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Last updated 19 July 2001

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UNITED KINGDOM Adjutant General's Corps
    Adjutant General's Corps (unofficial)
Adjutant General's Corps (official)
116 Provost Company (Volunteer) (unofficial)
Exemplo Ducemus (unofficial)
"The Old and Bold" RMP SIB (unofficial)
    Royal Australian Corps of Military Police (unofficial)
RACMP History
    Corps of Royal New Zealand Military Police
    Canadian Military Police Association
Canadian Forces Provost Marshal
Canadian Military Police & Security Academy
No 5 Company Canadian Provost Corps
25 MP Platoon
Canadian Provost Corps
CZECH REPUBLIC Vojenska Policie
    MP of Czech Republic
Czech Military Police
    "Chained Dogs" Re-enactment Site
FG Trupp 82 Re-enactment Site
Feldgendarmerie Home Page
FG Trupp b (mot) 419 Re-enactment Site
Elite Forces of the Third Reich
Photosammler - Feldgendarmerie photos
Feldjäger-Abteilungen Site in German (English version in construction)

NETHERLANDS Marechaussee
BELGIUM Belgian Army
    6th Military Police Company
SOUTH AFRICA SA Police ServiceSA National Defence ForceARMSCOR
    SA Police Service
SA National Defence Force
Dovey's Army Pages
Armament's Corporation of South Africa
    MP Gren Kp I/214
MP Gren Kp II/1
MP Zone II
UNITED STATES OF AMERICA  Harper's Ferry Pistols
    US Army Military Police School
US Army Criminal Investigation Laboratory
US Army Criminal Investigation Command
US Air Force Security Police Association
Military Police Association
  MP Companies
    West Point Military Police
MP Coy Ft. Riley, Kansas
MP Coy Ft. Stewart, Georgia
MP Activity Ft. Benning, Georgia
MP Platoon Ft. Wainwright, Alaska
13th MP Coy Vicenza, Italy
58th MP Coy Schofield Barracks, Hawaii
59th MP Coy/2nd Platoon Operation Joint Forge, Hungary
62nd MP Coy (Highway Patrol) Germany (Alumni Site)
82nd MP Coy Ft. Bragg, North Carolina
91st MP Detachment Ft. Polk, Louisiana
119th MP Coy
163rd MP Detachment Ft. Campbell, Kentucky
204th MP Coy Ft. Polk, Louisiana
209th MP Coy Ft. McClellan, Alabama
212th MP Coy Kitzingen, Germany
258th MP Coy Ft. Polk, Louisiana
289th MP Coy The Old Guard
410th MP Coy Camp Eagle Base, Tuzla, Bosnia
472nd MP Coy Ft. Wainwright, Alaska
529th MP Coy Heidelberg, Germany
545th MP Coy Ft. Hood, Texas
War Veterans of the 560th MP Coy
560th MP Coy (Customs) Rhein-Main AFB, Germany
615th MP Coy Grafenwohr, Germany
978th MP Coy Ft. Bliss, Texas
988th MP Coy Ft. Benning, Georgia
  MP Battalions
    25th MP Bn Schofield Barracks, Hawaii
76th MP Bn Ft. Bliss, Texas
201st MP Battalion
504th MP Bn Ft. Lewis, Washington
519th MP Bn Ft. Polk, Louisiana
701st MP Bn Ft. McClellan, Alabama
716th MP Bn Ft. Campbell, Kentucky
720th MP Bn Ft. Hood, Texas
720th MP Bn Alumni Association
759th MP Bn Ft. Carson, Colorado
793rd MP Bn Bamberg, Germany
Fort Shafter MP Bn
  MP Brigades
    16th MP Bde Ft. Bragg, North Carolina
89th MP Bde Ft. Hood, Texas
  Provost Marshals Offices
PMO 6th Area Support Group
PMO 22nd Area Support Group
PMO Bamberg, Germany
PMO Redstone Arsenal (AMCOM)
PMO Ft. Carson, Colorado
PMO 1st Cav Division, Ft. Hood, Texas
PMO Ft. Drum, New York
PMO US Military Academy
PMO Ft. Benning, Georgia
Military Police Activity Ft. Benning, Georgia
PMO Ft. Lee, Virginia
Law Enforcement Division Ft. Gordon, Georgia
Law Enforcement Command Ft. Sill, Oklahoma
Law Enforcement Command Ft. Leonard Wood, Missouri
Law Enforcement Command Ft. Riley, Kansas
Law Enforcement Command Ft. Knox, Kentucky
Yuma Proving Ground Law Enforcement & Security Directorate
Law Enforcement Command Hawaii
  Army National Guard Units
    32nd MP Coy Wisconsin NG
34th MP Coy Minnesota NG
38th MP Coy Indiana NG
42nd MP Coy Detachment 2 New Jersey NG
61st MP Coy
119th MP Coy
220th MP Coy Colorado NG
290th MP Coy Maryland NG
442nd MP Coy New York NG
447th MP Coy Ohio NG
747th MP Coy Massachusetts NG
772nd MP Coy Massachusetts NG
972nd MP Coy Massachusetts NG
43rd MP Bde
855th MP Coy Arizona NG
177th MP Bde
201st MP Bn Tennessee NG
211th MP Bn Massachusetts NG
336th MP Bn
  Army Reserve Units
    2/108th MP Bn
336th MP Det (EPW/CI)
336th MP Bn
339th MP Coy
342nd MP Co. (Escort Guard)
351st MP Coy
366th MP Coy
367th MP Coy
372nd MP Coy
391st MP Bn (EPW/CI)
783rd MP Bn
8830th MP Bde
  CID Detachments
    US Army Criminal Investigation Command
Ft Gordon Resident Agency
Ft. Carson CID Bn
Ft. Riley CID Bn
Hawaii CID Field Office
3rd MP Group (CID)
6th MP Group (CID) Ft. Lewis, Washington
11th MP Bn (CID)
19th MP Bn (CID)
22nd MP Bn (CID)
31st MP Detachment
37th MP Detachment
87th MP Detachment
202nd MP Group
262nd MP Detachment
280th MP Detachment
383rd MP Detachment
CID USAR Troop Program Units