Jool Gospel Rock show

Prayer map

Hi Everyone. Thank you for choosing to supporting this festival in prayer. I believe that this act will make or brake our show and that is to seek God's face. Our prayer is that God will bless you ten fold for this act of serves.

The show is aimed away from Bible bashing. Not that Bible bashing is wrong, but Pretoria has has such great churches that seek God's face and are satisfying the need for intimacy. There is another need though! The need to have fun and experience our joy in Christ on a sociable level. I hear the question: 'Aren't we suppose to seek God always?' Yes! That is why it will come naturally. Because of our relationship with God, the Holy Spirit will be present and thus the reason for this Prayer map.

The Prayer map is designed to guide cell groups, prayer groups and two friends praying. Pray for the mission of the show which is eternal impact through the arts.

There will be no outer call, reason being that it is irresponsible to drop a newborn baby on the ground. The opportunity will be for the bands to get out there and do what they are called to do and that is to minister.

Help us to seek God's face in this matter and form your own groups of prayer. Even if you are only two people, pray! Use your initiative and pray!


  1. Salvation:There will be unborn people. Pray that God will touch them and that they will get involved in a church.
  2. Organization:Pray for Jool, finances, labour,security..... Pray for the organizers to walk the narrow path of God's will and pray for excellance.
  3. Bands:Health and safety(travel). Ministry will be their responsability. Pray that they will seek God in everything and that they will focus on Jesus and not themselves.
    Who are they?: Peculiar People, One 80, Eminent Child, 5 Star Society, C-Kruis Music, Light Box, Metanoya and Blindgait.
  4. Marketing:Pray that God will use our flier and poster to create an expectancy. Pray that God will bless Jool's own marketing.
  5. Impact Radio:Pray for our add running a couple of times a week. Pray for the community announcement and all the interviews. Pray for the protection over the OB van.(Impact will be at the show, live!)
  6. Technical:Sound, Lights, Tickets at gate, Video projection,OB van...
  7. Excellance:Pray that we as christians will set a Godly high standard in everything we do on the stages of the world.

Give God the Glory!!

PS: Please hit the PRINT button in your browser and hand this Prayer map to your friends.

For Any information please contact Renier at 082 457 6526 or email him at