Arcticlight's Snow Cruiser

Arcticlight’s Top of the Class

          Arcticlight's Sparkle Farkle

Ch Foxfire Arcticlite Kahn of Kamchatka

                          Ch Innisfree Tradewind

            Arcticlight’s Tiffany T of Foxfire

                          Ch Arcticlight's Shadrina


                           Arcticlight's Top of the Class

            Ch Foxfire Arcticlite Zoro

                            Arcticlight's Tiffany T of Foxfire

Ch Kamchatka African Queen  

                            Chukchis Stitch in Time

            Ch Chukchis Xmas Eve of Kamchatka

                             Chukchis Marlytuk

Born 18 April 1998 - Grey and White - Blue eyed

Shown only a few times, Dream is an exceptional moving Siberian Husky.  This sweet natured dual purpose Siberian Husky has an insatiable desire to run and is a wonderful lead dog  like his father Kahn.