To ensure the existance of a professional and cost effective provost service, where every individual can realise their full potential, be treated in a dgnified manner, and where the SA Army has interests in the civilian and military communities, be served by a Military Police service that uses:

  • Mutual support

  • Maintenance of high standards through quality service

  • Optimal utilisation of resources

  • A-political conduct

in order to creat a climate of law-abidance.


The SACMP provide uninterrupted community based law enforcement, community assistance, and force protection support in order to protect life and property, and to serve the needs of all members of SANDF military communities. To accomplish this the Military Police Agency maintains 24 hour military police support that includes crime prevention patrols, client service centre operations, and criminal investigation services.

The Military Police maintain discipline, enforce laws, and regulations as well as support community crime prevention.