As part of the South African National Defence Force, personnel of the SACMP (and also the Military Police Agency) are usually issued with the R4 Assault rifle and the Z88 9mm Pistol. Other rifles in use by the SANDF include the R5 and R6 rifles. The latter are shorter versions of the R4 rifle.
DESCRIPTION R4 Rifle R5 Rifle R6 Rifle Z88 Pistol
Based on Israeli "Galil rifle" Beretta 92F
Calibre 5,56mm x 45 9mm x 19
System Operation Gas Direct Recoil
Locking System Rotating Bolt Falling Block
Muzzle Velocity 980m/sec 920m/sec 825m/sec 330 - 360m/sec
Rate of Fire 600 - 750 rpm N/A
Mass (empty) 4,3 kg 3,7 kg 3,6 kg 995g
Length (butt folded) 740mm 615mm 565mm 210mm
Barrel Length 460mm 322mm 280mm 118mm
Height (bipod extended) 360mm N/A N/A 145mm
Effective Range 500m 400m 400m 50m
Sight Radius 475mm 445mm 425mm 156mm
Feed Device 35 rd magazine (standard)
5 rd magazine for rifle grenade ballistite rounds
50 rd magazine
15 round magazine
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Possible MPA Weapons of the future ?
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CR21 rifle - "Combat Rifle for the 21st Century"
5,56mm calibre
SS77 Light Machine Gun
7,62mm or 5,56mm calibre