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Soroptimist International (SI) is a worldwide organisation for women in management and professions, working through service projects to advance human rights and the status of women.

SI acts as a global voice for women through Awareness, Advocacy and Action, its objects are to strive for:

  • the advancement of the status of women
  • high ethical standards
  • human rights for all
  • equality, development and peace
  • through International Goodwill and Understanding, and Friendship.
    [Updated during SI Convention, Helsinki 1999]

    Soroptimist International of South Africa (SISA) was founded in 1964 and is associated to the Federation of Great Britain and Ireland, one of the four Federations within the Soroptimist International Organisation. The National Council’s responsibilities include:

    Soroptimists in South Africa will continue to support the objects of Soroptimist International through advocacy, awareness and action and strive for the advancement of the human rights and the status of women through the education and empowerment of women socially, economically and politically.

    We are faced with so many challenges in our country, however we will unite in our vision for a better tomorrow in support of the Federation theme for this year of "Imagining the Impossible-but Creating the Reality" and continuously strive to improve the quality of life of people less privileged than ourselves. The eradication of poverty remains a key challenge to all of us who live in South Africa.

    Programme Action is the reason for our existence and the Programme Focus Areas agreed to every 4 years at the Soroptimist International conference provide us with the framework to ensure that we uphold our objects and commitment by working towards a common goal. Clubs have selected diverse projects within their own communities but in support of the focus areas of:

    SISA encourages clubs to add more value to their current and future projects by utilizing the individual skills, knowledge and expertise of every member, to the benefit of those in need. We wish to become more proactive in shaping the future of women and children by lobbying government on important issues and contributing to debate in areas of importance. We have a strong international voice through our representation on the Economic and Social work standing committee of the United Nations, Unicef and Unesco, however we are not influencing decisions in our own country to the extent we should.

    In support of government’s plea to NGO’s to be involved in the fight against AIDS, we adopted a framework for a Soroptimist National Aids Orphan Programme for which we received global funding of R1,5m to acquire a transit home for orphans who lost their parents to Aids. In collaboration with communities we have identified potential projects which will be evaluated and selected for implementation. This is an exciting new project which will require input and support from every Soroptimist and we trust that we will attract new members who can add value in their own individual way to make a difference.


    PRESIDENT:  MERYLL WILKINSON    (Subject Advisor)
    IMM.PAST PRESIDENT:   Mrs LEYDEN FIELD    (Town Planner)
    PRESIDENT ELECT:   SELINA WHITE  (Director, Craft Fair)
    HON TREASURER :   ROSARIA FRANCHI    (Chartered Accountant)
    FRIENDSHIP LINKS:   Mrs LAUREL BECKER    (School Teacher Training)   
    NESTLE NUTRITION COMMUNITY AWARD: Mrs Ann Selebi    (Primary Health Nurse)
    WEB MASTER :   Dr HENDRÉ FALKSON    (Medical Oncologist) Call me!

    P.R.O :   VACANT

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    South African Soroptimist Clubs

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