These pages devoted to the Italian Carabinieri are dedicated to the memory of Mario Paesani - the original owner of the only web site devoted to the Carabinieri - sadly deceased during June 1999.

Permission to use the original contents given by Paolo Paesani on 5 July 1999.

(The Meritorious Corps)


Welcome to the first Web site entirely dedicated to the Carabinieri Corps.


If you ask an Italian to make a list of the things which secure freedom from care and troubles to his daily life, you'd better believe that, amongst the first five, he will include "L'Arma dei Carabinieri"(the Carabinieri Corps) or, as friendly called, "La Benemerita" (The Meritorious Corps).

I have therefore prepared this page with the double aim of both commending the merits of these men for their daily, tenacious and valuable service rendered to our Homeland and to let, by means of the resources provided by the Internet, foreign cyber-countrymen know more about a Corps whose history, traditions and mission make it unique amongst the worldwide military elite.

Disclaimer : Neither the Carabinieri Corps nor the Italian Department of Defense have authorized, endorsed or otherwise influenced the compilation of these pages which have been edited under my sole responsibility. As reported in the Foreword above, this site being a personal initiative of mine, I declare that its contents ... including errors, if any, omissions or delays in updating data or information, are my sole responsibility.

Now we are ready to proceed to the "Headquarters" and begin our travelling into this "Italian legend made up of real men!"

Thanks, Meritorious Corps

Acknowledgement : Images and other information have been taken from books and other documents issued or otherwise endorsed by the "Arma dei Carabinieri". A particular "thank you" goes to Mauro Pucciarelli for his book "Nei Secoli Fedele", a tour of the Carabinieri Corps Historical Museum, from which I have taken some of the images and other information reported on these pages.
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