SACMP Roll of Honour - 1939 until 1947

KAKilled in action.
MDPMissing: Death Presumed.
DPOWDied whilst Prisoner of War.
DSDied on active service due to natural causes or accident.
DADEx-full time volunteers who died after discharge, but before 31 December 1947


This "Roll of Honour" is to the best of my knowledge accurate. It has been compiled from information contained in the South African 1939-45 World War Roll of Honour and the Commonwealth War Graves Commission Web Site. Details which are corroborated in both sources are indicated in BLACK, whilst details that are only contained in the SA Roll of Honour are shown in RED and those on the Commonwealth War Graves Commission web site are shown in BLUE.

Details that have not been checked are indicated in GREEN
No Rank Surname Init Cause Date Cemetary or Memorial Age at death, Unit & Remarks
296285 Cpl Ackerman SJ DS 23-Sep-43 Johannesburg (West Park)  
115545 Cpl Allen RJT DS 12-Dec-42 Alexandria (Hadra) 1 Field Provost Company
56869 Cpl Anderson FJ DS 14-Dec-43 Brakpan  
223238VE Ssgt Arnold SE DS 06-Nov-42 Springs 46
306636 Cpl Badenhorst WJ DS 06-Nov-42 Pretoria (Rebecca Street) 43
223314 Cpl Bannan GE DS 21-Dec-45 No info on CWGC  
140739 Cpl Barkhuizen FJ DS 13-Mar-47 Potchefstroom  
95055 Cpl Benecke CAC DS 25-Dec-42 Thaba Tshwane (New) 23
156273 Cpl Blom CJ DAD 03-Jul-47 ?  
135694V Sgt Boshoff AJ DS 22-Nov-44 Bari, Italy  
10832 Cpl Bosman GJ DS 30-Mar-44 Port Elizabeth (North End) 25
56413 Cpl Botes JAC DS 14-Aug-41 Johannesburg (Braamfontein) 27
42494 Cpl Botha MJ DS 27-Nov-43 Germiston (Primrose)  
131233 Sgt Botha PT DS 23-Dec-41 Buffelshoek Farm Burial Ground 19
230275V Cpl Bothma JA DS 21-Jul-45 Bari, Italy 36
156235 Cpl Britz HJ DS 16-Apr-42 Cape Town (Maitland) 46
35741 Sgt Brunette GC DS 02-Apr-46 Port Elizabeth (North End) 53
206530 Cpl Buitendach BD KA 14-Jun-44 Bolsena, Italy Divisional Provost Corps (Probably 6 SA Armd Div Provost Company)
45688 Cpl Channer JH DS 12-Oct-41 Potchefstroom 27
41349 Cpl Coetzee GE DS 03-Jun-40 Thaba Tshwane (Old No 1) 39
43480 Lcpl Coetzee AJ DS 13-Oct-40 Enkeldoorn Farm Burial Ground 45
307152 Cpl Colmer FJ DS 08-Jun-45 Aliwal North  
22744 Sgt Cronje APJ DS 03-Dec-42 Bloemfontein (In Memoriam) 44
84072 Cpl Davis AT DS 31-Aug-44 Heliopolis, Egypt 23
141915 Ssgt Deighton CE DAD 29-Nov-47 ?  
24132 Cpl De Jager CJ KA 23-Apr-45 Castiglione, Italy 22
56680 Cpl De Klerk GJ DS 04-Jul-42 Ficksburg 63
163959 Pte De Villiers G DS 03-Mar-43 Durban (Stellawood)  
62345 Sgt De Vos DCP KA 03-Jul-44 Foiana Della Chiana, Italy 27,
6 SA Armd Div Provost Company
223209 Cpl Dickason AH DS 14-Feb-42 Pietermaritzburg (Mountain Rise) 48
88509 Capt Dickinson BRE DS 02-Apr-46 Caserta, Italy 29,
attached from General Service Corps
85721 Cpl Dunt AW DS 26-Sep-42 Cape Town (Maitland)  
56617 Cpl Du Plessis FP DS 10-Apr-43 East London (Cambridge)  
202010 Cpl Du Plessis JC DS 23-May-44 No details on CWGC  
151604 Lcpl Du Toit TA DS 25-Jan-41 Thaba Tshwane (Old No 1) 52
34037 Sgt Ferreira JW DS 19-Oct-43 Germiston (Primrose) 33
223292 Cpl Fitzgerald ML DS 30-Apr-43 Benoni 30
115003 Cpl Fourie HH DS 29-Aug-43 George 45
