The following changes have been made to this home page:
July 2002
WW2 Proclamations added to SACMP WW2 History page.
"Belgian Police Militaire" improved.
"Australian Military Police" improved.
March 2002
"Swiss Military Police" added.
October 2001
"Czech Republic Page" improved.
"Feldgendarmerie and Feldjager Page" improved
July 2001
Page on "Norwegian Militærpoliti" added
Page on "Fragging" and "Combat Refusals" in Vietnam added
Page on French Gendarmerie Nationale improved
Page added on Irish An Cor Poilini Airm
World War Two SACMP Roll of Honour added
"What cops say and what they mean" humour added
  April 2001
Page added on Czech Republic Military Police
  January 2001
Page added on Slovenian Military Police
  October 2000
Info on SA Government White Paper on Participation in International Peace Missions added to SACMP 1988-1988 history page
Unit insignia added to SACMP WW2 history page
Page added on Royal Saudi Land Forces Military Police
Page added on Gendarmerie Nationale of France
Poland page improved with information on the Military Gendarmerie
  June-October 2000
Page added on Belgian "Police Militaire"
Page added on Royal Australian Corps of Military Police
  May 2000
Page added on NATO Combined Military Police Patrols
Page added on "Military Police" of the Warsaw Pact countries and Poland
Page added on Rhodesian Military Police
  January 2000
Links page updated and reorganised
Additional info on Italian Military Police linked from Carabinieri page
  November 1999
Pages about US MP's in Vietnam and TET 68 offensive added.
Links page updated
Page on Israeli Military Police added.
More data on the Koninklijke Marechaussee of the Netherlands
  August 1999
Additional info on German military police added
Photos added to SACMP WW2 history
  July 1999.
More detail on Canadian Military Police added
Info from Mario Paesani site on Carabinieri added
Murphy's Law for Infantry and Military Police added to humour page
  June 1999.
WW II Corps of Military Police insignia and brassards page
US Army MP Corps brigade insignia

  May 1999.
Information on Naval Police updated with addition of info on Naval Detention Barracks.
Graphics for Provost Units added to SACMP Insignia.
Graphics added to 1 SWA Provost history.
Provost School Colours Parade page added.