The SA Corps of Military Police are part of the military police fraternity of the world. These world-wide military police forces use various insignia and brassards to allow the easy identification of the military policeman in the working environment.

The following pages show a selection of some of those items used around the world.


Country Specific Information


Own Page
Australia Royal Australian Corps of Military Police 
Belgium Police Militaire
Canada Security Branch
Czech Republic Vojenska Policie
Eire "An Cor Poilini Airm"
France "Gendarmerie Nationale"
Germany "Feldjager"
Great Britain Cavalry Staff Corps
Military Mounted Police and Military Foot Police
Corps of Military Police
Corps of Royal Military Police
Italy "Organizzazione de Polizia Militare"
Israel "Mishtara Tsvait"
NATO NATO Combined Military Police
The Netherlands Koninklijke Marechausse
Norway Militaerpoliti
Poland Zandarmeria
Rhodesia Rhodesian Corps of Military Police
Saudi Arabia Royal Saudi Land Forces Military Police
Slovenia Slovenian Military Police
Switzerland Swiss Militär Polizei
United States US Army MP Brigades
US MP's in Vietnam
Warsaw Pact Warsaw Pact "Military Police"