The Corps Organization

The organization ... yesterday

The territorial structure of the Corps, as updated by the Royal Resolution of November 9, 1816, was a pyramidal one and comprising the following units :
  • Corps Head Command (led by a Colonel)
  • Divisioni (6 Divisions, led by Majors or by First Captains)
  • Compagnie (19 Companies, led by Captains or by First Leutenants)
  • Luogotenenze (28 units, led by Leutenants or by Tenants)
  • Stazioni (widely spread throughout the entire territory, led by Marshalls or by Brigadeers)
This organization remained unchanged until 1842, when the Corps was improved with the creation of a new, special unit of mounted Carabinieri which, after its reorganization as King's Guards Carabinieri Squadron, was maintained over the years. This unit, which has changed its denomination according to the State institutional ones, is still operative under the name of Guards of the Republic Carabinieri Regiment.

After Italian Unification (1861), the enlarged territory of the newly-born Regno d'Italia required that the number of Divisions be increased and a higher organizational level be created : the Legioni territoriali.

And ... today

The Carabinieri Corps headquarter is the Comando Generale

The Corps operational organization is, at present, structured as follows :
  • Organizzazione addestrativa training and drill organization, led and coordinated by the Ispettorato Scuole Carabinieri
  • Organizzazione territoriale territorial structure, which comprises :
    • 5 Divisioni
    • 18 Comandi Regionali (Regional Commands)
    • 95 Comandi Provinciali (Provincial Commands)
    • 516 Compagnie (sometimes organized in Groups)
    • 4,664 Stazioni (basic units, at single town/village level)

    as well as the following other specialized units :
    • Nuclei Radiomobili e Aliquote Radiomobili dei Nuclei Operativi e Radiomobili, equipped for ready intervention
    • Reparti Operativi, the hi-tech units of the Corps
    • Nuclei Operativi e Aliquote Operative dei Nuclei Operativi e Radiomobili
    • Aliquote Carabinieri presso le Sezioni di Polizia Giudiziaria
    • Squadriglie units specially trained for fighting "special" crime (e.g.: mafia, kidnapping, "banditism")
    • Squadroni Eliportati Carabinieri Cacciatori
    • Nuclei Ispettorati del Lavoro
    • Posti di frontiera, Border control posts, mainly aimed at control of immigrants
    • Posti fissi, report to the Stazioni (see above).
  • Organizzazione di polizia militare, aimed to MP activity
  • Organizzazione mobile, characterized by the ability to operate promptly , in connection with the Territorial Organization, in a wide range.
  • Organizzazione speciale, this Special organization comprises the following units which complete and support the Corps functions :
    • Reggimento Carabinieri a Cavallo, which maintains the Italian cavalry traditions.
    • Comando Carabinieri Antidroga, active in anti-narcos operations. Cooperates also with similar international agencies.
    • Comando Carabinieri Antisofisticazioni e Sanita', aimed at defending public health. Its activity is somehow similar to that of Food and Drug Administration (see also Comando Antidroga)
    • Nucleo Operativo Ecologico dei Carabinieri, for environmental defense
    • Comando Carabinieri Ministero Affari Esteri, for control of Italian embassies abroad and defense of the rights of Italian workers abroad
    • Comando Carabinieri Tutela Patrimonio Artistico, for the defense of the Italian archaelogical, historical and artistic estate.
    • Comando Carabinieri Banca d'Italia, for control and escort of valuables, as well as for fighting money forgery.
    • Comando Carabinieri Ministero per il coordinamento delle Politiche Agricole, Alimentari e Forestali
    • Raggruppamento Operativo Speciale, aimed in fighting terrorism, organizaed crime and kidnapping
    • Reggimento Corazzieri, the Guards of the President of the Republic
    • Nucleo Presidenziale Carabinieri e Comandi Carabinieri Senato della Repubblica, Camera dei Deputati e Corte Costituzionale
    • Servizio Aereo
    • Servizio Navale
    • Servizio Cinofili
    • Centro Carabinieri Investigazioni Scientifiche (CCIS)
    • Gruppo Intervento Speciale (GIS), a quick intervention task-force
    • Banda dei Carabinieri, a complete, closely integrated orchestra made up of 103 musicians. "The Band" can almost be considered a symbol of Italy.
    • Centro Sportivo del Comando Generale dell'Arma. The sports activities of the Carabinieri Corps can be summarized by the fact that its athletes have won :
      • Olympic Games : 11 gold, 13 silver and 13 bronze medals
      • World Championships : 101 gold, 72 silver and 63 bronze medals
      • hundreds of gold, silver and bronze medals at European and Italian championships