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The Langberg Diamond Trail
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The Langberg Diamond Trail starts and ends at Langberg Guest Farm, 20km from Kimberley on the Cape Town road.  The trail is set on the wide open plains of the Karoo amongst the hills of the Langberg.   Spot sable, oryx, giraffe, springbok and many other animals and birdlife.  The 5km trail is set on Langberg on the paths of the Anglo-Boer War's western frontier of the Magersfontein battlefields, one hundred years ago.  As well as the game life, the 20km comprises the Magersfontein Nature Reserve, where numerous memorials to the fallen of both Boer and Brit.
An observation post overlooks the battlefield proper where trenches may still be viewed.  The 40km route is set towards Ritchie and the Modder River, through Magersfontein Nature Reserve, Spytfontein and back to Langberg.