These pages are based on the official web pages of the "Vojenska Policie" of the Armed Forces of the Czech Republic. The original photographs are also taken from those pages. The original pages can be found here
  • Military police were first established within the Regional Commands after the formation of the Czechoslovak Republic in 1918.
  • In 1922, the military police were dissolved and their mission was taken over by civilian security institutions.
  • A "Field Gendarmerie" was later established to carry out the military police mission of the Czechoslovak Field Army, and during World War II, Field Gendarmerie units were established at the Czechoslovak troops on both the Western and Eastern fronts.
  • It is not believed that a military police organisation existed within the Czechoslovak Armed Forces of the WARSAW PACT era, but that a traffic regulator organisation existed.
  • The present military police organisation ("Vojenska Policie") was formed in 1991, and was authorised in terms of a CSFR MOD Order dated January 21, 1991.
  • On March 5, 1992 the CSFR Federal Assembly accepted a Military Police Act (Act No. 124). This act was amended by Law No. 39 dated February 8, 1995.
  • The military police are now a professional component of the Armed Forces of the Czech Republic, and represent about 1% of the total number of the ACR. Currently, the Military Police is fully professional component of the Army of the Czech Republic. Its structure is internally divided into two basic professional components: I. Security Service and 2. Traffic Control and Law Enforcement Service. Moreover, there is an independent Protection Service Command which operates within the Military Police. It provides protection and escort of important persons.
Vojenska Policie shoulder badge

Vojenska Policie badge
Organisation. The military police of the Czech Republic are organised into the following structures: Click here for a full size map (125kb)
Jurisdiction. The Czech military police have jurisdiction to deal with the following:
  • military personnel of the Czech Republic on active service.
  • persons on military premises and areas where military activites are performed.
  • persons committing a crime or offence with, or against military personnel.
  • persons committing a crime or offence against military property.
Traffic Control
Criminal Investigations
Crime Scene Search
Accident in SFOR
Note "Vojenska Policie" shoulder patches being worn on both arms.
Disiciplinary patrol
Duties. Duties of the Czech military police are to:
  • Ensure the discipline and order on military premises.
  • Maintain discipline and order of military personnel in public.
  • Act as a police institution at criminal proceedings where crimes of military personnel and investigations of offences of the millitary are concerned.
  • Search for military personnel and Armed Forces property.
  • Assist in the protection of weapons, ammunition and explosives.
  • Assist in the protection of classified matters.
  • Supervise the security of, and control of military vehicle traffic on roads.
  • Supervise the training of military drivers
  • Authorize technical condition and qualification of military vehicles, and to keep record of the vehicles.
  • Keep records and statistics necessary for the fulfilment of their duties.
  • Provide protection and escort for specifically determined persons.
Selection and Training
  • Military Police are selected from the officers and warrant officers in active service or in reserve, and from among both civilian and military youth.
  • Each applicant has to successfuly pass a selection procedure which consists of a battery of general knowledge tests, physical fitness, psychodiagnostical examination and medical examination in a military hospital
In April 1992, a newly established MP Specialist School started its operation in Moravská Třebová (since 1998 in Vyškov). The MP Specialist School provides:
  • several types of short-term advanced courses for the military policemen during their service
  • the members may use schools and institutions of Ministry of Defence as well as Ministry of Interior - Police academies, courses of criminology technicians, etc.
  • a 12-month study course, aimed at general professional preparation of MP service applicants in the basic warrant officer functions. This is completed after a secondary school final examination.
  • special preparation of military policemen before their dispatching to UN peacekeeping units
Military Police are a fully professional service of the Armed Forces of the Czech Republic as this is required by Article 1 of the Military Police Act.
Protective Service Command. The main task of the command is to ensure safe transport and on time arrival of a protected person at the determined place and back, and to anticipate and prevent any attack against the life, freedom or dignity of protected person. The command provides:
  • protection and escort for foreign guests of the Czech Ministry of Defence and the General Staff Commander.
  • protection and escort for inspection teams.
  • protection of accommodation places of foreign guests.
  • protection of high account money transports.
  • protection and escort of special military equipment transports.
International Missions. Czech Military Police support to the Armed Forces of the C.R. in international missions involves the MP section of the 3rd Mechanised Battalion of SFOR (Stabilisation Force) in Bosnia & Herzgovina.
  • is directly subordinate to the unit commander
  • fulfils the duties of a police provision of the activity of the Battalion and its members
  • detects and documents criminal activity, investigates traffic accidents
  • informs the commander, and main functionaries of MOD and GS about the development of security situation of the unit
Accident investigation
Convoy escorts
Point control of traffic
Making weapons safe
Czech military police operating in SFOR
Military Police Main HQ. The main HQ of the ACR Military Police is divided into the following departments and divisions:
  • Executive Police Activity department
    • Military Security Police division
    • Military Traffic & Law Enforcement division
    • Technical Inspection division
    • Analysis & information division
  • Support department
    • Logistic division
    • Automatisation division
    • Police Training division
  • Operations division
  • Personal staff
Military Police Vehicles. Now that the Czech Republic is part of NATO vehicles in use by the ACR MP seem to have taken a decidely Western turn. Vehicles such as Audi's, Land Rovers, Jeep Cherokees and Mitsubishi Pajeros are a far cry from the austere vehicles of the WARSAW Pact era.

Jeep Cherokee
Mitsubishi Pajero
Military Police Uniforms. The military police appear to wear the standard uniforms of the Czech Armed Forces together with the usual distinctive insignia and accoutrements of the military police man or woman

On both upper arms is worn a "VP" patch together with a "VOJENSKA POLICIE" shoulder title. Some form of pocket hanger is worn from the left breast pocket flap.

VP patch

VP shoulder title

Male uniform Female uniform
Military police appear to wear a black beret with the ACR insignia. The wearers the rank is shown on the epaulette.

The same shoulder insignia as is worn on service dress also appears to worn on camouflage dress under certain circumstances.


Military Police personnel on patrol also appear to wear a brassard similar to NATO military police. They also appear to wear white belts and a bayonet carrier to make them more visible.


MP of Czech Republic
Czech Military Police