"Militär Polizei"

Beret badge   These pages are based on the official web pages of the Swiss MP Zone 2. The original photographs are also taken from those pages. The original pages can be found here
History. Switzerland's land-locked situation coupled with its long tradition of neutrality has left it with unique militarv prohlems. As Norway, Denmark and Holland-learned to their cost in World War Two, neutrality in itself is not enough to protect a small country against its more powerful neighbours if the latter regard invasion as strategically necessary. Despite having no natural enemies, Switzerland with its commanding position in Southern Europe might be considered a legitimate target in any future war and for this reason has always maintained a highly effective Army. The Army and Air Corps, which are incorporated into a single force concept, consist of 1,500 regular servicemen supported by 18,500 recruits called up in each February and July to undertake 17 weeks basic training. Thereafter the recruits transfer to the Reserve and are liable to report for three weeks refresher training between the ages of 20 and 32; for a further fortnight between the ages of 33 and 42; and for a final 7 days' training over a two-year period between the ages of 43 and 50. Reserves keep their weapons at home to facilitate mobilisation in an emergency, as a direct result of which a staggering 625,000 soldiers, including 45,000 ofIlcers, 110,000 NCOs and 3,000 women auxiliaries can be called to arms within 48 hours of a crisis. However dedicated the Reserves, they are only able to flght within their own parameters. Swiss soldier in camouflage dress
Organisation. The military police of Switzerland are organised in four military police zones. For example MP Zone 2 handles troops in cantons: Basel city, Basel landscape, Aargau, Solothurn and Berne (the yellow area of the map). In addition they take over the representation of other military police zones, if they are not in operation.
  • MP Zone 2 (Yellow area)
    • Basel City
    • Basel State
    • Aargau
    • Solothurn
    • Berne
  • MP Zone ? (Blue area)
    • Geneva
    • Fribourg
    • Jura
    • Neuchatel
    • Vaud
  • MP Zone ? (Red area)
    • Lucerne
    • Schwyz
    • Obwalden
    • Nidwalden
    • Graubunden
    • Uri
    • Valais
    • Ticino
  • MP Zone ? (Green area)
    • Glarus
    • Appenzell Ausserrhoden
    • Appenzell Innerrhoden
    • Schaffhausen
    • St. Gallen
    • Thurgau
    • Zurich
    • Zug
Swiss MP Zone Map

Jurisdiction. The jurisdiction of the Swiss military police is not known.
Duties. Duties of the Swiss military police are:
  • fulfilling the duties of the criminal police and security functions within the army area;
  • the support of commanders, internal investigations and authorities by:
    • circumstances clarifications
    • preservation of evidence
    • investigations
  • Co-operation with other army police forces and the civilian police.
Selection and Training. Nothing is known about the selection and training of Swiss military police.  
Military Police Vehicles. The military police vehicles correspond to the standard civilian police patrol car. The equipment carried in the vehicle is also equivalent to that in a civilian police patrol car. Each military police zone possesses several of these vehicles. Swiss MP Opel
The vehicle equipment contains among other things:
  • Signalling material (traffic signs and turn signal bulbs)
  • Shut-off material (tape, pegs, cone)
  • Fire-extinguishing and oil bonding agent
  • Criminal investigation department suit-case (track protection material)
  • Medical material
  • lluminant
Swiss MP Opel
The Criminal Investigation Department suit-case contains all the materials, which are necessary for professional protection of track and latent print protection. Prints from fingers, tools and other forms, such as vehicles, can be saved.

The medicine and drug proof suit-case contains the necessary equipment to check a persons ability to drive after an accident.

Trace Preservation equipment DUI equipment
Military Police Uniforms. Swiss military police uniforms are based on those of the Swiss armed forces. This includes Service Dress and camouflage dress.

Military police wear distinctive collar badges on both the Service Dress uniforms and also on their camouflage dress. A badge is also worn on their berets. An badge also appears to be worn on the arms of the MP.

A distinctive band is worn around the helmets of military police, and it is also believed that a white brassard with a black letter "P" is worn.
Beret badge

Beret badge
Note band around helmet Arm badge

MP Zone 2 arm badge
Service dress collar badge

Service dress collar patch
It is also believed that the background colour of the collar patch indicates whether the wearer is from the Military Police or Army Traffic Police. These colours are as follows:
  • Light Brown - Military Police.
  • Orange - Military Police (Reserve).
  • Yellow - Army Traffic Police (Old version).
  • Purple - Army Traffic Police (New version).
Camouflage dress collar badge

Camouflage dress collar badge