The Israeli Military Police are distinguished by the use of the following items of equipment:

  • Helmets. Male members of the "Mishtara Tsvait" wear a white helmet with a red band. The red lettering, in Hebrew, states "MEM TZADEH" which are the first two letters for MISTARAH TZA-IT (MISHTARA TSVAIT), Hebrew for military police.

  • Brassards. The Israeli Defense Forces use a brassard similar in size to the US brassard. Various coloured brassards have been seen to be worn by the Israeli Military Police.

  • Cap badge. They have their own cap badge.

  • Piping. The piping of the black caps worn by female personnel is red.

  • Webbing. Webbing worn by military police is white.

The women at right has red piped headgear and is wearing a red & blue brassard on her left arm. Israeli military police use a small strip of cloth, that hangs down from the shoulder strap, to indicate the unit to which they are assigned. This type of identification is used by all Israeli soldiers. The insignia at the top of the brassard indicates that she is attached to Southern Command.

Military police have also been seen to wear the patch at right on their left shoulder indicating their unit as Military Police Command.    

On July 19, 1999 it was announced that Colonel Yehoram Tzachor was to be promoted to the rank of Brigadier General and appointed as Provost Marshal (Commander of the Military Police).