Ch Innisfree Fire and Frost

Ch Innisfree Golden Frost (imp USA)  

         Ch Innisfree Goldi's Sunrise

BISS CH Kamchatka Thunder Fire  

                      Chukchis Stitch in time

            Ch Chukchis Xmas Eve of  Kamchatka

                       Chukchis Marlytuk             

                        Chukchis Batman

            Chukchis Stitch in time  

                        Atari of Chukchis

Ch Chukchis Akitashi of Kamchatka

                       Ch Innisfree Skrimshaw's Orion

             Skrimshaw’s Yankee Sue (imp USA)

                       Saroja's Killashandra

Born 6 October 1998 - Red & White - Bi-eyed

Zeus is a very sound Siberian Husky with a beautiful head and great movement. Multi BISS Brace winner with his father Thunder, he is also a multiple two point CC, Best of Breed and Group placing  winner.  Zeus runs swing besides Kublai on my team.