and speak their mind! Unless we do that, the hostile propaganda machine will succeed in their aim to relegate the Boers to a ‘detail of history’ 100 years ago... Therefore : Spread this message far and wide. Talk and discuss it.  Duplicate ‘The Boer’ and give it to friends and family. Ask us for placards and put them up in your area. And come. And drag everyone along who is a potential Boer. Remember, the ‘final solution’ for the white man (and woman) in Africa is on its way. Alone, each of us hiding in our own corner, we’ll be slaughtered and ploughed under. TOGETHER we have a chance.




(Supporters of the Balmoral Museum, Vallis Nostra and the Balmoral Gymnasium)



NB : This letter is called ‘The Boer  and  is intended to inform and serve as link between those of us whites, Afrikaners, Boers, who have remained loyal to the nation whose struggle to survive is depicted in the Balmoral Museum. ‘The Boer’ wants to help find ways and means to where we can live safely and without fear according to our own values, traditions and Christian faith, and build a future for our children. We do not in any way want to detract from the rights of the other nations in South Africa. We underwrite the Freedom Manifesto as spelt out in our first issue  or on . We want to emphasize that we only demand for ourselves what other nations and peoples all over the world accept as their God-given natural right, - a right so treacherously taken away from us by the ruling cabal in 1994.

   We must keep in touch amongst ourselves, and the internet provides a very useful additional means of communication. A network of Boers and Boer supporters is a pre-condition to survival in our present situation. Write to us, talk to us, visit us at :

Address : Balmoral Museum. PO Box 30,  Balmoral 1037.

Telephone : 0824381877.

e-mail :

Southern Cross Africa (SCA) website (incl news twice-weekly) :      


Mail Distribution.  At this stage, The Boer is written and distributed to a list of people on the Internet only. Alone we cannot do much more. Should you find this letter worth  a greater distribution, you can make a financial contribution with its printing and mailing  to reach hundreds of people outside the net, but who have given indications of wanting to be part of the ‘Boer Renaissance’. Contact us if you have the wherewithal and desire to help realise this.



GENOCIDE MUSEUM BALMORAL  A Museum like no other in the country :

   A visit will enable you, your family and your friends to

- see part of our history many people do not even know about.

- experience the feeling of facing the old and the new genocide.

- relax afterwards under the trees, with a rock pool close by.


Conveniently sited right next to the Balmoral/Kendal off-ramp on the N4, 75km from Pretoria. Open seven days a week. Enquiries : 0827609538.



BALMORAL GYMNASIUM – Building for our youth.

   Above the Museum you will see Balmoral Gymnasium being built, where young Boers should be able to acquire skills necessary to survive in the so-called New South Africa. It is being built without any state subsidy, step by step, as funds permit. When it is finally opened, around the middle of the year we hope, an intensive welding course will be the first on the agenda. Other training is also envisaged. Among the rural surroundings, students can expect high quality training, through discipline, hard work and national pride. Apart from qualifying, they must also be able to survive in the dangerous world outside.

   As you can see when driving past, there is progress. Much remains to be done. Should you want to get involved, please contact Jaap Kelder at 011-4554408.



From the official; peace agreement between the representatives of the governments of the two Boer Republics and Great Britain, 31 May 1902 :

“ soon as circumstances permit, representative institutions, leading up to self-government, will be introduced...”       

- BOER self government. We never got it, - let us demand it now, now that the bigger South Africa so obviously has gone wrong!  Big is nice, - but dangerous. In these dangerous days small is beautiful. The Boer nation is small. Let us see how small and what it looks like now. Whether it still exists at all. It is our only chance. See you the weekend of 31 May to 2 June. at Donkerhoek.