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Updated January 2006.

Soroptimist International (SI) is a worldwide organisation for women in management and professions, working through service projects to advance human rights and the status of women. There are approximately 100,000 members in 119 countries.

SI Pretoria is a member of the National Association of South Africa (SISA) that is part of the SI Federation of Great Britain and Ireland (SI/GBI)


SI is a global voice for women through Awareness, Advocacy and Action, its objects are to strive for:
  • the advancement of the status of women
  • high ethical standards
  • human rights for all
  • equality, development and peace
  • through International Goodwill and Understanding, and Friendship.

  • [Updated during SI Convention,Helsinki 1999]
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    Visit our Mapula Exhibit
    SI Pretoria's Winterveldt Project
    Mapula at the Smithsonian
    Mapula presentation to HRH Queen Elizabeth;
    Mapula 2005 Christmas Party
    VIP Visitors to Mapula in Winterveldt October 2005

    Nestlé - Soroptimist Community Nutrition Project

    TATENI - HIV/AIDS Project


    International Night'97 - Shelanti Tea Garden
    International Lunch'99 at Buchel's House
    International Lunch 2005 at "Die Werf"

    Olive Newton's Visit Feb 1997
    SI Tshwane's 10th Anniversary
    SISA '99 Council Meeting - Botanical Gardens

    Felicia Fourie - Tourist Guide.
    Mimi van der Merwe - Graphic Artist
    Regina Mokgokong - Project Literacy
    Lily Gerdes - Psychology
    SOROPTIMISTS IN CYBERSPACE Brief history of Soroptimist presence on the World Wide Web

    Read about the early history of the Soroptimist Chatline

    Faces of the Chatliners and Photographs of Chatliner Activities

      Margaret Lessing, a Founder Member of SI Pretoria died on 19th August 2005.
    She was 90 years old and living in Australia where she had recently moved to
       be with her children   

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