58985 Cpl Fourie JC DS 27-Apr-46 Pietermaritzburg (Mountain Rise) 51
237866 Lcpl Geldenhuys BPN DAD 16-Dec-43 ?  
163135 Cpl Gielink MM DAD 10-Jun-45 ?  
175302 Cpl Gouws PJ DS 22-Apr-42 Barberton 24,
6 SA Armd Div Provost Company
223297 Cpl Griffiths BM DS 20-Jun-42 Johannesburg (West Park) 54
151615 Cpl Heath JD DAD 23-Jun-46 Thaba Tswane (New)  
25695V Sgt Heine RJT DS 22-Dec-45 Frankfort 36
78650 Cpl Holloway A DS 02-May-43 Springs  
61045 Cpl Hurter TT DAD 01-Sep-46 ?  
131291 Cpl Jacobs AJ DS 22-Aug-41 Johannesburg (Brixton) 43
116437 Sgt Jonker WD DS 19-Jan-41 Thaba Tshwane (New) 42
40980 Cpl Jooste JN MDP 29-Nov-42 Alamein 2 Field Provost Company
45994 Cpl Karsten JS DS 06-Jan-47 Lichtenburg 53
32858V Sgt Keen GW DS 09-Apr-45 Ravenna, Italy 28,
19 Detachment, 2 Line of Communication Provost Company
87038 Cpl Kellner M DS 21-Jan-44 Johannesburg (West Park)  
163130 Cpl Kemp W DS 05-May-43 Durban (Stellawood)  
156172VE Ssgt Kerwan WL DS 08-Sep-47 Cape Town (Maitland)  
5529 Cpl Kesner A DS 10-Mar-43 Alamein  
43583V Cpl Keyser CJ DS 30-Nov-44 Potchefstroom  
56843 Cpl Kruger MAF DS 31-Aug-45 Bloemfontein (Hamilton) 56,
7 Provost Company
41408 Cpl Kunz AJ DPOW 27-Oct-43 Rome, Italy 3 Provost Company (?)
118067 Cpl Kunz PC DS 03-Dec-45 Cape Town (Maitland) 59
79051 Sgt Langley AE DS 27-Oct-41 Nairobi, Kenya CGWC indicates unit as 3rd Bn Transvaal Scottish
163219 Cpl Lavile JA DS 03-Jul-42 Durban (Stellawood) 58
139411 Cpl Leach EJ DS 21-Oct-42 Port Elizabeth (North End) 46
307236V Cpl Le Grove JG DS 17-Oct-45 Bari, Italy 32,
2 Line of Communication Provost Company
279227 Cpl Le Roux WHMA DS 02-Jan-42 Pretoria (Rebecca) 32
122638 Lcpl Lubbe AJ DS 05-Oct-47 Germiston (Primrose)  
56485 Sgt Lubbe SWJJ DS 11-Nov-41 Ritchie, Northern Cape CWGC indicated unit as SAAF
58324 Lcpl Lucas JPS DS 13-Dec-42 Johannesburg (West Park) 39
88885 Cpl Malone JC DAD 30-Sep-46 ?  
62183 Pte Marais F DS 12-Jun-43 Johannesburg (West Park) CWGC indicates unit as Central Army Training Depot, SA Forces
41420 Ssgt Marais GJ DS 22-Apr-45 Pretoria (Rebecca)  
177671 Ssgt Marinus JW DS 16-Jan-45 Thaba Tshwane (New)  
119864 Sgt Markey T DS 05-May-45 Johannesburg (Brixton) 57
Was holder of MM
163191 Cpl Mather J DS 28-Jan-43 Durban (Stellawood) 55
55764 Cpl Meyer SWJ DAD 29-May-44 ?  
86710V WO1 Minnie WD DS 08-Feb-45 Dordrect, Eastern Cape 50
43416 Cpl Montgomery JAL DS 08-Apr-41 No record on CWGC  
163172 Sgt Moorcroft WJ DS 24-Mar-43 Marburg, KZN 59
60089 Pte Mostert AJ MDP 29-Nov-42 Alamein, Eqypt 23
41372 Cpl Murray EA DS 01-May-41 No record on CWGC  
175832 Lcpl Nel JN DS 24-Dec-40 Nakuru, Kenya 2 Field Provost Company
35822 Lt Noome HFM DS 04-Mar-44 Thaba Tshwane (New)  
223273V Cpl Oberholzer ZP DS 30-Apr-45 Benoni 51
4097 Cpl Olivier CE DS 23-Aug-41 Alexandria (Hadra)  
131253 Sgt Openshaw SF DS 25-May-41 Nayuki, Kenya  
25640 Cpl Pelser PJ DS 03-Jul-45 Rome, Italy  
139330 Lt Poole LB DS 17-Jul-41 Cape Town (Maitland) 52
223262 Lcpl Potgieter A DS 06-May-41 Alberton 42
223223 Cpl Potgieter JM DS 18-Apr-42 Benoni 49
115326 WO1 Potgieter JT DS 25-Aug-48 No record on CWGC  
