Sledding Info Gallery 5


 Sledding in South Africa

These photos were taken at Klipriver in South Africa, where I train with my Siberian Huskies. We work our dogs every week, but only in winter with temperatures below 10 degrees centigrade.

Our equipment consists of three or four wheel custom made carts and the usual gangline and harnesses. Most of my harnesses come from the United States, but we have now started making them here. I make my own neck and ganglines.

 I have split my dogs into three teams. My main team is all male, my second team all female and the third team comprises of younger males and females that are still learning and gaining some aerobic fitness. Sometimes I combine different teams together, just to test their working ability, speed and endurance.

This sport is slowly gaining a tremendous amount of popularity in South Africa and a few sled dog clubs have formed in other parts of the country to enforce the true legacy of the Siberian Husky breed.