Until 1942 the Military Police Corps of the UDF had been an all male domain, but with the increasing number of females entering the UDF the need for female Military Police was seen. On 16th September 1942 the Womens Auxiliary Military Police Corps ("Vroue Hulpkorps vir die Militere Polisie") was formed, in terms of Government Notice 1890 in Government Gazette 3097. In actual fact the first recruits had been trained at the Training and Reserve Depot MPC during May 1942. The first recruits had been selected with the criteria of fitness, tact and a knowledge of the "female" mind.

The Corps was organised into a Service Headquarters, Detachments, Sections and Companies under an Officer Commanding who was responsible to the Adjutant General. On completion of their training the female MP's were posted out for duty amongst the womens army units at the large garrison centres, usually on attachment to a Garrison Provost Company of the MPC. Captain (Mrs) J.D. Buchanan was appointed as Senior Womens Disciplinary Officer and Officer Commanding WAMPC.

The WAMPC used the General Service badge, that is the springbok as distinguishing insignia on their head-dress. The head-dress was also made distinctive by the use of an orange cap cover, like that of their male counterparts. Red cloth armlets with black lettering WAMPC were also worn.
It is of interest to note that male MP's with the Union wore a different armlet to those worn by their colleagues overseas. The Union pattern was red with black lettering MPC.