Sole, on me, Strauss, Maclennan, Afrika... [‘aging
compeers’], in  new Coin:
   ‘...however litttle they may be able to debate the
point, they remain firm in their conviction that they
always knew (and still know) a good  poem when they see
one. if pressed ... [despite] ... vagueness,
conradiictions ... confusion ... they will eventually
return, unabashed, tto this conviction.
‘............ Surely  there are other journals being
published whose standard of  poetry are [sic]
consistently lower than anything appearing in New Coin?’

His e-mail to me [not for publication]:

‘......... M my anger at the New Coin
   debate was the manner in which older poets and doyens
   of literature -
   yourself, Afrika, McLennan - who should know better,
   are prepared to
   want to crush (yes, I am using the strong term here -
   re effects) a
   new direction, both formally and narratively, which I
   interesting, and engaging, and am not prepared to just
   dismiss out of
   hand. I am also shocked that New Coin should have to
   deal with this,
   when there is a lot of bad poetry around (I find New
   Contrast more or
   less unreadable, and Carapace; re the way they present
   a white, upper
   middle class, male sensibility as what one should
   aspire to as
   'poetry'). .........’