SA Field Artillery - 1922-1938

With the partial closure of the SAMR, the South African Field Artillery (SAFdA) was formed from the SAMR Field Artillery Brigade, and from 1922 until 1938 the Military Police details of the Union Defence Force were drawn from this force.

During 1923 under Proclamation 17 contained in the Government Gazette of 26 January 1923 the SA Field Artillery was officially authorised. The previous home of the Military Police, the SA Mounted Rifles, was finally disbanded in 1926 when its men being absorbed by the SA Police and other government departments.

SAFA Helmet FlashThe SAMR insignia previously worn was replaced by the flash and badges of the SA Field Artillery. The flash, worn on either side of the sun helmet, was vertical stripes of yellow, dark blue and yellow. The yellow stripes were each a quarter of the flashes total width. On the dark blue stripe was placed a red stripe 1/5th of an inch wide in the form of a lightning flash.

MP in SA Fd A uniform circa 1936
From 1922 the collar badge worn by all officers and other ranks was a flaming grenade. Until 1926 the cap badge had on the lower scroll SOUTH AFRICA - ZUID AFRIKA but in 1926 it was changed to include the word UBIQUE on an upper scroll and SUID replaced ZUID on the lower scroll.

The Sergeant illustrated at right is wearing the brown leather revolver webbing that was worn by both the South African Police Force and the Military Police at this time.

Roberts Heights Military Police Detachment 1937
Military Police Detachment at Roberts Heights 1937

Note black on red brassards by African personnel in front row.

It is believed that military Detention Barracks existed at both the Roberts Heights (later Voortrekkerhoogte) and Wynberg military bases.