Ch Innisfree Fire and Frost   

Ch Innisfree Golden Frost

       Ch Innisfree's Goldi's Sunrise

Ch Kamchatka Thunder Fire  

                       Chukchis Stitch in Time

            Ch Chukchis Xmas Eve of Kamchatka

                        Chukchis Marlytuk


                        Arcticlight's Top of the Class

            Ch Foxfire Arcticlite Kahn of Kamchatka

                        Arcticlight's Tiffany T of Foxfire

Ch Kamchatka Shakti Khan  

                         Chukchis Stitch in Time

            Ch Chukchis Akitashi of Kamchatka

                         Skrimshaw's Yankee Sue (imp)




Born 17 May 2000 - Copper & White - Brown Eyes

Shangai is a very slow maturing copper bitch with flawless movement. She is an exact replica of her mother Shakti. On her first show date, she took best puppy in breed over 14 other puppies. She has been shown twice only.

Shangai @ 11 months