Ch Innisfree Golden Frost 

             BISS Ch Kamchatka Thunder Fire

                            Ch Chukchis Xmas Eve of Kamchatka

Ch Kamchatka Icon King

                            BIS Ch Foxfire Arcticlite Kahn of  Kamchatka

              Ch Kamchatka Shakti Khan

                            Ch Chukchis Akitashi of Kamchatka


                            Ch USA Innisfree Fire and Frost

              Ch Innisfree Golden Forst

                            Ch Innisfree Goldi's Sunrise

Kamchatka Ice Princess

                             Chukchis Stitch in Time

               Ch Chukchis Xmas Eve of Kamchatka

                             Chukchis Marlytuk


Danté @ 6 months

Born 5 June 2001 - Silver Grey - blue eyes

Dante is a very pretty girl with lovely movement and great temperament. She epitomizes what I've been looking for. The first "King" breeding to take place at Kamchatka, Dante looks very promising and I hope with a bright future ahead.