The para-military National Police (L'arma dei Carabinieri) provide military police services, through their Organizzazione de Polizia Militare, to the Italian Army.

For example the Carabinieri provided support to the Italian military contingents deployed in the Lebanon as part of the "Multinational Peace Force". In particular, during August 1982 a platoon from the 3rd Carabinieri Battalion "LOMBARDIA" provided the military police. They were followed up by personnel from the 1st Carabinieri Parachute Battalion "TUSCANIA".

When detailed to perform military police duties they wear a brassard on the right arm, similar to that of the USAMPC, but with a carabinieri grenade symbol above the letters MP.

Carabinieri Grenade As previously mentioned the symbol of the Carabinieri is a flaming grenade. This grenade, dating back to the 1800's, is a symbol commonly used for European law enforcement

The grenade has been seen on both dark blue and maroon berets. A white helmet with black lettering MP has also been seen to be used.

3rd Carabinieri Battalion "LOMBARDIA"

1st Carabinieri Parachute Battalion "TUSCANIA"