Very little is known about the military police within the Royal Land Forces of the Kingdom of Saudi Arabia.

A photo published dating from the Iraq-Kuwait Gulf War period (Operations "Desert Shield" and "Desert Storm") shows what appears to be a military policeman wearing a bright red beret and a red brassard on the left left.

Saudi MP?
Saudi cap badge The Saudi cap badge incorporates the Saudi Arabian national symbol into the design. Their national symbol is a palm tree with crossed swords, surrounded by palm branch wreath with a royal crown at the top.

The national symbol is a reminder to all Saudis of their heritage. The date palm tree, which traditionally, is the main agricultural crop, is symbolic of vitality and growth; the crossed swords, always unsheathed, symbolises strength rooted in the faith of Islam; and the palm branch wreath with the royal crown at the top symbolises the origin and strength of the Royal family.

  No badge or insignia are manufactured within Saudi Arabia, and all badges are made outside Saudi Arabia in Egypt, Korea, Jordan, Taiwan, Middle Eastern countries, or the USA. The current hat, beret and cap badges are of a high quality.

Various different collar badges have been used by the military police on their service dress.

1950's style collar badge

1960's style collar badge

1970's style collar badge

1980's style collar badge

Note change to crossed revolvers similar to the crossed Harper's Ferry pistols of the US Army Military Police Corps.