Kamchatka Ashanti Queen

                CH Innisfree Golden Frost (imp USA)

           BISS CH Kamchatka Thunder Fire

                    CH Chukchis Xmas Eve of Kamchatka

 BISS CH Kamchatka Icon King

                    CH Foxfire Arctilite Kahn Kamchatka     

         CH Kamchatka Shakti Kahn

                    CH Chukchis Akitashi of Kamchatka


                     Chukchis Batman

           CHukchis Stitch in Time  

                      Atari of Chukchis      

CH Chukchis Akitashi of Kamchatka

               CH Innisfree Skrinshaw's Orion

        Skrimshaw's Yankee Sue (imp USA)

                Saroja's Killashandra

Ashanti @ 4 months

Ashanti @ 4 weeks

Born 4 November 2001 - Red and white, brown eyed

A wonderful little girl with incredible personality. A real show off.

Ashanti in Motion