The Odd One Out!

Ch Griswold Total Impact

Ch Dunollie Glen Mhor of Gerca (imp Aus)

             Lukedom Queen of Hearts


             Brighan Maximillian

Ch Drutaner Haze Eva

             Ch Drutaner Hazebashoebaby

Born 16 January 1999


Apollo was the top Show Weimaraner in South Africa for the year 2000. Recipient of various puppy awards, he is a multi Best of Breed and group placer. He gets on well with the Siberian Huskies and is most happy beside me on the couch or snoozing in the comfort of my bed.


Apollo was show very selectively this year. He was not campaigned, yet he still became the Reserve Weimaraner of the year 2001. Out of 12 shows Apollo attended, he took  9 times the Best of Breed. Every single international judge, be it Australian, British, Scottish, Irish, New Zealand  etc, has awarded him the Best of Breed. 

His record speaks for itself. Way to go boy!!!


Apollo is still dominating the showring. Three Best of Breeds at 3 shows with a group win. Wonderful! Thank you Cathy for your handling of Apollo and for believing in him. Poly says" thank you" too!