41499 Lcpl Pratt JLL DS 09-Dec-40 Kroonstad 25
223215 Cpl Promnitz RGH DS 05-Apr-41 Johannesburg (West Park) 55,
11 Garrison Provost Company
18804 Cpl Raath RJ DAD 24-Mar-45 ?  
240528V Cpl Reid CF DS 16-Oct-45 Harding, KZN  
18749 Cpl Rickert HJ MDP 10-May-42 Alamein Memorial  
43418 Cpl Rickert JM DW 24-Oct-42 El Alamein  
141872 Cpl Roos RB MDP 15-Jun-42 Alamein Memorial 2 Field Provost Company
156241 Cpl Rowan SE DS 25-Jun-43 Cape Town (Maitland) 39
SAP196216 Sgt Saaiman JD DPOW 27-Oct-43 Rome, Italy  
11488 Cpl Sanders HJ DS 29-Mar-44 East London (West Bank) 38
139429 Cpl Sanderson N DS 09-Jul-46 No record on CWGC  
86937 Cpl Scheepers HP DS 26-Dec-41 Johannesburg (Braamfontein) 40
237715V Pte Scheepers MJ DS 10-May-45 Krugersdorp 59
43590 Cpl Schoeman SG DS 28-May-43 Al Kleiner Farm Burial Ground, Potchefstroom 52
141184 Lcpl Schroeder DCP DS 08-Sep-40 Johannesburg (Brixton)  
163961 Lcpl Shrives J DS 25-Dec-42 Durban (Red Hill) 25
153677 Cpl Smith DLF KA 20-Jun-42 Knightsbridge, Libya  
156130V Sgt Stassen P DS 17-Jun-43 Cape Town (Plumstead)  
104507 Cpl Steenkamp DTN DS 21-Dec-41 Johannesburg (Braamfontein)  
151624 Cpl Steenkamp JC DS 10-Sep-43 Thaba Tshwane (New) 54
62659 Sgt Steyn PJF DS 28-May-42 Heliopolis, Egypt  
295743 Pte Stopforth PS DS 07-Jun-46 Kempton Park  
43570 Cpl Struwig P DPOW 27-Oct-43 Rome, Italy  
87008 Cpl Swanepoel PA DS 02-Feb-46 Johannesburg (West Park)  
23346V Pte Swart GJ DS 31-Oct-43 Vryburg  
45884 Lcpl Swartz PJ DAD 05-Aug-44 Vryburg  
116426 Cpl Theron LAG DAD 13-Sep-45 ?  
107583V Sgt Theys SJ DS 03-Jan-47 Cape Town (Maitland) 58
32084 Cpl Tromp JD DS 05-Jul-40 Middelburg, MP 21
56387V Cpl Van Der Berg JC DS 30-May-45 Cape Town (Maitland)  
80092 Cpl Van Der Poel H DS 10-Feb-42 Germiston (Primrose)  
161032 Sgt Van Deventer HAJ DS 08-Feb-43 Springs 38
177684 Cpl Van Dyk LCJ DS 28-Jun-43 Hennopsrivier Farm Cemetary  
41777V Lt Van Eeden CJ DS 15-Jan-46 Castiglione, Italy  
175844 Cpl Van Helsdingen R DS 08-May-43 Roodebank Farm Burial Ground, Villiers 43
329253 Cpl Van Rensburg JFJ DS 08-Nov-43 Kareebos Farm Burial Ground, Wolmaranstad  
190809 Cpl Van Rooyen JA DS 07-Dec-42 Thaba Tshwane (New) 21
139423V Cpl Van Schalkwyk TN DS 28-Jul-44 Foiana Della Chiana, Italy 6 SA Armd Div Provost Company
P3313 WO1 Van Vuuren BAJ DS 07-May-46 Thaba Tshwane (New)  
153665 Cpl Van Vuuren JJJ DAD 05-Jun-47 Potchefstroom  
111729 Lcpl Van Zyl WH DS 18-Nov-40 Cape Town (Maitland) 48
86209 Cpl Venter JP KA 15-Apr-45 No record at CWGC  
26567V Ssgt Viljoen AJ DS 25-Jun-44 Benoni 48
P1570V Ssgt Viljoen DP DS 02-Feb-45 Cape Town (Maitland) 43
156157 Cpl Viljoen WD DS 01-Apr-45 Castiglione, Italy 25
223305 Lcpl Visagie TE DS 18-Jul-41 Standerton  
139420 Cpl Warner RE DS 02-Jan-47 East London (West Bank) 34
58071 Lt Col Whammond J DS 14-May-41 Thaba Tshwane (Old No 1) 48,
Was holder of MC, DCM and MM
116323V Cpl Willemse J DS 11-Jul-45 Kisumu, Kenya 25
5442 Pte Williams FHT DS 04-Jul-41 Alexandria (Chatby) 3 Field Provost Company

"South African Roll of Honour - Suid-Afrikaanse Ere-rol"
Commonwealth War Graves Commission

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