CH Kamchatka Shakti Khan HD00

          Arctilight's Snow Cruiser

 Arcticlight’s Top of the Class (CAN)

          Arcticlight's Sparkle Farkle

BIS CH Foxfire Arcticlite Kahn of Kamchatka

                      Ch Innisfree Tradewind

             Arcticlight’s Tiffany T of Foxfire(Imp)

                       Ch Arcticlight's Shadrina  

                        Chukchis Batman

            Chukchis Stitch in Time  

                         Atari of Chukchis

CH Chukchis Akitashi of Kamchatka

                         Ch Innisfree Skrimshaw's Orion

             Skrimshaw Yankee Sue (Imp USA)

                          Saroja's Killashandra



JUNE 1999


Born 28 April 1997 - Silver Grey

Shakti is a multi Best of Breed, Reserve Best of Breed and Reserve BISS winner. She is a female version of her sire Kahn and like him exhibits outstanding movement. She is the fine producer of King, Hunter, Zoe and Shangai. Shakti runs swing besides Duchess in either my all female sled team or with the males.


Ch Kamchatka African Queen HD00

Arcticlight’s Top of the Class (CAN)

CH Foxfire Arcticlite Zoro

             Arcticlight’s Tiffany T of Foxfire (CAN)


            Chukchis Stitch in Time

CH Chukchis Xmas Eve of Kamchatka

             Chukchis Marlytuk

Born 24 September 1995 - Black & White

Queenie is an all breeds Best in Show winning puppy, Reserve and Best of Breed winner. In 1996 she was an all breeds Junior Bitch of the Year Finalist. A very sound bitch she exhibits a sound structure with excellent movement. Her progeny are Dream and Duchess. Queenie is a great lead bitch and puppy trainer . She runs on either male or female team and trains all newcomers on how to behave out on the trail.



Ch Chukchis Xmas Eve of Kamchatka HD00

Chukchis Batman

Chukchis Stitch in Time

             Atari of Chukchis


            Chukchis Batman

Chukchis Marlytuk

             Chukchis Tia Maria

Born 25 December 1993 - Black & White

Ishtar was “the” foundation bitch for Kamchatka. A beautiful, showey and proud moving bitch with a wonderful temperament. She excelled in the show ring with numerous Reserves Best of Breed and CC’s. She is the fine producer of  champions Kublai, Queenie, Thunder and other Siberians residing elsewhere. Ishtar died 3 years ago, but her beauty, quality and presence can be seen in all of her progeny.


CH Chukchis Akitashi of Kamchatka HD00

          Feletiadan Razin of Chukchis

Chukchis Batman

          Tarkan Aqualina

Chukchis Stitch in Time  


             Atari of Chukchis

                      Tarkan Aqualina


                      Ch Innisfree tradwind

            CH Innisfree’s Skrimshaw Orion

                     Ch Innisfree Silver Harvest

Skrimshaw’s Yankee Sue (Imp USA)  

                    Ch Innisfree Pagan Sinner

             Saroja’s Killashandra

                     Ch Innisfree Act V of Saroja


Born 11 October 1995 - Red and White

Akitashi, a lovely sweet natured lady in every sense of the word, has proven herself in the show ring with multiple 2 point CC’s and reserve Best of Breeds. She is a proven champion producer and the dam of Shakti and Zeus. Her flawless movement is evident in her progeny.


    Ch Innisfree Fire and Frost   

Ch Innisfree Golden Frost

       Ch Innisfree's Goldi's Sunrise

BISS Ch Kamchatka Thunder Fire  

                       Chukchis Stitch in Time

            Ch Chukchis Xmas Eve of Kamchatka

                        Chukchis Marlytuk


                        Arcticlight's Top of the Class

            BIS Ch Foxfire Arcticlite Kahn of Kamchatka

                        Arcticlight's Tiffany T of Foxfire

Ch Kamchatka Shakti Khan  

                         Chukchis Stitch in Time

            Ch Chukchis Akitashi of Kamchatka

                         Skrimshaw's Yankee Sue (imp)

Born 12 October 1999 - Black & White - Parti coloured eyes

Zoe  made her debut with a bang, by taking 2, two point CC,s consecutively ( equivalent to 2 majors in the USA) and reserve Best of Breed.  She finished by taking another 2 point CC's under a Canadian Judge. Zoe, although very plain looking, has lovely movement and is very sound. She is a litter sister to King, Hunter and Gena,  and dam of Mo and Alli.